Has the Third World War begun?

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Pope Francis made an astonishing statement. Pope Francis warned that the Third World War had begun, according to reports from Italian media quoted by the Russian Pravda on the 14th.

It is reported that Francis Francis issued this warning when talking with the head of a media organization serving the Catholic Church in Europe. He said:“

A few years ago, it suddenly occurred to me that we live in a world partially experiencing the Third World War. Today, I believe that the third world war has begun. “

Francis Francis expressed his feelings about the current world situation. He said that in addition to Ukraine, conflicts in other countries are still continuing, such as Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Myanmar, but no one cares about the situation in these places. Francis also recalled the conflict in Rwanda 25 years ago and once again said that the world was at war. Francis Francis said in an interview in May this year that the Russian Ukrainian war was caused by NATO’s “roaring” at the door of Russia.


So what do we think of Francis’ warning? Has the world war really begun? Or did he mean something else?

If we want to understand Francis’ remarks, we must first look at his political position and attitude. Francis has always been an alternative existence in western politics. He is a typical leftist Pope. He is even anti capitalist.

In 2015, Francis Francis published his first apostolic exhortation, the joy of the gospel, an 84 page reportorial book. Francis Francis made a very sharp criticism of modern capitalism. He enumerated various disadvantages of the modern capitalist system and overturned many market and economic ideas that the developed capitalist countries believed in. His book of exhortation caused a great disturbance in Europe and America. He believes that modern capitalism is “a new autocracy”, that “capitalist autocracy” will lead to wider social unrest, and that the inequality caused by this system will “inevitably” lead to collapse and death.

American media even believed that Francis’ remarks were aimed at Europe and the United States. Francis even praised Marxism in an interview. He said, “I am not a Marxist, but in my life, I know that most Marxists are very kind, which is why I don’t feel offended.”

Seeing this, we should understand that the Catholic Francis Huang is not a typical Western ideology, so he is at odds with the western political will. Before the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian war, Francis had repeatedly called for peace, but he refused to publicly condemn Russia. Even after the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian war, he did not join the West in condemning Russia. In the past so long, he has always adhered to the traditional neutral position of the Vatican. He called for the withdrawal of civilians from the war zone, urged Russia and Ukraine to negotiate, and was willing to act as a mediator, but he refused to condemn Russia.

Seeing this, you should understand that Francis and Western governments and public opinion have completely different views on the Russian Ukrainian war.

With this foundation, we can sort out the meaning of what he said. According to Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao), Francis Francis’ warning is essentially anti war. He wants to tell the world that if the situation continues to develop, there will be a larger war, even a world war. Moreover, from a religious perspective, he opposed the war from a religious perspective. Therefore, he believed that there were conflicts in many parts of the world, so it could be called a world war. Therefore, what he said about World War is totally different from what we know about World War.


Based on this, we can think that Francis is urging us not to fight, but we should not think that the world war he said is the world war we know. Of course, he knows what he is talking about. He also knows that the world war he says is different from the world war we know, but he still hopes to warn the danger of the current world through his own voice.

Therefore, we can think that Francis was warning the danger of today’s world with “World War” and hoped that everyone would stop.

So, we can’t help asking, who is he trying to persuade to stop? Or to whom did he say these words?

In fact, we should look for his words from his expression. Regarding the war between Russia and Ukraine, Francis was a neutral position, which was totally different from the general position of western countries. He even refused to condemn Russia. His position was more like China’s persuasion and promotion of peace talks. Moreover, he is even closer to China and Russia in terms of views and positions, and believes that NATO’s provocation against Russia led to the war.

Francis’ understanding is obviously beyond the western world. He realized the essence of things. It was only when he realized the essence of this war that he declared that the world had started the Third World War, because it meant that the future was a more dangerous world, and the war could spread all over the world. At that time, even if it is not a world war, it will be a disaster for mankind. The US led NATO is the culprit for all this.

In this process, Europe is the “cannon fodder”, and the future losses will be the greatest. Moreover, in the future, once the war further spreads to Poland and Belarus, the war may further advance to Europe. At that time, Europe will be in bad luck, and its economy and security will be severely damaged. If the situation develops in this direction, war will inevitably break out in more parts of the world. Based on this, Francis said that the world war was also for the western world, especially for Europe. He hoped that Europe would understand the risks of war to Europe.

Of course, as the Pope of the Catholic Church, he could not speak bluntly like a politician, so he had to give a warning through another way of expression. Then describing the current situation as a world war was a way of expression, so there was Francis’ statement that the Third World War had begun.

According to Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao), the probability of a world war is not high, but the probability of a new cold war is getting higher and higher. Because once Europe becomes more and more dependent on the United States for security in the future, Europe may compromise with the United States on the issue of the new cold war. At the same time, more importantly, once the Russian Ukrainian war spills over, wars in other parts of the world may occur frequently, which means that the future of world peace will face greater challenges.


I wonder if you have noticed that in the past two days, the state has issued the military non war military action program (Trial), which will come into force on June 15, 2022. What is the outline? It is to adhere to the overall concept of national security, focus on effective prevention and resolution of risks and challenges, respond to and deal with emergencies, protect the safety of people’s lives and property, safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests, safeguard world peace and regional stability, innovate the use of military forces, and standardize the organization and implementation of military non war military operations, which is of great significance to the effective implementation of military missions and tasks in the new era.

The outline consists of 6 chapters and 59 articles. It conscientiously summarizes the past practical experience in carrying out missions, extensively draws on relevant military and civilian theoretical achievements, and systematically standardizes the basic principles, organization and command, types of operations, operational support, and political work, so as to provide a legal basis for the troops to carry out non war military operations.

Please note that although this is an important step for us to improve the law, with this “Outline”, as long as it involves national security, as long as it focuses on effective prevention and mitigation of risks, the armed forces at home and abroad can participate in emergencies. In addition, attention should be paid to the description of the organization and implementation of non war military operations. For example, if China’s national security is endangered overseas, the PLA can send troops to carry out missions.

At this moment, we have issued such an important outline. I believe everyone can understand the meaning of it. It also shows once again that the world situation is becoming more and more tense! The challenge is getting bigger and bigger! The world needs us more and more to maintain peace!

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