He is a long ball of the earth. Why is he inferior to a football player?

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Recently, one of the world’s “top figures” has been particularly busy.

Last Friday, he traveled all the way from the United States to Egypt to participate in the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference – the largest and most important annual climate related conference in the world.

As a representative of the General Assembly, he not only made a speech, but also told several heads of state of major countries to protect the environment.

Last Saturday, he flew non-stop to Bali, Indonesia, to attend the upcoming G20 summit.

As a major guest, he made another general speech at the press conference, and then “assigned tasks” to leaders of various countries.

A month ago, he also appeared in Vietnam and completed a wave of visits accompanied by local leaders.

At the same time, he did not forget to visit Ukraine and hold a wave of “secret talks” with the embattled Zerensky.

A few days later, the President of Türkiye was joined to hold a wave of tripartite talks

In just one month, he appeared in many places on the earth and met with more than a dozen leaders. It is no exaggeration to describe him as “a man who manages everything every day”.

It is reasonable to say that a heavyweight person with such a large number of contacts must be familiar to everyone when it comes to fame.

But actually, I asked a dozen friends around me who cared about international affairs, and almost no one knew his name——

Antonio Guterres.

Once he mentioned his title, even the aunt who sold pancakes knew that it was the Secretary General of the United Nations.

It is commonly known as “the earth ball is long”.

Guterres has been in this position since 2017, and was reelected successfully last year. Ordinarily, he has appeared for many years, but strangely, his sense of existence has never matched the aura of “long ball”.

This phenomenon is not only at home, but also all over the world.

Two years ago, American TV News Network interviewed passers-by randomly on the streets of the United States and asked them who is the current Secretary General of the United Nations? Some people answered “I don’t know” and others said “Is it the Indian?” In short, few people answered correctly.

The reappointment of the Secretary General of the United Nations in 2021 should have been an international event.

However, for Guterres’ re-election, Time magazine roast that how many people will really care who he is.

In short, both domestic and international netizens do not care much about the Secretary General of the United Nations.

On the other hand, the World Cup is in full swing now. On the first day, the host Qatar team lost to Ecuador by two goals. As a “loser”, the coach of Qatar team Sanchez, by virtue of a sentence “nervousness defeated us”, became popular all over the network.

Today, Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia and instantly became a hot search in the world.

Guterres, as the “long ball” of the earth, no matter how much trouble, no one pays attention to it. Not as famous as the players on earth.

When did the once powerful Secretary General of the United Nations become such a miserable figure?

Speaking of the Secretary General of the United Nations, most people in the world must think of Annan as the first person.

Normally speaking, like Annan, Guterres had a lot of opportunities to make great achievements during his tenure.

The decade in which Annan came to power was also a very turbulent decade for the earth.

However, unlike Guterres, Annan has been using the platform of the United Nations and his own influence to mitigate conflicts and maintain world peace.

In 1998, Annan helped ease the regime transition in Nigeria and avoid civil strife; In 1999, he assisted East Timor in extricating itself from the fate of being annexed by Indonesian forces; In 2006, he mediated the dispute between Cameroon and Nigeria

Whether it is the war in Africa, the crisis in the Middle East, or the war in Afghanistan, the Kashmir dispute and other extremely sensitive political crises, there is no shortage of Annan’s role in mediating and coordinating negotiations.

It is also thanks to Annan’s efforts that the reputation of the United Nations has been enhanced unprecedentedly.

In 2001, Annan was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize together with the United Nations.

In addition to being a mediator between countries, Annan dared to oppose power and hegemony and fight for the rights and interests of the oppressed.

Even in the United States, where the United Nations headquarters is located, he dared to fight against it.

At the end of the 1990s, the United States searched Iraq on the grounds of “the existence of chemical and biological weapons” in an attempt to provoke war.

Annan tried his best to reject all the arguments and insisted on reconciliation through negotiation.

To this end, he took the risk of flying to Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, to meet Saddam, and invited him to smoke cigars. Saddam hesitated for a moment, but he took it over and said, “I never smoke with the United Nations, you are an exception.”

Annan’s move finally defused the Iraqi crisis temporarily.

In 2003, the United States insisted on waging war. And bypassing the UN Security Council, they unilaterally carried out military strikes against Iraq.

After learning this, Annan went to Washington many times to mediate with George W. Bush.

In January 2003, just before the outbreak of the Iraq war, Annan still did not give up his mind and rushed to the White House to exert pressure until Bush was provoked. He left a sentence: “Kofi (Annan), you should do what you should do, and I should do what I should do.”

When he learned that the first batch of bombs fell on the Iraqi capital, Annan said to the Security Council with grief and indignation: “Today is a sad day for both the United Nations and the international community.”

Since then, Annan has completely “fallen out” with the United States. At the United Nations General Assembly, he publicly criticized the United States for bypassing the Security Council and taking unilateral actions that are inconsistent with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations. War without the authorization of the United Nations is illegal.

Although he failed to stop the “illegal” war, as the Secretary General of the United Nations, he has done his duty.

Of course, this behavior also brought him revenge.

In 2004, Annan suddenly got into trouble. First, his son was exposed to be suspected of corruption (later proved to be slandered). Then, some United Nations peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) spread bribery and sex scandals, which caused a great stir.

In 2006, with the end of his second term of office, Annan said goodbye to the post of Secretary General of the United Nations.

After Annan left office, he still opposed hegemony.

In an interview with Time magazine in 2013, he said frankly: “My darkest moment was the Iraq war and our failure to stop it.” Still pointing to the United States.

The reason why Annan became such a determined lifelong fighter is closely related to his life experience.

He was born in Ghana, a third world country.

In the 1930s, when Annan was born, Ghana’s political situation was turbulent, and guns and drugs were commonplace.

Ghana is also a repeatedly colonized country. Portuguese, Dutch, French and British colonists have all been the “masters” here, leaving a lot of scars.

As a person whose destiny has been changed by knowledge, Annan was given the opportunity to study in Mingzhou, the United States, when he was 21 years old. From the third world to the first world, he saw the world stagger and gradually understood the “rules of the game”.

After graduation, Annan joined the United Nations. He started as an officer of the World Health Organization and became the Secretary General of the United Nations step by step.

Whether it is from the third world to the first world, or from the bottom officer to the Secretary General of the United Nations, it is a rare opportunity in life. He could have been a supporter of the rules of the game, but because he has been in the rain, he understands others’ desire for an umbrella.

Therefore, he chose to become a warrior to maintain world peace.

In 2018, when Annan left, world leaders sent eulogy after his death, saying that he was “one of the greatest peacemakers of our time”.

Even the American media said that he was the most active Secretary General in history, and he maintained the dignity of the United Nations, which made the world admire him.

In contrast, the current “ball length” Guterres is quite different from Annan.

Guterres came from Ghana’s former suzerain, Portugal.

Unlike Annan, who started at the grass-roots level, Guterres was already an experienced “old fogey” in the political arena before he became the Secretary General of the United Nations.

As a professional politician, he has always been more concerned about the gain and loss of interests than about ideals.

As early as 1974, Guterres withdrew from the academic circle and joined the Portuguese Socialist Party to start his political career. In 1994, he was elected Chairman of the Socialist Party.

In 1995, Guterres won the election and became Prime Minister of Portugal.

It is worth mentioning that Portugal is the first “neutral country” to establish diplomatic relations with the United States after the independence of the United States.

With more than 20 years of governing experience, Guterres has accumulated a lot of political experience and also made many contacts.

Most of these contacts come from the West.

When the Russian Ukrainian conflict broke out, although Guterres said publicly that he was trying to solve the current tension by peaceful means, he secretly “pulled the strings”.

In public, he once quoted a paragraph in the Charter of the United Nations, saying:

All Member States should settle their international disputes by peaceful means in a manner that does not endanger international peace and security and justice. In their international relations, all Member States shall refrain from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State, or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations.

It implies that Russia belongs to the aggressor.

But Putin did not take his advice, and directly asked that the United States bypassed the joint bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, invaded Afghanistan, attacked Iraq and so on, killing millions of people in the war. Is that aggression, or is it a flagrant violation of the Charter of the United Nations?

For a moment, Guterres was speechless.

On November 18, 2022, when the DPRK launched a new intercontinental ballistic missile, Tres felt a sense of existence again. Instead of blaming the ROK and the US for taking the lead in holding a joint air show, he branded the DPRK “provocative”,

For this double standard behavior, Foreign Minister Cui Shanji of the DPRK cried out unfairly and angrily that Guterres was “a puppet of the United States” and “a member of the White House or the State Council of the United States”, forgetting the mission of the United Nations and his own duties.

Although Guterres attaches great importance to environmental protection and appeals to the whole world to take care of it, he disappears when the world needs environmental protection.

In April 2022, Japan will discharge Fukushima nuclear waste water. This not only met with global opposition, but even Japanese people could not stand it. As many as 180000 people signed their names to protest and appealed to the Secretary General of the United Nations to stop it.

But after all, the Japanese government is the younger brother of the United States. It is intertwined with the interests of Europe and the United States. Guterres, who always acts with winks, naturally dares not to be reckless without instructions.

So we can see that Guterres, who once talked about environmental protection, didn’t say a word about such a bad nuclear pollution event, and the world evaporated.

He didn’t show up until Japan drained all the nuclear waste water, and he still didn’t know what to do when facing questions from international journalists.

What makes people feel more different from Annan is his obvious preference for the United States.

In March this year, Russia reported to the United Nations that it had obtained evidence of the United States’ development of biological weapons in Ukraine and requested an investigation of the United States.

But Guterres, instead of paying attention, pointed the finger at the “plaintiff” and said that it was not enough only for Russia to provide evidence. Only when the United States took the initiative to admit, could the United Nations take the next step.

This kind of explanation makes the whole world look confused.

According to Guterres’ logic, it can be understood that even if a person is suspected of committing a crime, the police have reason to start an investigation only when he admits his crime, otherwise the evidence is insufficient and the case cannot be filed.

If according to this logic, the United States invaded Iraq because it suspected that Iraq had “chemical weapons of mass destruction”, and only when Iraq admitted that it had weapons, the United States would have reason to send troops. Only when the Syrian government admitted the use of chemical weapons did the United States have reason to launch air strikes.

Guterres almost stopped the gun for the United States.

The Secretary General of the United Nations is so obsequious and bullies the weak. I’m afraid Annan can hardly close his eyes when he sees this.

So now we can finally understand why Guterres has such a small reputation and low sense of existence.

After all, the prestige of the Secretary General of the United Nations depends on whether he can consider the interests of most countries and people in the world, especially those in Europe and the United States.

If it is just a microphone for western powers, it is equivalent to standing on the opposite side of the global people, and the global people naturally can’t remember him.

Even to say, such a person will fall into a situation where both sides are ungrateful. The favored party knows that you are doing it for the benefit of others. Although you are flattering on the surface, the oppressed party will naturally despise and hate you more.

As a Secretary General of the United Nations who has been in office for five years, Guterres has successfully completed the tasks assigned to him by the United States, and has also succeeded in making people around the world look down upon him.

If this trend continues, in the future, no one will care who the Secretary General of the United Nations is, what kind of organization the United Nations is, and what happened.

I might as well watch the ball when I have this time. A player’s goal, even a mistake, may have contributed more to global peace than Guterres.

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