Han Xin’s comprehensive quality is inferior to Xiang Yu’s? Hesitate to enter the management competition

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The so-called hero is a combination of two components, one is “English” and the other is “male”.

The so-called “English” refers to the most upright, handsome and brightest among flowers and trees – “the most beautiful of plants and plants”, which extends to the field of personnel, namely “talents”. The basic component of talent is “smart”.

The so-called “male” refers to the most vigorous, ferocious and supergroup in the animal world – “the special group of animals”, such as lions, tigers, bears, leopards and wolves, which extend to the field of personnel, namely “male talents”. The basic component of “hero” is “courage”.

The wisdom of those who focus on “Britain” is concentrated in the planning stage, but in the implementation stage or lack of courage, the golden ideas may fail. So “talents” may become mediocre. Why? Liu Shao listed the following situations:

When “talents” do things, they often make a plan full of wisdom in advance. The so-called “starting with their intelligence” is not dynamic enough to notice the subtle changes in the implementation process of the plan – “knowing but not seeing the opportunity”, and the plan can not keep up with the changes. Therefore, such “talents” are reduced to sitting and talking in the office.

“Talent” will also become “mediocre”

Having planned in advance, being able to keep up with changes, and being afraid of hands and feet in doing things, such “talents” will not delay things, but can not innovate, so they have to do step-by-step work in the office, that is, the so-called “routine”. Therefore, some companies and units often have this strange phenomenon: they are talents, but they have never had good performance. Why? Because they are not brave enough. Why not be brave enough? Because of the lack of executive power, we should strengthen the executive power, or supplement it with a strong executive function, “wait for the courage of the male.”.

A person with a strong “male” component focuses on the implementation stage, is brave enough, can convince the public, acts decisively, adapts to circumstances, and has the courage to eliminate difficulties. It is precisely because they dare to implement that “heroic talents” generally do not degenerate into “mediocre talents” and “bear talents”, but they are easy to go to extremes. It is precisely because they dare to work hard that they also lead to reckless and practical work, either success or failure. Therefore, we should strengthen our planning power, otherwise things will be defeated, “if we do not have the wisdom of Britain, things will not stand.”.

Some talents with insufficient courage are stuck in the office doing low-level and orderly work, while some talents with too much courage jump from one company to another. They are black and blue all the way and never achieve anything.

Liu Shao believes that Zhang Liang is a talented person and is perfect in planning. He is “strategizing and winning thousands of miles away”. However, his best state is “strategizing” rather than “thousands of miles away”. When he leads the army alone, he can’t open the situation. He can only succeed after he depends on Liu Bang, because he lacks executive power. Sima Qian said that brother Zhang Liang was very feminine, such as “a woman”. Did his neutral appearance decide that he was not convincing enough?

Liu Shao thinks that Han Xin is a hero, not a hero. This makes people wonder. Han Xin, the God of war, can both plan and execute. Who is a hero if he is not a hero? Liu Shao’s explanation is that “hero” is “general” and “hero” is “phase”. Hanshin does specific business and makes the market vigorous. However, once it enters the competition of the management, it hesitates and becomes passive step by step. It can be said that “Xiong” is not “Ying”.

Liu Shao believed that the two ingredients of “Ying” and “Xiong” were well combined in Liubang and Xiangyu, so the two brothers could play to the end among the various princes in the late Qin Dynasty and become the top leaders at the peak level. However, Xiang Yu’s combination of “Ying” and “Xiong” was not durable enough. Later, the quality of “Xiong” began to surpass “Ying”, and the combination was weaker than Peigong. Therefore, he was eliminated in the finals of the Qin and Han Dynasties.

It seems that the level of talents ultimately depends on the combination of various qualities.

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