Hong Kong stocks have welcomed a wave of investment opportunities!

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Author: Kafka is busy source: outsider’s horizon (id:hooyar_380097485)

A few days ago, I already said about the opportunities of Hong Kong stocks.

In recent days, Hong Kong stocks have risen very well, but don’t think this is over. The next wave of bull market in Hong Kong stocks may exceed your expectations.

The economy is always under the arrangement of the political pattern. I was not optimistic about the Hong Kong stock market earlier. The reason is very simple. If the house is not cleaned up, do you welcome all the tycoons to come and see jokes?

When woolen roll judges fill the court, you are shouting that this is a society ruled by law. Who rules who with whose law?

In March this year, Wei Yande and he Zhiyi resigned as non permanent judges of the Hong Kong Court of final appeal. By name, do you think he is Chinese? Actually, he is an Englishman with a Chinese name. Wei Yande is the president of the Supreme Court of England, and he Zhiyi is his vice president.

See, when the president of the British Supreme Court is in front of the judge of the HK court of final appeal, who is the judicial butt facing?

It is said that the two Britons resigned because they could not defend against the implementation of the Hong Kong national security law.

Britain has promulgated many national security laws, but the national security law of Hong Kong has directly stabbed the chief justice’s lung, because after some rights and interests have been clarified, there is no room to manipulate judgments that are against China’s national interests with wool rolls. If you can’t do it, run away.

HSBC, which I criticized before, is also facing a split. Ping An, the largest shareholder of HSBC, put forward a proposal to split its business in Asia from that in other parts of the world. HSBC has actually controlled HK finance for more than a century and still has the right to issue money. However, such a bank is still headquartered in the UK.


Few people talked about this news, but I think it has a great impact on HK’s financial autonomy.

There are so many black materials about HSBC that I am too lazy to write now. Since this public motion has been put forward, it seems to me that the British should not decide whether to dismantle it or not.

After the split, it will be even more difficult for the British to say who owns more shares.

The name of the new chief executive is lijiachao. You can understand that the background is that the disciplined forces along the way have caught Zhang Ziqiang. People with this background come here to uphold law and discipline, not to talk about free feelings with you.

To tell you the truth, the middle class has long gone to Britain and the United States to become lower class citizens. Those who remain have retained the weakness of the petty bourgeoisie. If you get used to it, people will raise their necks and chatter endlessly. If you get tough, people will naturally accept the ideological transformation of a country.

I don’t think there was much chaos in the public opinion circles here at the beginning. Is there any more?

After the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the wealth of the Russian rich was confiscated by Europe and the United States, so Li Ka Shing quickly sold off European assets and returned to HK for refuge. When the upper class figures they respected behave like this, do the weak petty bourgeoisie really want to fight to the end?

What is particularly interesting is that since May, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority has started to make plans for the proposed swift. I was still wondering why they would think about this?


Later, I learned that Russia had opened the Russia Hong Kong link.

Since June 20, the St. Petersburg stock exchange of Russia has opened the trading of Hong Kong stocks. The first batch of 12 stocks have risen very well recently. The list will be expanded in the future to 200 by the end of the year and 1000 by 2023.

In the past, a large amount of Russian wealth was invested in Britain and the United States. After the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, this path must not work. What can we do with the large amount of foreign exchange assets obtained by selling resources? There must be an investment direction.

Now, the plate is big enough. Those who are not afraid of American hegemony are big countries. However, currencies of big countries are not allowed to be freely convertible. This problem will be solved by changing to HK.

So why should Hong Kong rehearse to be kicked out of swift and emphasize that it has made countermeasures? Is it unclear? After straightening out the relationship, HK will usher in its own high light moment and become China’s financial window to the outside world. Let alone the positioning of Asian financial center, which is too low-grade. In the future, it will develop into another world financial center that can rival the United States.

I have written many times about the wrong decision of the Federal Reserve to increase interest rates and shrink the table. One error after another. In the former world under the power of the single dollar, there was no challenger to the dollar hegemony, which means that no matter how wrong the Federal Reserve is, it will have the national strength to tell the truth. Now it can’t.

In a war of harvest and anti harvest, there are more and more resistance forces. These opposition forces also need financial services. So what is more suitable than HK?

Now, whether it is US debt, US stocks or the US dollar itself, it has accumulated too many risks. In the absence of a choice, we still have to hold our nose to choose the beauty emperor. Now we are giving you a new option, Russia first.

In the past, the biggest problem of HK Stock market was insufficient liquidity, or liquidity was controlled by a few foreign investors, so that a large number of red chips were extremely undervalued.

Why do foreign investors not want to fry red chips? Very simply, large state-owned enterprises and central enterprises will not be controlled by capital. They will not be able to take control. They cannot use the traditional blending mode to control the investment and operation of enterprises, nor can they use capital to force enterprises to follow your hype to release information. Then there is nothing to speculate about, so the funds gradually do not touch these tickets. The stock price has no liquidity, and the natural valuation has been constantly depressed.

Look at the price difference between ah shares.

Of course, the original pattern will be rewritten by new funds, and the way Hong Kong stocks play in the future will not be the same as before.

Obedient children have sugar.

Hong Kong has no independent ability, but it has the right to choose. The new chief executive has explained many problems. When Hong Kong chaos becomes a thing of the past, Hong Kong Finance will have a better future.

If you see the logic here clearly, you will understand why Hong Kong stocks have opportunities and where the opportunities are.

The delisting of China concept Internet from the United States is not a loss of China concept shares, but a loss of US dollars, with less wealth endorsement providers.

Many people use past experience to look at the return trend of Chinese stocks in the future. You are afraid that you are wrong. American stocks are overvalued, but you have set the premise. Assuming that Wall Street’s choices are all right, you can only constantly reflect on where you are wrong.

How do you play this card game?

The way we play now is to force wall street to admit its mistakes. When we come back, a lot of money will follow.

Just like the United States used chips to play with sanctions. After several years of sanctions, China’s chip industry has developed rapidly.

Of course, Hong Kong stocks are mixed with good and bad people, and there are many cheaters. Xiaobai can’t take my a’s experience as an example. There is really an investment demand, and the fixed investment Index ETF will be more safe.

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