Heartwarming signal season 5 guest list who are the five guests you most expect to perform

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Heartbeat signal has been broadcast in four seasons, and this program is still very popular among many love ensembles, because the program group is very willing to spend money, and every time, a lot of stars with traffic will be invited as observers. The list of guests in the fifth season of heartbeat was exposed. There are five fixed guests in total. Whose performance do you expect most? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Heartwarming signal season 5 guest list

The first one is angelababy. Angelababy is an old member of this program, and many of her performances in the program are very topical. Angelababy himself also likes this program very much. So her joining again is also a happy thing for fans of heartbeat signal.

The five members of the fifth season of heartbeat signal, except angelababy, the other four are new members. The first is Wu Xin. As a variety show, the program team must find a host to control the process. Wu Xin should play this role in the program. Be responsible for the control process, cue everyone. And Lee Seung Hyun, who became popular with his brother, also came to the fifth season of the heartbeat signal. His appearance was quite unexpected. Lee Seung Hyun and Qi Wei are recognized as model couples in the entertainment industry. I believe Lee Seung Hyun also has many unique views on love, and I look forward to his performance in the program.

Heartbeat signals season 5 guests uncover secrets

The other two guests are Wang Sulong and Meng Ziyi. Wang Sulong and Meng Ziyi are also old people in the variety show. They also participated in the first and second seasons of the 50km Taohuawu together, which are old acquaintances. In the second season of Taohuawu, many interactions between Wang Sulong and Meng Ziyi are very stemming. The two often connect with each other in the program. I believe this mode will appear in the fifth season of heartbeat signal. Are you looking forward to it?

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