Han Shenyan actor Lu Yumin claims that being ugly is to reassure his wife

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Many handsome stars in the entertainment industry are most worried about their middle-aged obesity. Because many handsome male stars, such as Lu Yumin, have finally ruined their middle-aged fatness. Han Shenyan male star Lu Yumin is fat. Lu Yumin actually said in the program that he became ugly to reassure his wife. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Han Shenyan male star Lu Yumin explodes fat

Lu Yumin was born in 1980 and is 42 years old. He is a member of the Korean group NRG. Lu Yumin was super handsome when he was young. Just after his debut, he was named the God face of the entertainment industry by Korean netizens. Lu Yumin also broke the news when he was a guest of the program, saying that he had been in contact with more than 20 female artists. Lu Yumin and Zhang are so handsome. Heterosexual relationship must be very good.

During his military service in 2009, Lu Yumin admitted that he had a girlfriend and said that the two started dating in 2008. When Lu Yumin and his girlfriend were not married, the woman gave birth to a daughter for Lu Yumin. Because Lu Yumin’s acting career has not been very good since he finished his military service when he was in love. In recent years, Lu Yumin has rarely been seen on the Korean screen. Lu Yumin seems to have given up his acting career, and his figure has grown a size, completely becoming a greasy uncle.

Lu Yumin said that becoming ugly was to reassure his wife

Although netizens are scolding Lu Yumin, saying that he looks like a pig now. However, Lu Yumin said that he did not plan to lose weight, because he lost weight and changed back to the original appearance, and the female fans changed crazily. If he became fat and ugly, his wife would be relieved. Many netizens don’t agree with Lu Yumin’s remarks. They think that Lu Yumin is making excuses for his laziness. No wife doesn’t want her husband to be handsome. It is clear that Lu Yumin is unwilling to lose weight.

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