Hechaolian apologizes for improper remarks, and deeply reflects on it

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As the king of gambling, he ChaoLian is now a member of the entertainment industry. In addition to participating in some fashion activities, she will also participate in the recording of some variety shows. Moreover, he ChaoLian has also attracted netizens’ attention because of Dou Xiao’s girlfriend’s identity. However, he ChaoLian recently caused heated discussion among netizens because of some speeches in the program, and was also criticized by some netizens. Hechaolian apologized for the improper remarks, and said that she was very self reproach and would deeply reflect. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Hechaolian apologizes for improper remarks

He ChaoLian’s boyfriend Dou Xiao’s TV series Liangchen Haojing zhigeometry, which was broadcast some time ago, has been loved by many netizens, but Dou Xiao was scolded by fans and CP fans because he was roast not to cooperate with the publicity (deliberately avoiding danger with the heroine). These people were even more dissatisfied with why dou Xiao had a sweet photo with he ChaoLian to celebrate his birthday during the broadcast of the drama.

He ChaoLian mentioned this when she recently recorded the program. As a result, after the program was broadcast, not only some netizens came out to accuse him ChaoLian, but also the original author of Liangchen Haojing zhigeometry sent a diss to him ChaoLian, which immediately attracted the siege of fans of the original novel. And Dou Xiao was also implicated by this matter, and was scolded for a wave.

Hechaolian said she was very remorseful and deeply reflected

He ChaoLian probably didn’t expect that some of her remarks in the program would cause so many people’s disgust. Seeing the attitude of netizens, hechaolian seems to be aware of what she said wrong, so she specially sent an apology, revealing that her remarks in the program hurt many people, and she is also very self reproach and deep reflection. Many people still didn’t expect he ChaoLian to send an apology. It is estimated that he ChaoLian sent out such a sincere apology for Dou Xiao’s acting career and didn’t want to hurt Dou Xiao’s image.

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