He was responsible for the an Shi rebellion and the Kaiyuan era. Li Longji’s fault is that he has lived too long?

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When the first episode was about the an Shi rebellion

Aiqing left a message in the comment area



Insert a piece of cold knowledge

Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, Li Longji, not only lived a long life

And set a record

He is the first in Chinese history

The emperor who can live to see his great grandson

(xuansun: grandson of grandson)

See you for short



In the last issue, it was said that Anlu mountain led troops to revolt

Starring in the Tang Dynasty version of the wolf

The urgent information spread for several days

How many horses have died

It finally reached Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty









Aiqing people often read it in history textbooks

The rule of XX

XX flourishing age


Suffixes of these words

Basically, it is the evaluation of a certain period of time

It can be simply understood as



Thousands of years of Chinese history

Dare to call XX Shengshi

Really not many

But in the heyday of Kaiyuan, one


There are also differences between prosperous times and prosperous times

There are some prosperous times

But they are often disqualified



In the eyes of many people

The Tang Dynasty is one of the top Dynasties

The heyday of Kaiyuan was the peak of the Tang Dynasty

It is also a relatively uncontroversial one in the flourishing age

This issue is with Aiqing

Enter the dream world of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty

Look at what he thinks of himself

Where on earth did it come from





Sheng Tang is actually a relay race

It can’t be said that it was Tang Xuanzong alone

But he did make a lot of contributions

The first is relay, inheriting the family fortune

Datang 4 × 100 relay race



Lishimin, Lizhi and Wu Zetian ran the first three sticks

From “rule of Zhenguan” to “legacy of Zhenguan”

The team of the Tang Dynasty began to lead the world in all aspects

Then the stick was handed over to Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty



Tangtaizong lishimin is still on the baton

Wrote small notes for him

? People oriented, speed +100%

Water can carry a boat and overturn it

Only when people live well can development be fast

? Pay close attention to quality education, endurance +100%

Vigorously promote the imperial examination system

Let talents have more room to play

? More scolding and laws, willpower +100%

By getting scolded more and listening to different opinions

Keep yourself awake by raising your blood pressure

Curbing corruption by law



Then it is to accumulate energy and solve problems

Due to many coups in the early Tang Dynasty

The throne has never been stable

If a prince with a strong army comes at any time

Maybe in minutes——

Thank you for inviting me to the throne in the capital



On the one hand, Emperor Xuanzong took away the power of his brothers

Officials are not allowed to have private contact with them

On the one hand, good image management

Be friendly to your brother

It is said that a set of super large bedding was put in the palace

Five brothers sleep in the same bed





And there is

Due to the internal intrigue of Datang Group

Everyone makes great efforts to develop younger brother

To increase your say

Resulting in a sharp increase in the number of officials

Many people eat and die in name only

Imagine nine people in the Office

Seven are in line to pour water

One is crossing his legs

People come to handle affairs

I don’t know who to call



In the face of this situation

Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty used his powerful fist to persuade him to retreat

Streamline organization and personnel



He also added assessment mode

Patrol every place from time to time

Can officials be promoted

It depends on how well the local people live

Forcing officials to do a good job



The last is the sprint, seize the timing


Strike down the tyrannical landlord

Redistribute the stolen land to landless peasants

Reduce taxes, build water conservancy and encourage farming

Tongzhou governor Jiang Shidu responded positively

Farmers were organized to plant 200000 mu of paddy fields

Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty praised and promoted him personally



National defense and military affairs

Change the government soldier system to the conscription system

The frontier sent more soldiers to squat

Go to war if you jump too fast

Defeat the Turks and Khitans and recover the lost territory

Make love if you don’t dance

Peaceful development Hello, Hello, everyone




Appoint talents

Get several leaders to guide you

Some are spiritual thinkers

Formulate development policies to easily cope with various emergencies

Some are selfless men

Take up the weapon of rule of law, restrain corruption and safeguard justice

Some are erudite and talented, and pay close attention to education

Some people are frugal and save money

Yao ChongTong, song Jing advocating law, Zhang Jiazhen advocating officials, Zhang Shuo advocating literature, Li Yuanzhen and Du Siam advocating thrift, Han Xiu and Zhang Jiuling advocating straightforwardness, all of which have their own advantages—— History as a Mirror





Energy storage


The team of the Tang Dynasty made a smooth dash for the line

Kaiyuan heyday

Become a milestone in Chinese history



Tang Dynasty during the heyday of Kaiyuan

Comprehensive strength is at the top of Bluestar

Stamp your foot. Shake it everywhere else

Chang’an city is an international metropolis in the 7th century

Can accommodate millions of people

It is also the largest city in the world built before modern times

It is said that when the askew messenger group came to visit

It’s the same face of early human atavism



according to the estimation

The national population in the heyday of the Tang Dynasty

Between 70 and 90 million

Equivalent to the population size of Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries




Not only enough to eat

There’s plenty left

Every household can also store food

The cultivated land area of Kaiyuan flourishing age is 660million Mu

Per capita grain is more than 700 kg

That’s the best number ever

Until more than a thousand years later

Was caught up and surpassed by the new China



There should be no need to say more about this

Tang poetry yyds!



It highlights the soft power and cultural confidence of the whole prosperous Tang Dynasty

How many people feel about the prosperous weather

It is not the tri colored pottery of the Tang Dynasty, nor is it a splendid palace

But various imaginative pictures hidden in Tang Poetry

Jiutianchang closed and opened the palace,

All nations bow to Miandiao.

——Wang Wei

Recalling the heyday of the new year, there were still thousands of families in Xiaoyi.

Rice is fat and millet is white, and both public and private warehouses are full of fruit.

There are no jackals or tigers on the roads of Kyushu. The sun rises after a long journey.

Qi Wan and Lu Xuan are in the car shift, and men and women are in the same boat.


Li Bai, Dufu, Wang Wei, menghaoran, etc

A large number of SSS level masters and poets

Also living in this period

A dazzling array of stars




Have exchanges with more than 70 countries

Including what Persia (Iran)

PYU (Myanmar), tuhuoluo (Afghanistan), etc

At that time, Arabia was still an empire, called Dashi

There is no Cashew in northern Myanmar

There are no mercenaries in Afghanistan

Take a look at the chat records with other countries

Can intuitively feel the power of Datang



/Military & Territory/

The heyday of the Kaiyuan Era

The territory once extended to the oasis of Central Asia



*The illustrations are from the Historical Atlas of China

To guard the border and the normal passage of the Silk Road

Anxi capital guard house is also set up

Every soldier is armed to the teeth

The most important weather in the prosperous Tang Dynasty

It is also reflected in the spirit of openness and inclusiveness

The prosperous Tang Dynasty has strong cultural confidence

While promoting our own culture

Nor does it exclude the input of other cultures



To sum up

The prosperity of Kaiyuan is definitely due to the contribution of tangxuanzong

He’s really qualified to say he’s good


The heyday of Kaiyuan is like a dream

The hidden contradiction is a ruthless alarm clock

The alarm clock rings, and the dream should have been broken long ago



But he doesn’t want to wake up

[field broadcast]

Because war reporters are recalling their lives



And invading the dream of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty

Looking for the reasons for the breaking point of the flourishing age

Suspension of broadcasting in this period

Part 2 highlights

Dreaming is OK, but

Living in a dream all the time, you are wrong!

But is the desolation of the prosperous age just the pot of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty?



reference material

The old book of Tang Dynasty by Liu Xu

Ouyangxiu, Songqi, etc

Sima Guang’s “general review of Zizhi”

Monman’s gains and losses in the heyday of the new century

Zhangrenmu’s theory of “the prosperous era of the new century”

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