Han Anran’s boss, doudan, spoke out behind him and revealed that he had been dug into the wall

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Han Anran is a very controversial online celebrity, but controversy is a good thing for an online celebrity, which will keep Han Anran’s topic and exposure, and also attract a lot of traffic. Many people think Han Anran is an independent artist, but in fact, Han Anran also has a signing company. Han Anran’s current success is also inseparable from the operation behind the company. Han Anran’s boss shouted behind him, revealing that he had been hacked. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Han Anran’s boss shouts behind him

Dan Dan, the boss of Han Anran, is also a famous online celebrity, but his popularity is far inferior to Han Anran. But recently, during the live broadcast of egg, I talked about being dug into the wall. Doudan said that recently, his company recruited an operation called Nan Weiwei, who tried every means to contact Han Anran and Han Anran’s husband Jersey.

Nan Weiwei’s real purpose is to poach Han Anran from doudan’s company. Han Anran is now persuaded by Nan Weiwei to take the initiative to find doudan to talk about the termination of the contract, and doudan naturally refuses. Doudan scolded Nan Weiwei in the live studio that it was disgusting, and said he would never allow Han Anran to cooperate with Nan Weiwei in work within the time he had a contract with him.

Boss Han Anran revealed that he had been dug into

Doudan also revealed that Nan Weiwei would even go to Han Anran’s house in private, and would soon become the personal nanny of Han Anran and Jersey. Jersey even went downstairs to play badminton, and Nan Weiwei would follow closely. Doudan also announced during the interaction with netizens that he had dismissed Nan Weiwei, and it was impossible for such a person to continue to stay in his company. About this matter, there are still many netizens who doubt whether it is true or false. They suspect that it is a story deliberately fabricated by doudan for hype. This nanweiwei doesn’t exist at all.

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