He was exposed to have a chaotic private life, and the studio responded forcefully

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As the up Master of station B, he is now a very famous online celebrity. He has also been invited to participate in many variety shows and has a lot of fans. He’s naturally earning a lot of money now. Mr. He’s private life was revealed to be chaotic. His studio also responded to these revelations on the Internet. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

He classmate is exposed to chaos in his private life

Recently, some netizens exposed that he’s private life was chaotic, saying that his good friend had been with him before, and complained that he was very stingy in private, and he was not willing to spend money on his girlfriend. He even said that he is a soft eater in private. He usually relies on his girlfriend very much and even asks her to pay for a hamburger.

The netizen also revealed that he had had several girlfriends and even had a seamless connection. The netizen also revealed that he was suspected to be bisexual, because her good friend once went home and met him and a man in the room. When he asked him about the relationship between him and a man, he replied & ldquo; It’s the kind of relationship you think & rdquo;.

Mr. He’s firm response from the studio

However, the netizen’s disclosure is only a verbal accusation, and there is no evidence (chat screenshots, videos, etc.), so we also question the authenticity of the netizen’s disclosure. In the face of the accusation, he’s studio was the first time to speak out, shouting that the other party had a hammer to put on the hammer. Don’t spread rumors maliciously. He also shouted that although the weather was hot, the netizens should eat melons rationally. If this netizen’s disclosure is false, in addition to responding to the accusations, he should also take up the legal weapon to defend his rights. Only in this way can you block the public’s mouth and convince people that he is wronged.

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