Happy to thousands of families, did Wang Qingzhi and Xu Yani break up? Why is Wang Qingzhi not pleasing

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Happiness to thousands of families is currently on the air. Many netizens were also angry with Wang Qinglai and Wang Qingzhi when they were chasing the play. They thought Wang Qinglai was the most scum, but they didn’t expect Wang Qingzhi to be. Happy to thousands of families, did Wang Qingzhi and Xu Yani break up? Why don’t you like Wang Qingzhi? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Did Wang Qingzhi and Xu Yani break up

At first, many netizens also thought that Wang Qingzhi was a college student and should be the most sensible one in the Wang family. With the development of the plot, many netizens began to change their views, and they increasingly felt that Wang Qingzhi was a man without responsibility. Every time something happened to the Wang family, there was no trace of Wang Qingzhi. Wang Qingzhi never thought of helping his family because he was afraid of hurting his career.

At the beginning, Xingfu and Wang Qing came to work in the city. Wang Qingzhi didn’t intend to let his brother and sister-in-law live in his wedding room. On the contrary, Xu Yani learned that, she invited her brother and sister-in-law to live in the wedding room. From this point of view, Xu Yani is much kinder than Wang Qingzhi. Wang Qingzhi’s sister was replaced by others to go to college. Wang Qingzhi finally let her sister sign an agreement to get the money, completely ignoring her inner grievances. After watching the play, many netizens think Xu Yani is particularly stupid. If she finds a phoenix man, she will definitely not be happy in the future.

Why is Wang Qingzhi not pleasing

Netizens all hope that Xu Yani will break up with Wang Qingzhi quickly, and the trend of the plot is exactly the same. Finally, Xu Yani took the initiative to break up with Wang Qingzhi and angrily scolded Wang Qingzhi as a hypocritical person. Xu Yani’s father also said that he had lost sight of Wang Qingzhi, who was not an honest man. Xu Yani has a good family background, is beautiful, and is also very kind. She deserves a better man. Wang Qingzhi, a phoenix man who has no responsibility, is simply not worthy of Xu Yani.

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