Han Dongjun took a tall beauty to the massage parlor and was roast for being ungrateful

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Han Dongjun recently participated in the variety show flower and youth 4, and gained a lot of popularity with his performance in the program. As a result, some netizens soon broke out the negative news of Han Dongjun. Han Dongjun took a tall beauty to the massage shop. At that time, he was also rumoured to be in love with Chen Yao, so many netizens complained that roast was not virtuous. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Han Dongjun took the tall beauty to the massage shop

Some media photographed Han Dongjun taking a tall beauty to the massage shop. The two people looked very close, but the beauty was obviously not Han Dongjun’s rumored girlfriend Chen Yao. And according to the media, this massage shop doesn’t seem to be so serious. However, this news broke out in May. I didn’t expect that it was suddenly picked out and searched recently.

After reading this news, many netizens also scolded Han Dongjun in various ways, thinking that his behavior was very low. Chen Yao has been photographed dating Han Dongjun privately for many times before. Although the two have not publicly admitted their relationship, they are a pair for melon eaters. During this period, it was also revealed that Han Dongjun and Chen Yao had broken up. It was also because of the breakup that Chen Yao chose to leave the company of Tang Dynasty and did not want to stay in the same company with Han Dongjun anymore.

Han Dongjun was roast for not observing male virtue

However, these are the guesses of netizens. In fact, the pictures exposed by the media are quite vague, and even suspected of reading pictures and making up stories. At least Han Dongjun’s fans think this news is very ridiculous. Han Dongjun has not disclosed any relationship since his debut, so he is very cautious in terms of relationship. As a screen couple, many netizens still like Chen Yao and Han Dongjun very much. If Chen Yao is really in love with Han Dongjun, I still hope Han Dongjun can cherish Chen Yao and not let her down.

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