Helpless America, deja vu bullets come!

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I don’t know if you have such an experience. In a trance, you feel that you have experienced something you are doing now. This scene is very familiar and familiar.

This is a typical deja vu phenomenon, which is translated into Chinese as “instant vision”.

This phenomenon is very mysterious, which can not be explained by science until now, but we often summarize it in one sentence: there is providence in the dark.

It seems that everything we have experienced is arranged by God long ago.

Let’s take a look at a group of motion pictures first.

Several American policemen with guns are stopping a car.


The driver seemed unwilling to stop and continued to move forward, so the police pulled out their guns and prepared to fire.

Next, let’s look at a group of motion pictures.

It seems that the police have stopped the driver and are beating the driver after pulling him off the car.

The policeman nearby is on guard with a gun.


If I just put the three pictures together, will you feel natural after reading them? For what reason, the American police are enforcing the law violently, and the one who was beaten seems to be a black

Well, there’s no doubt about racial discrimination. This kind of thing happens too much in the United States. It’s not the first time that the police abuse black people. It’s as normal as eating and drinking water. It’s a beautiful scenery. It’s normal!

What, is that your idea?

However, I want to tell you: These are completely two things.

The two pictures above took place on June 27 this year, while the moving picture below took place in 1991.

The difference is 31 years, but it can be seamlessly connected. The two things look like one thing.

I’m not an idealist, on the contrary, I’m a materialist, but after reading these two groups of pictures, I really can’t calm down for a long time.

The same place, the same picture, the same thing, and even the final processing results are exactly the same.

In 1991, a 26 year old ordinary black youth named Rodney King drove home after drinking alcohol at night.

two thousand and twenty-two

In, a black young man named Walker turned 26 in a few weeks. He also drove at night and violated traffic rules.

Soon, the police found Rodney King’s car, suspected that he was driving under the influence of alcohol, and immediately whistled to catch up.

On the road, the police also found Walker’s car. The police called for reinforcements and also drove up.

Rodney King did not stop for inspection, but stepped on the accelerator and escaped at high speed. Finally, the police surrounded him and stopped him.

Walker didn’t stop either, but in the chase with the police, his car had problems, slowed down a few minutes later, and Walker jumped out of the car and ran away.

Rodney King got out of the car, bare handed and unarmed, but under the effect of alcohol, he danced and provoked the policewomen present. Four male policemen immediately came forward and subdued them with handcuffs. Rodney King resisted violently, so the police took out a metal baton and hit Rodney King face to face, hitting him with 56 batons.

Walker jumped out of the car and ran away without weapons, but the police said they heard a gunshot from his car, and Walker seemed to turn towards the police during his walking escape. The police determined that he was armed and posed a fatal threat, so eight policemen pulled out their guns and fired more than 60 shots at Walker.

Rodney King didn’t die, but when he was beaten by the police, he was pinched by photographers and sent to the TV station, which caused the anger of black people in the United States. The lawyer signed the contract for free and divided it afterwards. He helped Rodney King bring a lawsuit and prosecuted the criminal responsibility of four policemen.

But finally, the court held that the police did not use excessive force and was acquitted, rejecting Rodney King’s claim for compensation.

Walker died. After the media reported, the local people were angry and asked the police station to severely punish the police involved, but the police station believed that the police did not enforce the law excessively and complied with the police regulations, so it would not deal with it.

After the lawsuit, a large number of blacks gathered in the streets to make trouble, which gradually turned into violent conflict. Then, arson and robbery cases began to appear on a large scale, and the streets of Los Angeles were in chaos.

A large number of blacks rushed into stores and supermarkets, smashed, looted and burned, and even attacked the police station. Los Angeles became a scourge, like hell on earth.


Finally, the US government sent tens of thousands of troops into Los Angeles and arrested more than 10000 people, which was the only way to quell the riots.

Under the pressure of the riots, the Los Angeles court reiterated the Rodney King case, overturned the previous judgment, sentenced four policemen to be guilty, sentenced to 30 months’ imprisonment, and compensated Rodney King $3.8 million.

After the news that Walker was shot and the police were innocent came out, the local residents of Akron were angry. Hundreds of protesters demonstrated in the city center, holding the slogan “justice for walker” and condemning police violence.

Soon, the parade turned into a conflict between the police and the people. The police threw tear gas at the crowd and arrested several people.

Local black anger was ignited. Under the leadership of the colored people’s Association, thousands surrounded the city hall and made a speech demanding that the murderer be severely punished.

Finally, under pressure, the mayor and the police chief apologized locally and suspended eight policemen involved in the shooting incident.

Look, after 31 years, the two things are surprisingly similar from the occurrence, process and result.

Except that there was no large-scale riot and “burning Los Angeles”, everything else was exactly the same and surprisingly similar.

No wonder, after I read it, I will have the feeling of deja vu, whether it is through.

Now, let’s sort out these two things again.

In fact, there was nothing wrong with the handling of the Rodney King case in 1991.

Rodney King himself is infamous. He likes to drink alcohol. He was sentenced to probation for beating his wife. He was also imprisoned for robbery. Just after coming out of prison, he was drunk, speeding, resisting arrest and attacking the police.

And the police also used force to arrest the suspect legitimately and modestly, but only subdued him with a baton, without directly shooting him to death. What’s wrong with this?

There is nothing wrong with it. The first trial in the Los Angeles court was completely fair and open, reasonable and legal, and there was no problem at all.

But the only thing missing is that this man is black, and the four policemen who beat him are white.

Therefore, this caused a great shock in the United States, and the black community was angry. They felt that this was completely racial hatred. It was the white people who used their power and the judicial system to oppress the black people.

As a result, the riots in Los Angeles began. 007 star Daniel Craig starred in a film called the great catastrophe in Los Angeles, which talked about what happened in Los Angeles in those days, like purgatory on earth.

Finally, under the pressure of the black riots, the local court tried the case again, overturned the previous correct judgment, declared the police guilty and compensated the criminals $3.8 million.

OK, let’s look at the walker case again.

Walker is guilty of traffic violations, which is true, but the crime is not fatal. Moreover, when he jumped out of the car and ran away, he did not carry a gun. He ran away with his back to the police, but the police fired more than 60 shots in a row. Even walker had fallen to the ground, and the police fired more than a dozen shots at him.

what is it? This is completely murder.

This time, the behavior of the police was completely atrocious.

However, the local police station did not deal with it at the first time, but when the local black people surrounded the city hall and thousands of people took to the streets to protest. Seeing that the situation could not be controlled, the mayor and the chief of police came out to respond, which suspended the eight violent policemen.

Comparing the two things, did you find a very interesting imagination?

Small trouble, small solution, big trouble, big solution, no trouble, he will not solve.

In western society, they have always boasted that they are a society ruled by law. With the image of judicial independence and integrity of judges, they boasted to the outside world and deceived many people.

Up to now, some people believe their words.

However, after the Rodney King case, we found that even if you do something wrong, you commit a law, you even attack the police and other serious crimes, it’s okay. As long as you are black, as long as you make good use of the media, huge public opinion pressure, or even a riot, will overwhelm everything, forcing the judge to give in to you and overturn black and white.

Not only will you be acquitted, the policeman who arrested you will go to prison, but also you will get a large amount of compensation and become a millionaire with impunity.

This time, after experiencing the walker case, we were surprised to find another fact: even if you are right, the police are wrong, even if you are unarmed, they deliberately murder you, even if they shoot you with dozens of shots, it is useless. If thousands of people do not stand up for you, the police involved will not be punished.

What is it called?

This is the rule of law society pursued by the West. In their eyes, law is only a tool to maintain rule.

Social stability is the most important thing for Western elites. As for fairness and justice, is human life at stake?

Hehe, what can it have to do with them?

I Biden stayed well in the White House, surrounded by 24-hour secret service guards, so safe that even a fly can’t fly in. What do I need to worry about?

What does it have to do with me that the police enforce the law violently and shoot black people? It doesn’t threaten me at all. In that case, why should I care?

Only when the case of black people being killed ferments into national violence, and the white elites find that it will threaten their interests and their rule, will they stand up and hypocritically say a sentence of condemnation, “I’m deeply sorry, I’m very shocked, and I hope this kind of thing doesn’t happen again…”

But in fact, they don’t care whether this matter is right or wrong, whether it conforms to the law.

Whether right or wrong, the people at the bottom will attack the police, demonstrate, violently protest, smash, loot and burn when they only see the black people being shot.

The elite at the top of the United States, regardless of these, only care about whether they can quell public resentment, and then muddle along, continue to live their happy life, and continue to exploit the people at the bottom.

Therefore, the law has become an empty word.

When things happen at the bottom, they don’t talk about the law and settle them with trouble.

When things happen at the top, they also don’t talk about the law, but only seek stability.

In this way, everyone lives in a daze.

The most ridiculous thing is that they are also teachers everywhere, go all over the world to celebrate their democracy and the rule of law, and export values. It is shameless to be ridiculous without knowing it.

Can such an America be saved?

Anyway, I can’t see hope.

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