Has Zhang Yijie had a facelift? Zhang Yijie’s face has changed a lot

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Zhang Yijie is also one of the most popular TV series. However, many people did not find out which one was Zhang Yijie after the play. Knowing that Zhang Yijie played Yi Zhongjie in the heirs, they all felt incredible. They thought that Zhang Yijie had changed so much in the play that they couldn’t recognize him at all. Even many netizens began to question Zhang Yijie’s face. Has Zhang Yijie had a facelift? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Has Zhang Yijie had a facelift

Many netizens questioned whether Zhang Yijie had moved his face after seeing the new and old photos of Zhang Yijie. They felt that his face had changed a lot. Zhang Yijie used to have a round face. Now he has a sharp chin and a less round face. Some netizens roast that Zhang Yijie’s double eyelids had become very deep and felt like they had deepened. However, Xiaobian thought it was possible that Zhang Yijie had pasted double eyelid stickers.

Zhang Yijie’s fans don’t recognize Zhang Yijie’s idea of cosmetic surgery. Fans admit that Zhang Yijie is really more handsome than he was when he just started his career. Zhang Yijie, who just started his career, is very green and doesn’t know how to dress up well, so his star style is not so obvious. Now Zhang Yijie has been a Taoist priest for many years. First of all, his modeling has changed a lot. Moreover, Zhang Yijie has been keeping fit all these years, and great changes have taken place in his body shape and temperament. Fans have watched Zhang Yijie all the way, and Zhang Yijie has not had cosmetic surgery at all.

Zhang Yijie’s face changes a lot

Zhang Yijie is really hard to recognize in his family. Xiaobian thinks that it is also because Zhang Yijie has not tried this style of TV drama before. His style in his family is really very different from that in the past. Glasses alone can easily change a person’s face shape and temperament. Yi Zhongjie, played by Zhang Yijie in the heirs this time, is also very popular with the audience. I also hope that Zhang Yijie will develop better and better on the road of performing arts in the future.

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