Have angelababy’s acting skills improved? Angelababy Lai Guanlin’s new play is online

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Angelababy used to shoot big IP when the resources were good, and the partners were all popular actors. However, since the divorce with Huang Xiaoming, angelababy’s resources have been significantly degraded. Now, basically, angelababy plays small-scale plays. Has angelababy improved his acting skills? Angelababy and Lai Guanlin’s new play love should be broadcast online. Have you seen it? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Has angelababy improved his acting skills

When it comes to actresses with poor acting skills in the entertainment industry, many netizens will think of angelababy. However, after the new dramas of angelababy and Lai Guanlin were launched, many netizens praised angelababy’s acting skills for their obvious progress, and angelababy’s lines were much better than everyone imagined. It seems that angelababy has really made great efforts in his acting skills. Before that, there were various rumors that angelababy secretly found a performance teacher and a line teacher. Angelababy always takes these two teachers with him when filming.

Angelababy’s current resources are much worse than before. If angelababy’s acting skills do not improve any more, there may be no drama to shoot in a few years. Angelababy seems to have realized that he is in a very dangerous situation, which is why he is so careful to improve his acting skills and lines. From the way her new drama love should look, angelababy’s efforts are rewarding. Even if you are not fans of angelababy, you should admit that angelababy has made great progress in acting.

Angelababy Lai Guanlin’s new play goes online

Angelababy’s male protagonist in this cooperation is Lai Guanlin. The two people play a pair of sister brother love in what love should look like. Angelababy had a boyfriend at the beginning of the play, but the boyfriend played by qiaozhenyu is a selfish scum man. Angelababy finally chose to break up, and then began a very sweet sister brother relationship with his childhood friends. If you like angelababy and Lai Guanlin, don’t miss the appearance of TV drama love. It’s super sweet.

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