Hongmen banquet_ Three character idiom

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[phonetic notation] hó ng mé n yà n

[idiom story] in 206 BC, Xiang Yu led a large army into Hongmen, ready to destroy Liu Bang. After the mediation of Xiangyu’s uncle, uncle Xiang, Liu Bang went to Hongmen to visit Xiangyu, and Xiangyu gave a banquet. During the banquet, Xiangyu’s counselor fan Zeng ordered XiangZhuang to dance the sword and wait for an opportunity to assassinate Liu Bang. Seeing that the situation was bad, Xiang Bo also drew his sword and danced to cover Liu Bang. Liu Bang took the opportunity to enter the toilet and fled back to the base camp under the cover of fan Kuai and others.

[origin] Duke Pei Dan RI came to see King Xiang from more than 100 horses. To Hongmen, Xie said: &hellip& hellip; Western Han Dynasty · Sima Qian’s records of history

[explanation] Hongmen: place name, now northeast of Lintong, Shaanxi. It refers to an ill intentioned banquet or a banquet that harms guests.

[usage] as subject, object and attribute; A banquet that injures guests

[homonymous words] keep the same routine, eat the same food, eat the same food, eat the same leftovers of tea, keep rolling, call the same thing, do not change the money, fight with fear, get rotten before the rafters, go from dragon to tiger, draw the bow without putting the arrow

[English] adinnerpartyintendedtokilltheguests

[other use]

? I will not attend your Hongmen banquet.

? I was burning with anxiety along the way. If Feng Jianjian was taken away by the “God of love series”, today’s dinner would be a Hongmen banquet.

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