Han Suxi’s distress signal was searched. It is suspected that the person behind the scene is the prince of Samsung, Li Zairong

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Han Suxi is a new generation actor in South Korea. His works such as the world of husband and wife, my name, and irresistible him have attracted people’s attention. Han Suxi also gained many fans in China with her high appearance. Han Suxi’s distress signal has been searched. Many people are speculating that Lee Jae Jung, the prince of Samsung, a well-known Korean enterprise, was behind the Han Suxi incident. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Han Suxi: Hot search on the distress signal

Han Suxi’s words on INS have been widely discussed. In these paintings, Netizens found the words “SOS”, “help” and so on. Han Suxi’s painting style is also very weird, which is filled with a large number of & ldquo; Violence & rdquo& ldquo; Sex & rdquo; Element of. According to the content of these paintings, many netizens are guessing that Han Suxi must have been imprisoned and controlled by the black hand behind the scenes, and also become the sex slave force of the other party.

Han Suxi painted these paintings by herself, because Han Suxi had studied art before. In Han Suxi’s paintings, a girl was imprisoned and sexually assaulted many times. Netizens naturally think that Han Suxi’s paintings are his own. Netizens also found that the English below a painting by Han Suxi was the line of a movie. This film tells the story of a female star who encounters hidden rules and then chooses to commit suicide.

The person behind the Han Suxi incident is suspected to be Li Zairong

In Han Suxi’s paintings, there are many men’s faces. According to the characteristics of these paintings, Netizens found that Han Suxi’s painting is suspected to be the prince of Samsung Li Zairong. Another South Korean actress who committed suicide, Sydney, once painted Lee Jae Jung’s face. Lee Jae Jung has been proven guilty of tax evasion, corruption and bribery. Although he was sentenced, he was recently pardoned by the new president of the Republic of Korea. Therefore, many people speculate that it may be that Lee Jae Jung has been released now, which has aggravated Han Suxi’s fear and led to her mental health.

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