Henan should also be rectified!

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The Tangshan storm is not over yet, but the Henan Plain is full of waves.

Recently, Yingbin community, Yanshi District, Luoyang City issued a notice:

“As the Yingbin community is a non visiting community, according to the superior policy, all candidates with registered residence who are enrolled in the Yingbin community this year will be admitted with 3 points lower than their first choice. Candidates who meet the policy should register in the Yingbin community with their household registration book and ID card.”

The so-called no visit community means that no community residents go to Beijing, provinces, cities and counties to petition.

Petition and petition are the rights given to citizens by law. Luoyang’s practice of giving extra points to candidates in non visiting communities is essentially a policy bait to attract families with candidates not to petition.

Anyone who dares to appeal to the higher authorities is a hostile element that destroys the happy life of the community. It will inevitably touch the cake of others, cause public anger, and then spontaneously intercept the petitioners.

The community can quell the trouble without any effort. Provinces and cities can avoid many troubles. Families with examinees get bonus points. Each of them has a bright future.

Only those whose interests have been harmed and who want to appeal to protect their rights can get no benefits.

But so what? In the face of the “overall situation”, very few people are important.

In fact, this is nothing new. It is just the old routine of provoking the masses to fight the masses.

This kind of blind operation is afraid of the people, so after network exposure and fermentation, Yanshi district government issued an urgent statement:

“The online information about our district’s secondary school entrance examination enrollment score reduction policy has aroused network attention. After careful research, the implementation of relevant policies has been stopped.”

Look at the wording of this note. It was only after it attracted the attention of the Internet that the implementation was stopped. It was not because their consciousness suddenly increased and they felt they had done wrong.

Since we do not sincerely know and correct our mistakes, it is very likely that such things that harm civil rights and violate social justice will happen countless times.

There is a stop, and naturally there is no stop.

In the past two months, four rural banks in Henan had an accident, and hundreds of thousands of depositors could not withdraw their deposits. Until now, many depositors from other places have come to Zhengzhou to discuss.

However, the health codes of these depositors were still green before they got on the bus. When they entered Zhengzhou, they inexplicably became red and were forcibly taken away and isolated by the relevant departments.

At the beginning, they thought that their epidemic prevention was not in place. After mutual communication, they learned that the people whose health code changed from green to red were all depositors who went to Zhengzhou to discuss their opinions.

That is, this is a targeted red code.

If you want to restore the green health code, you can use the green health code to live a normal life as long as you give up the petition and return to your registered residence.

In a word, whether it is red or not is up to your body, and I the final say.

What’s more, a group of female depositors prepared to go to Henan banking and insurance regulatory bureau to consult about the progress of the case. As soon as they reached the door, they were surrounded by a dozen strong men. They lied to them that the leaders of the banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau were waiting for them nearby and would give them a satisfactory answer.

Then he was dragged onto the bus.

When they arrived at the place, they found that there was no so-called leader, only a group of strong men blocked at the door of the room, and they were not allowed to move freely. Even when they went to the bathroom, they were closely accompanied.

If you want to leave this house, you must give up the petition. The local police car took them to the station and watched them go home by car.

These are two things, but in the final analysis, they are one thing.

That is to say, some local cadres have formed local interest groups that can not be penetrated by needles or water.

They have alienated the epidemic prevention policy and public power into tools to safeguard local interests and the private interests of some people. They want to deprive the people of the right to petition and the right to safeguard their own interests.

Tangshan is closely related to ordinary people, and Henan is also closely related to ordinary people.

After all, ordinary people may be beaten when they eat barbecue. Aren’t they afraid of being targeted in the community and depositing money in the bank to be swallowed by some people?

If we do not eradicate these local interest groups and dig out the protective umbrella behind them, we will not be able to deter other places, let alone protect our interests.

Now that the lid of Tangshan has been lifted, it is better to take advantage of the east wind to rectify Henan, return China to a bright future, and let the people have a real sense of security.

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