Han Zong, male of Eden, four Liang Haoxi, is exposed to have been convicted of beating people

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Korean love complex single is hell has achieved great success. Recently, South Korea has launched a love complex whose scale is larger than that of single is hell, which is called Eden: instinctive descendants. Han Zong’s fourth male in Eden, Liang Haoxi, was exposed to be black. Liang Haoxi was sentenced for beating people. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Eden male siliang Haoxi is exposed to black material

Eden: after the first episode of the descendants of instinct was broadcast, it not only triggered a heated discussion on the Korean network, but also was discussed in China because of the large-scale plot. Among them, Liang Haoxi, the fourth male, is also favored by many female netizens with his good figure. But soon, Liang Haoxi was exposed as a black history. Lianghaoxi was found guilty of beating a former figure skater in a bar and a night club in Qingtan cave.

Liang Haoxi’s first beating occurred in 2019. Because the other party was seriously injured, Liang Haoxi was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment and two years’ probation. The second time, in 2020, Liang Haoxi was also put on file for investigation when he was still in probation. After the Liang Haoxi scandal was exposed, South Korean netizens also left messages to let Liang Haoxi quit the program. We don’t want to see a man with a criminal record fall in love with a girl in the program.

Eden male four was sentenced for beating people

In the face of the angry scolding of netizens, lianghaoxi also came out to send a response. Lianghaoxi said that he had reflected a lot in the past three years, and he would accept everyone’s criticism of his past with an open mind. Liang Haoxi and the Eden program team have not responded to the question whether Liang Haoxi will get off the program. Eden: the descendants of instinct originally relied on the large-scale eye-catching love complex. As a topic character, Liang Haoxi can bring a lot of traffic to the program. It is estimated that the program team will not let Liang Haoxi off the bus for a while.

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