Hanshan and Shide are more powerful than Yuelao & ldquo; The God of marriage;!

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Hanshan and Shide are more powerful “marriage gods” than Yuelao! Interested readers can follow Xiaobian to have a look.

Today, let’s talk about it by Xiaobian. This pair was more powerful than Yuelao in ancient times. The marriage God Hanshan picked it up. So where are they powerful?

Hanshan and Shide were both born in the Zhenguan period of the Tang Dynasty. They had excellent Buddhism and were also gifted with poetry. Buddhist disciples believed that they were reincarnations of Manjusri and Samantabhadra respectively. Moreover, Hanshan and Shide have strange tracks. Their typical images are always full of spring breeze, clapping and laughing. They are regarded as “harmony” and “harmony” by the people.

In the old wedding, the two immortals were hung high in the wedding hall, which implied that harmony and Qi were good. Emperor Yongzheng, the father of Emperor Qianlong, proclaimed Hanshan “Hesheng” and Shide “Hesheng”. The Guoqing temple in Tiantai Mountain, Zhejiang Province has set up a “three virtuous hall” to commemorate the famous poets Hanshan, Shide and fenggan in the Tang Dynasty.

Hanshan and Shide came to Guoqing Temple together. They saw that the ancient temple was quiet, the Buddha statues were solemn, the pilgrims were like a cloud, and the school was prosperous and prosperous. They were reluctant to leave and asked the abbot to let them stay in the temple to cook.

Hanshan and Shide are inseparable in the temple. They are like brothers and become sworn friends. One year, a Wang family from Yuezhou, accompanied by his daughter Furong, came to the temple to worship. Unexpectedly, after Wang’s pilgrimage, she suddenly fell ill. Before she died, she appointed Furong and invited Hanshan and Shide. Wang said to them, “seeing that my illness is difficult to heal, I entrust Furong to you two. I hope you can treat each other as brothers and sisters in the future, and it’s better to marry one of you…” then she died.


Since then, the two of them have treated Furong more like brothers. They found that they were similar in age to Furong. Later, they gradually developed love. Some people saw that Hanshan was old and had no wife, but hoped that Hanshan and Furong would become husband and wife.

One morning, Hanshan came back from cutting firewood and saw that the lamp in Furong’s room was still on. He felt a little strange. He approached the window and listened. It turned out that Furong was crying sadly in the room and was persuading him. Hanshan was about to go in and ask about it, only to hear Shide say to Furong, “Furong, don’t cry. We are secretly friendly. Hanshan doesn’t know that. If he knows, he will help us. Although you and I can’t get married, you will always be my good sister…”

Upon hearing this, Hanshan realized that Shide and Furong had long been in love. He immediately made up his mind to leave the temple to complete their great affairs. Hanshan packed up his ragged clothes and quilt and walked out of the yard. Suddenly, he thought that his unexplained departure would make Shide and Furong anxious. Thinking of this, he turned back to the courtyard, picked up a small stone, painted a bald monk on the wall of the courtyard, and left a five character poem beside him: “call me to pick hibiscus flowers, poor Qingjiang River.. at this time, I live in a boat, and I have no choice but to be mighty.” After writing, Hanshan quietly left Guoqing temple.

Shi De and Fu Rong waited in the temple for a long time, but they didn’t see Hanshan coming back. They were puzzled and strange. Later, on the wall of the courtyard, they saw the poems and paintings left by Hanshan, and they realized that he had become a monk. After finding out the cause of the matter, he said, “I must find him, even if I find him at the ends of the earth. If I find him, I will become a monk with him. If I can’t find him, I won’t come back.” After hearing this, Furong knew the true feelings of Hanshan and Shide, so she had to endure the pain in her heart and cry to part with Shide.

In order to find Hanshan, Shide is not afraid of the high mountains, the long distance and the risk of hunger and cold. He runs day and night and finds many places, but there is no trace of Hanshan. One day, he found the ancient city of Suzhou, where he inquired. He heard that there was a small and chic temple in Fengqiao, outside Suzhou. A ragged and crazy monk had just arrived. His appearance was similar to Hanshan’s, so he forgot hunger, thirst and fatigue, and immediately walked to it in high spirits. When he walked into Fengqiao, Shi De thought, “I can’t go to Hanshan with my bare hands. At this moment, he saw many lotus flowers in full bloom in the nearby lotus pond. He hurried to the lotus pond, reached out to pick a red and large lotus flower, and walked into the temple with it in his hand.


When Hanshan heard that he had come all the way to pick it up, he must be hungry. He hurriedly took out a bamboo food box containing vegetarian cakes from the room. When they met, Hanshan sent a box and picked up the lotus. Since then, it has become a good story. Later generations called the pickup of the lotus as “he” (homonym), the Hanshan holding the box as “he”, and the two together as “he and he two immortals”.

From then on, Hanshan and Shide became closer and respected each other. A few years later, Shide went out to preach and travel everywhere. It is said that he later traveled eastward to Japan, where there are still “Shide Temple” and “Hanshan Temple”. Hanshan has been giving medicine and tea in Fengqiao town of Suzhou, and finally passed away in Fengqiao temple.

“Cold mountain finds patience song”

Jishou Manjusri, a scholar of cold mountains; There are no wise men in the south, and it is certain that they will find them.

In the past, Hanshan asked Shide:

How can the world deal with those who slander me, deceive me, humiliate me, laugh at me, belittle me, base me, evil me, deceive me?

Shi Deyun: I just endure him, let him, let him, avoid him, endure him, respect him, ignore him, stay a few more years, and see him.

It can be seen that the two people have deep feelings. What are your different views on this? Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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