Happy to start again. Douban opens at 9.5 0713 men’s team. It’s really interesting

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Welcome to mushroom house, a conceptual variety show, to the Taohuayuan mushroom house recording program of the fifth season of yearning for life. The guests of the program are all the top 13 members of happy male voice in 2007. As a result, I didn’t expect this program to be a little popular, so several members launched a new variety show called happy start again. Happy to start again. Douban opened 9.5 points. Netizens said that the 0713 men’s team was really funny and fun. Let’s introduce it today.

Happy start again, watercress open 9.5

Although welcome to mushroom house is a variety show of mango TV, happy departure is not broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV, but on Southeast satellite TV, and mango TV is broadcast simultaneously. Even at the beginning of the recording, the program didn’t even think of a name, because the program team gave the right to name several guests.

It was not until the official broadcast of the program that the name of happy departure was set. The members were Chen Chusheng, Wang Zhengliang, Xing Xing, Zhang Yuan, Wang Lixin and Land Rover. Up to now, the program has only one sponsor, so the style of the program group is also poor variety show. At the beginning, several guests were sent to a very desolate island, which is a bit of a desert island to survive.

0713 men’s team is really interesting

The program group gave several guests a very high degree of freedom, but even if they didn’t do anything alone, it was very funny just to talk. Because everyone was too familiar, they would never be soft lipped to open each other’s jokes. For example, Wang Lixin’s divorce stem has mentioned that Wang Lixin was desensitized to this. The reason why happy departure is so beautiful and can score 9.5 points in Douban is really the charm of several guests and the chemical reaction between them. Friends who like to watch variety shows, don’t miss happiness before starting this treasure variety show, and you’ll definitely get a stake.

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