Here comes the Fujian warship, a great power and heavy weapon! We can have some wine tonight!

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Author: Ming Shuyuan official account: Ming shuzatan wechat id:laomingdashu




On the Great Wall in Huairou, Beijing, I was thrilled to learn the news.

In the past decade, three aircraft carriers have achieved leapfrog development. No matter how sour some people are, I just want to say, “awesome, my country!”

1) I didn’t expect to go into the water so quickly.

It was originally said that the water was launched in April, but it was delayed due to the epidemic in Shanghai.

I had expected that the water would not be launched until August because I had to rush to work. I didn’t expect that happiness would come so suddenly.

I can only say that the comrades in the shipyard are really good!

A great power is a heavy weapon and a great mission, and it has lived up to its great trust.

2) Unexpectedly, the name skipped Jiangsu and Zhejiang and went directly to Fujian.

According to the rules for naming naval vessels of the Chinese Navy, it is certain that the aircraft carrier and the large two-phase landing ship are named by provinces and municipalities directly under the central government.

The first one is called Liaoning ship, and the second one is called Shandong ship. Many people speculate that the third ship should be called the Jiangsu ship according to common sense. Jiangsu’s economic status in the country also fully deserves this title.

Now it is called the Fujian warship directly. Considering that Fujian is facing Taiwan, it will certainly have the effect of deterring the “Taiwan independence” forces.

Some people say, why not call it a Taiwan ship?

I just want to ask, what has Taiwan done to deserve this great country honor?

3) I personally feel that the people of Jiangsu and Zhejiang need not worry. In the future, China will form at least six aircraft carrier formations, and there will be no shortage of Jiangsu ships and Zhejiang ships.

Of course, there should also be Guangdong warships.

4) The early launching of the Fujian warship will enable the early installation of equipment, early sea trials and early service.

The current situation of military struggle facing China is very grim, and time waits for no man.

The Shandong warship was built in 2013, which took about three and a half years. It was launched in 2017, and then it was equipped for one year. It will be officially commissioned in another year and a half. It took about six years from construction to service.

The Fujian warship is launched today. According to this progress, it will not be officially commissioned until the end of 2024, and then it will take another 1-2 years to form combat effectiveness, that is, 2025 or 2026.

Time waits for no man.

We are still waiting for the J-35 carrier based stealth fighter.

Comrades in relevant departments still have to work hard.

5) The United States has never been idle on the road of containing China.

The United States “controls China with Taiwan”, and the Taiwan independence elements “rely on the United States for independence”, and the world is dangerous.

In the future, the United States may lead, induce and force war in the Taiwan Strait, and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will face difficulties and dangers.

With food in the bowl, oil in the home and a sword in hand, we can break through all kinds of difficulties and obstacles and usher in a smooth river.

6) When the Fujian ship was launched, the biggest feeling was the word “urgent”.

Really, time waits for no man.

The “Taiwan independence” elements will not wait for us, nor will the United States and other anti china forces wait for us.

Only by launching early can combat effectiveness be formed early.

The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has reached this stage, and the next is “hard bone”, which has to be chewed down one bite at a time.

7) If we say the strategic significance of launching Fujian warships, first, it must be to deter the “Taiwan independence” forces.

The name is Fujian warship. The intention is obvious.

China’s Taiwan policy can be summed up as “using force to prevent independence, use force to promote reunification and peaceful reunification”.

Chinese Mainland’s overwhelming military superiority over Taiwan, the United States, Japan and Australia in the Taiwan Strait region is a prerequisite for China to completely solve the Taiwan issue.

8) The second strategic significance is to deter the United States and Japan.

The US government “uses Taiwan to control China” with sinister intentions.

In order to break away from the “dog chain” put on it by the United States after World War II, Japan has been constantly hyping the “China Threat Theory” recently, making a lot of exaggerated remarks on the Taiwan issue and doing a lot of things to challenge China’s bottom line.

The greatest significance of Fujian’s launch lies not in its own combat effectiveness, but in the fact that it represents the acceleration of China’s military modernization, especially the modernization of the Navy.

Taiwan independence elements must have no way out now.

More importantly, China’s preparations for military struggle in the Taiwan Strait area are aimed at defeating the military intervention of the United States, Japan and Australia.

China has said that there is no retreat on the Taiwan issue, that it will not hesitate to fight to the end, and that it will do what it says.

In history, anti china forces such as the United States have often underestimated China’s strategic determination and will to struggle, and it is only themselves who will ultimately suffer.

9) The third strategic implication of the launching of the Fujian warship is that China’s military modernization is still accelerating, and it will be increasingly difficult for the United States to blackmail China by military means in the future.

From the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, we can see that the US imperialists would not dare to act rashly if Russia collapsed anyway and put thousands of nuclear bombs there.

In this regard, China is to learn from Russia and accelerate the upgrading of its nuclear deterrent. No matter how the United States clamors, the process of China’s nuclear weapons modernization must be accelerated, not slowed down. If the United States says that China is a threat to the United States, then we will frankly admit that China’s development of nuclear weapons is to threaten the United States and prevent the United States from carrying out military blackmail against China. Bite me!

In addition to nuclear weapons, the modernization of conventional military forces also brooks no delay. In particular, we should build a modern ocean going naval force. In the next 30 years, if we want to base ourselves on any ocean in the world, we can thwart possible maritime attacks, blockades, embargoes, etc. by the United States and its allies against China.

The proportion of China’s military expenditure in GDP is much lower than that of the United States. The cost of China’s military modernization, including personnel costs and equipment costs, is much lower than that of the United States. Even if there is an arms race, the United States must be dragged to death.

No sword in hand, no amount of wealth is a bandit’s meal.

10) Cheer for the launching of the Fujian ship, and do not forget the beating incident in Tangshan and the unprovoked granting of red codes to the injured depositors in Henan. There is no contradiction between the two. I hope no one will make use of the subject to express their feelings.

Some nationalist parties like to talk about the governance of local governments in China. What I want to say is that one yard is another yard.

China’s strong military is to safeguard the achievements of China’s modernization, to protect more than 1.4 billion Chinese people from being bullied and suppressed by the United States, and to create conditions for China’s scientific and technological progress and industrial upgrading.

Chinese public opinion pays attention to the issue of grass-roots governance. It is also to solve the problem, make China’s governance system more perfect, and make the fruits of China’s development better benefit the whole Chinese people.

There is no contradiction between the two.

“Taking the people as the center” is the fundamental goal of building a strong military.

“Taking the people as the center” is also the fundamental purpose of strengthening grass-roots governance.

The game between China and the United States is a protracted war. China should finally bear the pressure of the United States, win the final victory, maintain sustained and stable economic development, maintain fairness and justice in society, and make rapid progress in military modernization.

The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is originally a comprehensive project. We have patience and confidence.

Comrades, we can have some wine tonight!

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