Gymnastics Zhang Hongtao picture gymnastics Zhang Hongtao is gay

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Zhang Hongtao was born in 1986 and has practiced gymnastics since 1993. He has won championships in World Championships, world cup and other competitions. After his retirement in 2013, many people don’t pay attention to him. But recently, Zhang Hongtao has become the object of heated discussion because of a series of large-scale photos. Zhang Hongtao’s pictures of gymnastics have been wildly circulated by netizens. At the same time, many people also began to question Zhang Hongtao’s sexual orientation. Is Zhang Hongtao gay? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Gymnastics Zhang Hongtao pictures

Zhang Hongtao has been very active on social platforms in recent years. He often exposes various fitness photos of himself. As an athlete, it’s normal to like fitness and to share your fitness photos, but Zhang Hongtao’s photos are amazing. Zhang Hongtao often exposes his naked photos. Before, he used mosaics or stickers to cover important parts. This time, Zhang Hongtao directly exposed a naked front photo, which immediately became a hot search.

Zhang Hongtao’s behavior on social platforms also makes many netizens feel gay in gay. In fact, many girls can’t accept his figure. Big muscles will make many girls afraid. On the contrary, many gay like Zhang Hongtao’s figure very much. So every time Zhang Hongtao takes photos, a group of male netizens named gay will appear in the comment area. Zhang Hongtao really has the traffic password of gay, so he will take a picture of himself standing in the bathroom and looking at the mirror meticulously.

Gymnastics Zhang Hongtao is gay

Many people questioned Zhang Hongtao’s sexual orientation. Zhang Hongtao responded by sending a document saying that he had married and had children, and he had a very good relationship with his wife. Zhang Hongtao also said that his hair material photo was approved by his wife, and shouting netizens don’t have to worry about his wife. However, many netizens still doubt that Zhang Hongtao is gay, and even think that Zhang Hongtao’s wife may be a man, or Zhang Hongtao’s marriage, and so on. Do you think Zhang Hongtao is gay?

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