Han Ruize unlocks the new posture of collapsing house and talks about love in public

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Han Ruize is an artist under the banner of flowering Pinellia ternata. He has attracted everyone’s attention by participating in the third season of youth. He is a member of the photosynthetic Youth League. Although Han Ruize is not popular, there are still fans and station sisters. Han Ruize unlocked the new posture of the collapsed house, and even talked with his girlfriend in the hall. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

Han Ruize unlocks the new posture of collapsing house

There are many men in the entertainment industry who fall in love. Many men fall in love because the woman broke the news. As a result, I didn’t expect Han Ruize’s way of falling in love to be so novel and unique. Han Ruize was caught chatting with his girlfriend by his sister. Han Ruize completely collapsed because of his stupid behavior. Passers by almost laughed to death when they saw Han Ruize’s posture of collapsing the house.

The cause of the matter is that when Han Ruize was at the airport, many fans went to pick up the plane. Of course, they were all girlfriend fans and wife fans, including station sisters. The station sister naturally kept recording or taking photos. Han Ruize held his mobile phone in his hand and reached out to say hello to everyone. I didn’t expect the picture on Han Ruize’s mobile phone to be taken like this. Han Ruize’s mobile phone did not have a black screen, nor did he post a peeping film. Through the picture, we can clearly see the wechat chat records between Han Ruize and his girlfriend.

Han Ruize fell in love in public

Han Ruize’s girlfriend also sweetly called him baby and asked whether Han Ruize landed safely. This matter also led to Han Ruize’s few fans choosing to de powder. After all, Han Ruize was so sticky that fans still hoped that he could work hard and put all his energy on his career. As a result, Han Ruize secretly talked about love. Fans naturally don’t have the desire to catch up, and they don’t want to pay krypton gold for Han Ruize anymore, so they choose to take off fans. Xiufan is basically like this.

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