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Author: Xusheng source: Xusheng (official account id:lxlong20) has been reproduced with authorization

Here refers to the he family and hezizhen family in the Jinggangshan era.

Yesterday’s article “Mao Zedong’s deepest footprints!” Such a paragraph needs to be added. After Mao Zedong met yuan Wencai, although the conversation was relatively smooth, the two sides can quickly enhance trust, mainly because of the he family. So write this text today as a supplement.

Hezizhen’s father’s name was he Huanwen, and he was originally a local squire in Yongxin. In his early years, he donated to the government and became a county magistrate. Because he was honest, he couldn’t adapt to officialdom. After being excluded, he returned to his hometown and became a teacher.

Although he Huanwen is not an official, his children are well educated. In particular, he Minxue, he Zizhen and He Yi were all early backbones of the Communist Party of China.

At the beginning of Mao Zedong’s acquaintance with Yuan Wencai, he Minxue played a very important role.

He Min’s students are naughty and active, and they are not very clever at reading, but they are very interested in “the romance of the Three Kingdoms”, “the Water Margin” and idle books such as martial arts. Sometimes they also dance sticks and fists, and often fight against injustice.

Wushu has changed he Minxue. After a righteous act, he got into trouble and had to leave home to avoid trouble. On the other hand, martial arts made him bond with Yuan Wencai and Wang Zuo.

He Minxue studied at Hechuan middle school in Yongxin County. After school, he learned Kung Fu from local martial artists. At that time, Yuan Wencai also studied in Hechuan middle school and was good at “punishing evil and promoting good”. He Minxue was mistakenly regarded by Yuan Wencai as the object of “punishment” because he was not content with learning and was full of Jianghu spirit.

So yuan Wencai made an appointment with he Minxue and was beaten by he Minxue; I made an appointment several times and was beaten to my heart’s content. As a result, Yuan Wencai and he Minxue became good brothers. Then the fate of the two people diverged.

Yuan Wencai, who could not bear to be bullied by the landlords, went to the Jinggangshan green forest, and then accepted the government’s invitation. Finally, he became a Communist Party member.

He Minxue continued to study and was admitted to Nanchang military academy; He also participated in the Northern Expedition war. With a cavity of blood, he guided the Northern Expedition army and helped drive away sun Chuanfang, the big warlord entrenched in Jiangxi.

After the Northern Expedition army captured Yongxin, he Minxue was elected member of the Standing Committee of the Kuomintang county Party headquarters and Minister of the Ministry of Commerce and people, and served as the Deputy commander-in-chief of the peasant self defense army organized by the Yongxin secret branch of the Communist Party of China. Hezizhen and Heyi served as the head and deputy head of the women’s Department of the county party department respectively. Their brother and sister are called “Yongxin Sanhe”.


However, the good times did not last long. As the Kuomintang rightists became more and more reckless, he Minxue felt that there was no future in the Kuomintang. At this time, he Minxue met his fellow countryman ouyangluo in Nanchang.

This ouyangluo is also a very special person. When he studied in Nanchang provincial first normal school, he had close contacts with Fang Zhimin and other communist backbones, and became a Communist Party member.

When the Yongxin County branch of the Communist Party of China was established in July 1926, ouyangluo was elected secretary of the Party branch. He led the broad masses of farmers in the struggle of “equalizing land ownership, controlling capital, and overthrowing the tyrants and landlords”. Under the leadership of ouyangluo, the majority of farmers stood up and became masters of the country, and their economic life has also improved to a certain extent. The prestige of the farmers’ Association is unprecedented.

Under the influence of ouyangluo, he Minxue changed from the Kuomintang to the Communist Party in March, 1927. At that time, it was the eve of the KMT’s clean-up, and the Rightists were rampant. At that time, changing the party required great courage and courage at the personal level and noble feelings of family and country at the ideological level.

He Minxue held a meeting on the first day after joining the party and found that his younger sisters he Zizhen and He Yi were also present. Under the influence of ouyangluo, they joined the Communist Party before he Minxue (and then were appointed by the party to join the Kuomintang).

However, ouyangluo did not further develop in Yongxin. On the eve of the Nanchang Uprising, ouyangluo went to Nanchang to participate in the uprising according to the instructions of the organization. After the failure of the uprising, ouyangluo tossed and turned in the Yangtze River Delta for a period of time. In 1930, he was arrested in Wuchang area for traitors and died singing the international song. If he did not go to Nanchang, but stayed there to assist Mao Zedong, it would definitely be another outcome.

He Minxue was arrested for carrying out the revolution in Yongxin, but he didn’t admit his fate. He took the opportunity of the prison to get in touch with other arrested Communists and established the prison Party branch.

Hezizhen contacted yuan Wencai’s department in Jinggangshan and asked it to come to rescue the comrades in prison.

On July 18, Yuan Wencai led the agricultural troops to attack the South Gate of the prison first, and the agricultural troops of Lianhua and Anfu also attacked the west gate and the north gate; At the same time, he Minxue led his comrades to launch a prison riot, which beat the jailers upside down. Later, several parties gathered together to capture Yongxin and win the victory of the riot.

Objectively speaking, the Yongxin uprising was earlier than the Nanchang Uprising. Therefore, Mao Zedong wrote in “the struggle in Jinggangshan”: “the uprising began in Yongxin”. But because of the Yongxin riot, the he family suffered cruel sacrifice and revenge. The little brother and sister of he Minxue and he Zizhen were badly hurt.

The Yongxin riot lasted for half a month. Although the peasant army led by he Minxue was brave and good at fighting, with full momentum, and repeatedly crushed the enemy’s military plan, the enemy was outnumbered and it was difficult to last long. He Minxue realized that the troops must be transferred.

He Minxue and he Zizhen went to Jinggangshan together, settled down in Yuan Wencai’s territory (Maoping), and helped yuan Wencai train the team. Former classmates and friends finally gathered in Jinggangshan.

Although yuan Wencai was also a communist at that time, his team was a mixture of the green forest army and the peasant army; The general cultural quality is low, and instinctively believes in the thought of “robbing the rich and giving aid to the poor”; Personal gratitude and resentment are clear, but it is also very easy to be emotional. For example, shortly after the Yongxin riot, Wang Zuo went down the mountain to avenge his enemies, but he was ambushed and suffered heavy losses, almost implicating he Minxue and he Zizhen.

He Minxue tried to transmit communist ideas to them, but he didn’t get much. Moreover, he Minxue does not have Mao Zedong’s ability to simplify and explain complex problems in a simple way. At the same time, he Minxue does not have guerrilla warfare thought.

But with the help of he Minxue, Yuan Wencai was barely able to cope with the encirclement and suppression of officers and soldiers. But he Minxue knew that it was not the way to go on like this. After a long talk with yuan and Wang and telling hezizhen to be careful, he sneaked down the mountain and tried to find organizational support.

When he learned of the Autumn Harvest Uprising in Hunan, he decided to go to find the uprising troops, but as soon as he entered Hunan, he was intercepted by the enemy and returned in vain.

Mao Zedong led the troops of the Autumn Harvest Uprising into the Luoxiao mountains. After receiving the letter from the Jiangxi provincial Party committee sent by song renqiong, he decided to go to Jinggangshan to find yuan Wencai and Wang Zuo.

On September 29th, 1927, Mao Zedong went to Sanwan village of Yongxin for the famous Sanwan adaptation. He Minxue was overjoyed when he learned the news. He quickly told yuan Wencai and Wang Zuo on the mountain, and preliminarily did yuan Wencai’s ideological work. Between Mao Zedong and Yuan Wencai, he Minxue acted as a lubricant and improved the efficiency of communication.

Ideologically, he Minxue is a real Communist Party member without the Greenwood flavor of Yuan Wencai. He Minxue is more in tune with Mao Zedong.

Emotionally, he Minxue and Yuan Wencai are close friends. It is easier for him to communicate with Yuan Wencai, and the persuasion work is relatively smooth.

He Minxue also played an important role in Mao Zedong’s transformation of Yuan Wencai and Wang Zuo.

He Minxue also played an important role in the anti encirclement and suppression struggle in Jinggangshan. For example, in the defense war of the Huangyangjie, the enemy attacked madly. Under the crisis, he Minxue found three shells from a warehouse in Xiaojing, and then repaired them and fired them.

As a result, only one of the three shells fired.

But it was this shell that made the enemy mistakenly think that the main force of the Fourth Red Army had returned to the mountains and retreated overnight; Let the red army win the victory of the Huangyangjie defense war. Mao Zedong wrote in “the moon of the West River Jinggangshan” that “there was a boom of gunfire in the Yellow ocean”. The so-called “gunfire” refers to the artillery shell fired by he Minxue.

Objectively speaking, he Jiagong was indispensable for Mao Zedong to establish a base in Jinggangshan. He Minxue and he Zizhen are powerful arms of Mao Zedong.

In fact, he Minxue performed well not only in Jinggangshan but also in the whole Red Army era. In 1933, he Minxue became the chief of staff of the 23rd army because of his military achievements. This is a fairly high level. Under his leadership, the 23rd army became the most powerful main force of the Gannan front and made great contributions to the fourth victory of the anti encirclement and suppression campaign.

Under normal circumstances, as Mao Zedong’s eldest brother-in-law, if this level reaches the post founding level, at least it is the general level. However, he Minxue not only did not get light, but eventually became a general without a crown. Because Bogu punished Mao Zedong in the Soviet Area and he Minxue. He not only lost his military post, but also went to prison, and even nearly lost his head. Mao Zedong was very uncomfortable about this and said that he had implicated the he family.

Later, because of Bogu, he Minxue failed to participate in the long march and almost lost his life again. After a series of blows, he Minxue, on the one hand, kept a low profile and on the other hand, continued to do things in a down-to-earth manner.

In the river crossing campaign in 1949, the 228 regiment of the 80th division of the 27th army crossed the river in Nicha and Digang, Wuwei County, Anhui Province on the evening of April 20, becoming the first force to cross the river. This army is under the command of he Minxue.

But by the time he was awarded the title in 1956, he Minxue had switched to urban construction.

For a soldier who believes in “guns come out of power” and has fought for a lifetime, it is a pity that he failed to obtain the final military rank recognition.

He Minxue’s first stop was Shanghai. He shuttled through the streets of Shanghai on his bicycle in cloth clothes and shoes during the day, went to the construction site to personally test the data, and went to the Shanghai Library at night to mend the knowledge of construction engineering. He was also tired and happy.

Fortunately, with the efforts of he Minxue and construction engineers, the Sino Soviet friendship building rose.


When he Minxue planned to expand his skills in Shanghai beach, the organization asked him to build Xi’an. On one occasion, vice premier Chen Yi visited Xi’an and asked Comrade He Minxue where he was. As a result, no one in his entourage knew. After some searching, he Minxue was found moving bricks with the workers on the construction site.

Xi’an is not the end of he Minxue, and then he moved to Fujian to shine for the infrastructure projects in Fuzhou, Xiamen and Sanming.

The track of he Minxue’s life is very clear: fighting in the first half of his life (engaging in revolution) and moving bricks (engaging in construction) in the second half of his life, which fully explains the appearance of Communists in that era.

——We should not be greedy for meritorious service in revolution and corruption in construction; There are not many people who can do these two points. Here I would like to emphasize that I only want to add this sentence.

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