Guocaijie rarely mentions her mother’s tears and remembers her mother’s dystocia and death

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Because Gu Li’s image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, everyone thinks that she is a particularly powerful girl in her life. But in fact, Guo Caijie also has a very weak place in her heart that she can’t touch. This place is her mother. Guocaijie rarely mentioned his mother among the three sisters who braved the wind and waves. Guocaijie recalled her mother’s death in childbirth with tears when she was back picking. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Guocaijie rarely mentions his mother

After the latest episode of sister Lang 3 was broadcast, guocaijie mentioned her mother in the program, which also made many netizens cry. Unexpectedly, when guocaijie was 12 years old, her mother died of childbirth due to giving birth to her brother. This incident brought great regret and harm to guocaijie. The program team asked guocaijie who she would call if she could call back. Guocaijie said without hesitation that she must call her father in 1998 and tell him that she must have a caesarean section.

Guocaijie said that if her mother had had a caesarean section instead of a natural birth, there would be another version now. After her mother died, guocaijie had great changes. She told herself that she must be a strong person and become the golden bell jar of her family. Guocaijie feels that she has not been able to protect her mother, so she must protect other family members next.

Guocaijie tearfully remembers her mother’s dystocia and death

In 1998, caesarean section was already very common. At that time, guocaijie’s mother did not choose caesarean section. It may also be because some feudal thoughts in the family thought that natural birth would be better for the child. But sometimes natural childbirth is really dangerous for pregnant women. Once dystocia occurs, it may threaten the lives of pregnant women. Therefore, when giving birth, pregnant women must put their own safety first, and never be stubborn.

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