Handling cases in different places is bound to be an iron case!

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At 11:00 p.m. on november1,2013, 15 police buses set out from Xinxiang. More than a thousand Xinxiang public security officers raided Zhengzhou overnight and surrounded the largest nightclub in the Central Plains, Royal No. 1.

Royal No. 1 is a thriving industry of Zhengzhou’s “eldest brother” and is famous for “all contacts are powerful”. It is said that he controls half of Zhengzhou’s entertainment venues, has a net worth of more than 40billion, and has his “younger brother” from the Municipal Bureau to the police station.

However, Xinxiang public security, which used police in other places, was caught off guard by the Zhengzhou royal family.

The “dignitaries” and “bosses” on the scene knew something was wrong when they hung up on the emergency call. Only the domineering horses were still shouting, “how did you catch it and how did you put it back to me?”.

It’s a pity that the protective umbrella that usually covers them is no longer easy to use. The place of detention is not in Zhengzhou, which is intertwined with them, but in Xinxiang.

As a rule, dignitaries and bosses from all walks of life went to Xinxiang to “fish for people”, but they didn’t want to become “huluwa saved grandpa”. People didn’t get out, and those who fished for people and those who dredged up relations also got in.

In the end, the leaders of the provincial department, through the use of police in other places, lifted the public security system of Zhengzhou to the skies, investigated and dealt with 155 public security officers who acted as protective umbrellas, including 26 leading cadres at or above the department level, and even the boss behind the scenes who fled overseas was eventually arrested and brought to justice by transnational organizations.

It was only three months before the new provincial leaders came to Henan.


Recently, many friends in the circle of friends were angry about the beating incident in Tangshan. Especially after reading my article yesterday, I was worried that the umbrella of the black and evil forces behind me could not be eradicated.

Today, with the help of public information, I give you peace of mind and talk about what will happen next.

In July, 2021, zhaojinchu, director of Langfang Public Security Bureau, was promoted to director of Tangshan Public Security Bureau.

In April, 2022, Wuweidong, Secretary of Zhangjiakou Municipal Party committee, successfully completed the Winter Olympics and was promoted to Secretary of Tangshan Municipal Party committee.

In May, 2022, liuwenxi, director of the inspection office of the Ministry of public security, parachuted into Hebei Public Security Bureau.

On June 12, 2022, the Tangshan Municipal Party committee and government set up a special headquarters, with the Secretary and mayor serving as the two commanders, proposing that “evil crimes should be envied as hatred, and evil should be eradicated”.

On June 12, 2022, Langfang Public Security Bureau issued a notice that according to the jurisdiction designated by the provincial department, the Tangshan beating case was investigated and handled by Guangyang branch of Langfang Public Security Bureau.

According to the regulations, criminal cases are under the jurisdiction of the local public security, and the use of police in different places needs to be assigned by the higher authorities.

The leaders of the provincial department appointed a different place to handle the case, which represented that the province did not trust Tangshan public security and was determined to eliminate the resistance and investigate to the end. As an old leader in charge of discipline inspection in the Ministry, director Liu will not only facilitate the mobilization of resources in the Ministry, but also become a sharp sword hanging over Tangshan public security.

The newly appointed Director General Zhao of Tangshan dares to issue a military order to the provincial department and mobilize the former department from Langfang, where he used to be in charge, to handle the case. This also indicates that he is determined to tear his face and must fight a hard battle with the umbrella of the evil forces in Tangshan.

It can be predicted that the gangs and evil forces arrested in Tangshan will be transferred to Langfang for custody, and the public security umbrella behind them will be dug out along the gangs and evil forces, as was the case in Zhengzhou, Xinxiang.

The Tangshan Municipal Party committee has set up a special headquarters, where the Secretary and the mayor separately direct the eradication of criminal syndicates and evils, which also means that sufficient results must be presented before the special work of the Tangshan Municipal Party committee can be declared a victory.

It can be predicted that Tangshan citizens can report to the municipal Party committee the unjust cases involving gangs accumulated in the past decades, and it will not only be the umbrella of the public security system that will be attacked and dismembered.

The newly appointed leaders of the provincial department, the municipal Party committee and the Municipal Bureau joined hands to burn the “three fires”, which also means that the black and evil forces in Tangshan have been rooted for decades and their protective umbrellas. Because a barbecue shop is completely cool this time

Liu Tao and Chen Jizhi, who beat people, are not just intentional crimes of wounding. They will be faced with the national power to eradicate the underworld and evil!

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