Has Europe started “anti war”?

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Original: Shen Peng source: official account: heihara has been authorized to reprint

On September 4, thousands of people in Germany demonstrated in Cologne to protest Germany’s military support to Ukraine, and accused the sanctions imposed on Russia of affecting the lives of the German people. The slogan of the people is against war and arms supply to Ukraine.

On September 5, protests also took place in Berlin, the capital of Germany. People demanded that the government lift sanctions against Russia and improve people’s livelihood.

This is a bit of “anti war”.

This is different from the “anti war” on the Internet at the beginning of the Russian Ukrainian conflict. The so-called “anti war” is to support NATO’s heavenly troops and the US King’s division to kill Russia… That is not anti war, it is pro american and anti Russian with the same ideological stamp.

Only when the vital interests are damaged can the brain be sober and understand what it needs. ?

European people: I really have a cow)

Germany’s inflation rate reached 7.9% in August, the highest since the oil crisis in the 1970s and the reunification of the two countries. Energy prices soared by 35.6%, becoming one of the main factors driving up inflation. After the quarter adjustment in Germany in July, manufacturing orders decreased by 1.1% month on month and 13.6% year-on-year. German industrial orders have declined for six consecutive months.

When the situation and military confrontation in Europe affect their lives, the European people seem to start to reflect: why does the United States support Ukraine against Russia and bleed Europe?

On August 31, German Foreign Minister Berger said in Prague: “if I make a promise to the Ukrainian people, ‘as long as you need us, we will stand with you’, then I will fulfill my promise. No matter what the German voters think, I want to fulfill it to the Ukrainian people.”

Isn’t this “bitter people”?

The German government neither engages in nuclear power nor thermal power, nor refuses to use Russian natural gas. It has neither energy independence nor its own national defense industry, nor can it compete for energy with guns like the United States… What do you want? Do you want to go to heaven?

If a country’s government doesn’t care about the lives of its own people, even its own national energy security, and goes all out to achieve the strategic goal of the United States against Russia… Do you think it is the German government or the German traitor?

The support rate of Germany’s ruling cabinet alliance has dropped to a new low, and the number of people dissatisfied with the government’s work has reached 65%… The German people have expressed desperation for all politicians.

The so-called “aid Ukraine at all costs” is the price of the European people? Is this the “price” that the United States is willing to pay, or is it the price that Europe is willing to pay?

In fact, the ideological hatred of European governments towards the United States and Russia has kindled the anger of the European people… You can be pro american and anti Russian, but you can’t sacrifice my life.

What is sanctions against Russia? Sanctioning Russia is to cut off its own gas, coal, oil, wheat flour… Take a cold bath, eat less meat, eat less… Import second-hand oil and gas at several times the price, so that Russia can make more money.

At the beginning, Europe engaged in high-profile environmental protection issues, hyped carbon emissions, trained all kinds of white and left NGOs, and tried to kill the industrial manufacturing industry of our third world countries… The Europeans did not hesitate to take the lead in cutting down on themselves. They didn’t want thermal power, nuclear power, and electricity generation. A lot of “developed countries” can’t control their own energy, and they still care whether others eat meat every day

As a result, China has taken advantage of this opportunity to upgrade its industry, deploy new energy early, and achieve win-win results in environmental protection and high-tech manufacturing. New energy vehicles have greatly squeezed the survival space of traditional cars in Germany and Japan; And the United States does not take environmental protection seriously at all. It plays as it likes. Only the Europeans are injured in the end.

The Germans engage in environmental protection. They are afraid of pollution. They shut down almost all domestic thermal power stations. They are afraid of danger. They shut down almost all domestic nuclear power stations. Then they can only buy natural gas from Russia.

Then, as soon as the war between Russia and Ukraine broke out, we had to “sanction” Russia. The turbines of Beixi were all turned off, and we cut off our own gas. How courageous? Take less baths, take cold baths, eat less, eat less meat, and suffer a lot… This operation can make Americans look foolish.

The whole Europe is losing blood, energy prices are getting higher and higher, Russia is making more and more money, and European economic inflation is also getting higher and higher. People in Europe are suffering more and more, but Russia is “sanctioning” them, and their lives are getting better. Isn’t this “selling one’s kidney to help Russia”?

Since Germany does not even have its own independent national defense force, why should it intervene in Russia Ukraine affairs? Since Germany can’t even guarantee its own energy independence, why should it offend Russia, which provides natural gas and oil? What Germany needs most now is to rebuild its national defense, develop more nuclear power and achieve energy independence?

Since the EU is an organization of European countries, why must it follow the lead of the United States? NATO claims to be a defensive military organization, so why should it always “defend” people’s homes thousands of miles away? European politicians always play up the threat of Russia, claiming that anti Russia is for “the national security of European countries”… But what have they done for the security of Europe? If we can’t do our national defense well, do we still have to dry Russia naked and rush ahead to be the pawn of the United States?

On September 3, 70000 Czechs took to the streets of Prague to protest. Angry Czechs called on the Czech Republic to remain militarily neutral and take measures to control soaring energy prices… They once openly opposed the brutality of the Soviet Union in 1968, but now they take to the streets to oppose NATO and the European Union. The flames of Prague’s anger were not unique. This common feeling soon spread to Germany. On September 4, thousands of Germans demonstrated in Cologne, protesting against Germany’s military support to Ukraine and accusing the sanctions imposed on Russia of affecting the lives of the German people. Angry people in Germany said that Germany must stop supporting Ukraine and lift the sanctions imposed on Russia. Obviously, the German people have realized that Germany should not be involved in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and Germany can not sanction Russia by paying a heavy price. Protests also broke out in Paris, France. A large number of Parisians took to the streets, shouting “macron! Poverty!” “Let’s leave NATO!” Look at this posture. Before the United States disintegrates, Europe must disintegrate once.

Opposing Europe’s continued supply of weapons to Ukraine and NATO and EU sanctions against Russia are the attitudes that want to solve the problem. Russia and Ukraine are contradictions between Slavic nations and civil wars that are 30 years late. Slavs should be allowed to solve them themselves.

European politicians are determined to follow the United States to the death, arm and support Ukraine, and sanction Russia. That is not anti war, nor can peace be achieved. Can NATO completely eliminate Russia? You have neither the ability nor the courage. What is the purpose of all this?

Burn yourself, warm America and move the world?

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