Guojingyu’s team’s new work, goddess Hotel, fixed the file. Yuelina was praised for her strange beauty

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Although the works created by guojingyu’s team have always been roast by young netizens, it has to be said that the effects of the works broadcast by guojingyu’s team are good, at least in the ratings of TV stations. Guojingyu’s team’s new work, the goddess Hotel, is on file. The heroine of the goddess hotel is also guojingyu’s wife yuelina. After reading the preview, many netizens praised Yue Lina’s amazing shape. Although it was very strange, it gave people infinite beauty.

Guojingyu’s new work goddess Hotel

The goddess hotel was built by guojingyu’s team. The director of the play is also Ju Xingmao, the director of the soul ferry series. In addition to yuelina, there is Yu Feifan, lujiani. At present, the play has been scheduled to be broadcast online on July 15. Many netizens said that they are still looking forward to it after reading the preview of the goddess hotel. The atmosphere of the preview is very strange. The lights and pictures have the flavor of soul ferry.

Yuelina plays Nalan, the owner of the goddess hotel. The goddess hotel is located on the Bank of tiannv Lake in the suburbs of Shanghai. It is a very mysterious place. This hotel is full of rich guests and bright lights. It is Xumi mountain in the eyes of ordinary people. However, many netizens said that from the brief introduction and preview of the play, it felt like copying the famous Korean TV series druna hotel.

Yuelina was praised for her strange beauty

However, some netizens said that the DeLuna hotel itself also borrowed from the soul ferry created by guojingyu’s team. If we really want to investigate the plagiarism, it is also that the deluxe hotel plagiarized first. The goddess hotel can be said to copy the soul ferry, because the soul ferry is the original. Nalan, played by yuelina in the preview, has several sets of clothes, each of which is very gorgeous and makes people bright. I hope you can support yuelina and the goddess hotel.

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