Heavy! Another big breakthrough in China!

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Original: Zhanhao source official account: Zhanhao wechat id:zhanhao668

The occurrence of major changes often has some important signals, but these signals are often ignored and ignored. Even some very important news is in front of us, but it looks like invisibility.

Just now, a major breakthrough was revealed, but few people paid attention to it.

According to the news on the website of the Ministry of foreign affairs, at the regular diplomatic press conference on July 15, Bloomberg reporters asked: the official of the Pacific Island Forum said that China was trying to finalize an economic security agreement covering a wide range of contents in the Pacific island region. What is the comment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on this?


In response to Bloomberg’s question, spokesman wangwenbin said:

In developing relations with Pacific island countries, China has always adhered to equality, mutual respect, win-win cooperation, openness and inclusiveness. Imposing on others has never been China’s way of doing things. Pacific island countries are good friends, partners and brothers of China. We have always fully respected and listened to the views of island countries.

As for the document you mentioned, I can tell you that the contents of the document have been widely consulted by all island countries and have been welcomed by most island countries. We will continue to maintain communication with the island countries.

This question and answer did not attract much attention because it was neither a hot topic nor much content. However, this is a major event of great concern in the international community. There are at least three important information revealed in this answer:

The first big message: the extensive economic security agreement is true

Our speakers are all super professional, unlike the president of the United States. Please note that Wang Wenbin did not admit yes or no, but foreshadowed that China and the Pacific island countries have always maintained equal treatment, mutual respect, win-win cooperation, openness and inclusiveness in their development relations. Imposing on others has never been China’s way of doing things. Pacific island countries are good friends, partners and brothers of China. We have always fully respected and listened to the views of island countries.

Because things are sensitive, first stand on the moral high ground, leaving the United States speechless, and then talk about the document. It is said that this document is reasonable and legal, and outsiders have no right to complain. With regard to this attitude, it has been shown that it is true, otherwise there would be no need to pave the way. But the smarter ones are still behind.

The second important message: the agreement is a consensus after extensive consultation with island countries

So, what is the situation about this economic security agreement? Wang Wenbin said, “as for the document you mentioned, I can tell you that the content of the document has been widely consulted by all island countries and has been welcomed by most island countries. We will continue to maintain communication with island countries.” This sentence is brilliant. He revealed the “quality” of this document, that is, “the content has been widely consulted by island countries”, and has been welcomed by most island countries. “Being welcomed by most island countries” here shows that there are still very few island countries that do not “welcome” and the reason for not “welcoming” is likely to be a trade-off between China and the United States, Australia, as well as their own national interests, but this is not elegant and does not affect the continued progress of things.

The third important message: the agreement is still under communication

We can see from Wang Wenbin’s last sentence, “we will continue to maintain communication with the island countries”, that although the agreement has reached a broad consensus and won the support of most island countries, it has not been signed. Behind this communication, it is probably that the work of individual countries is still being done, but it has also been 7788. And the reason why this matter can be exposed is also similar to the security agreement reached between China and Solomon Islands. Everyone has almost communicated.

Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao) believes that there are two fundamental reasons why this agreement is heavy:

The first reason: This is not only a security agreement, but also an agreement for China to ensure the economic security of so many small South Pacific countries. In this world, who can protect other countries? In addition to the United States and Russia, the European Union may be able to do it occasionally, and China is probably the most able to provide security guarantees to relevant countries. However, it seems that there is no country that can provide economic security for other countries. The United States is capable, but it has always only robbed other countries. Who has he saved except the Marshall Plan after World War II? Therefore, objectively speaking, it seems that such a span of economic protection in China is still very rare.

The second reason: this means that China’s great power influence is expanding to the world. Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China’s national strength has been rising, but there is a huge gap between the rising speed of China’s influence and the rising speed of national strength. China has begun to have some global influence in recent years. China has changed from a follower of global issues in the past to a setter of global issues. In other words, China is providing Chinese solutions to the problems of today’s world. In the process of solving, China’s great power influence naturally shows up. At the same time, because it helped other countries and won the hearts and minds of all countries, it certainly improved China’s own security and development space.

In Zhanhao’s view, this matter has four major meanings:

1? As a big country, China has begun to provide public goods and services to the world

The typical symbol of a big country with global influence is to provide public goods and services to the world. In the past, this kind of thing was the power and power of the United States and the Soviet Union during the cold war, and other countries did not have this ability. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, in fact, only the United States was able to do this, but the United States did not substantially play this role. Instead, it became a hegemonic rogue, not only not providing security products for other countries, but also constantly invading other countries and creating various crises for the world.

China should be the first country to truly provide global security services after the end of the cold war, which is a very important thing for both China and the world.

2? As a world power, China began to show the world its plan

After entering the 21st century, the United States has gradually lost its leadership because of its selfishness and unrestrained hegemonism. Especially after Trump came to power, the leadership of the United States in the world has plummeted. Although the Biden administration is trying to restore the leadership of the United States in the world, it is obviously a little weak.

The inability of the United States is mainly reflected in the fact that the United States has no solution to the core contradictions and problems in the current world, but only blindly uses all means to maintain its hegemony. Although Biden did not shout “America first” like trump, he actually implemented “America first”.

China is completely different from the United States. Please see foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin’s first flag when answering reporters’ questions: treat each other as equals, respect each other, win-win cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, and then China actually practices it. Now, the economic security agreement between China and the Pacific island countries means that China guarantees your economic security and allows you to follow China’s stable development and live a happy and healthy life. Who wouldn’t do such a thing? China shows the world its plan. Once these countries develop well after signing the agreement, will all countries actively establish such relations with China? So, is it still possible for the United States to contain China again? I’m afraid the United States itself will find it impossible.

3? China has begun to build a new global economic order to supplement the huge defects of today’s world economic order

At present, there are serious defects in the global economic order. Some big countries do not unite with other countries to help each other and tide over difficulties. Instead, they do not hesitate to destroy the global industrial chain and supply chain for their own sake. The unilateral economic policies adopted in order to safeguard their own interests are very unfriendly, and many small countries have begun to have serious problems. For example, Sri Lanka has gone bankrupt, and the president has run away; Uzbekistan also began to have large-scale demonstrations… Many countries encountered a series of problems and difficulties, but the United States did not actively solve these problems, just constantly discredit, provoke and suppress China and Russia for its own interests.


China has signed a security cooperation agreement with Solomon Islands, a small country in the South Pacific. When Solomon Islands urgently asks for help from China, China can send police and troops to help it stabilize national order, which is to help it solve the problems of national stability and social security. Now, China is helping small Pacific countries solve economic security problems. In fact, China is using its national capacity to help these countries develop stably. With China’s guarantee, those developed countries can’t do anything if they want to do it again, because China can not only send troops, but also connect with China’s economy in peacetime. China can help in times of economic crisis. This kind of thing can’t be found with lanterns, so this is a new world economic order and a major institutional innovation!

Once this model runs smoothly, think about whether many countries have also joined in? Is this an economic order that all countries need? obvious!

4? A new attempt to internationalize RMB

Since we want China to ensure economic security, we need to use RMB, right? Otherwise, how can China ensure your safety! RMB is probably the main foreign exchange reserve of these countries. Isn’t this the RMB internationalization strategy of “small countries encircling large countries” evolved from “rural Encircling Cities”?

This incident, which seems small now, is actually very big. It is what the United States is really afraid of!

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