Hou Yi shot and killed the nine sons of the emperor. Does the emperor care? What happened to Hou Yi afterwards?

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Hou Yi shot and killed the nine sons of the emperor. Does the emperor care? What happened to Hou Yi afterwards? The editor of China story network brings detailed articles for your reference.

Houyi shooting the sun is a very old fairy tale. Houyi shot down nine suns from the sky and saved the people from fire and water. However, there are some loopholes in this fairy tale. It is said that the sun was the ten sons of the emperor of heaven. But why did Houyi kill all the sons of the emperor of heaven, leaving only one of the ten, but the emperor of heaven did not come out to take care of it? What did Hou Yi do after shooting the sun? Do you know any other myths and legends about Hou Yi?


Houyi shooting the sun many people have heard of this mythical story. At that time, ten suns appeared at the same time, making the people miserable. Hou Yi, as a god of heaven, could not bear to see it, so he bent his bow and set up an arrow. One by one, he shot down nine suns, and the people cheered him as a great hero.

However, as we all know, these Suns are actually three legged golden crows. They are divine birds and the sons of the emperor of heaven. After Hou Yi shot the nine sons of the emperor of heaven, why did the emperor of heaven not kill him, but only weakened his divine level and made him a mortal on earth.

As a matter of fact, the emperor of heaven could not escape being involved in Houyi’s shooting at the sun. At that time, someone reported that the ten sons of the emperor of heaven were so greedy that the people complained and died. The emperor of heaven knew his son’s ability. Most people couldn’t keep down, so he called Houyi and told him to scare them. So he went to bed.

When Hou Yi came to the world, he warned these golden crows. However, he refused to listen to their identities. When Hou Yi looked at the people around him, he found that many people could not hold on, but all of them were human lives. He started shooting at the sun. No arrows were missed, and nine of them were killed. Only the youngest son of the last emperor of heaven was clever. He ran fast and ran away.


After that, heaven and earth were furious when they learned about this. After all, his son made mistakes first, and Hou Yi saved the people. The civil and military officials could only remove Hou Yi’s immortal book and never enter the immortal again. From then on, the only son was punished by the emperor of heaven to rise and fall on time every day to illuminate the world, so as to make up for the mistakes made by himself and his brothers.

In the mythology, these ten suns are the ten sons of the sun goddess Xihe, also known as three legged black, three legged golden black. The book of mountains and seas · overseas east classics says:; There is Fusang in Tanggu, which is bathed in the ten days, and it is in the north of Heichi. Living in the water, there is a big tree. On the ninth day, it lives in the lower branch, and on the first day, it lives in the upper branch& quot; The book of mountains and seas · the great wilderness East classic also says:; There are buttresses on the Tanggu. They come and go every day. They are all carried in Wu& quot;

Ten three legged golden crows take a bath under the Fusang tree in Tanggu every day, then rise from the Fusang tree in the East in turn, fly from the east to the West in the sky, and finally fall on the Ruomu tree in the West. What is the final destination of these three legged golden crows?

Only the ancient books have recorded the fate of the three legged golden crow. In the book of mountains and seas, the first volume of the book of the Song Dynasty, the beautiful valley of flowers, quoted the saying: “Yao sent Yi to shoot at the same time for ten days, and fell on the earth.” In the book of mountains and seas, which was quoted by Cheng Xuanying in the ancient book Zhuangzi autumn water, it is also said that “Yi shoots nine days and falls into a fertile coke.”


In these ancient books, it is clearly recorded that Houyi shot the sun and fell into wojiao. Three feet black turns into wojiao. What is wojiao? Wojiao is also called tail end. It first appeared in Zhuangzi autumn water, which was the place where the sea water returned in ancient legends.

It is written in Xuanzhong Ji, a collection of ancient novels, that “the strongest in the world is the East China Sea, which is rich and scorched, and the water is endless. The rich and scorched are the mountains, which are located in the East China Sea, with a distance of 30000 Li. The sea water flows to the southeast but does not flow.”

This wojiao (tail end) is located in the East Hainan sea, with a radius of 30000 Li. The sea water can be poured in from all directions and then disappear. No matter how much water is poured, the water of this river flows to the southeast and never overflows.

However, it is also said that after being shot by Hou Yi, the three legged golden crow was finally taken in by the queen mother of the West and became a divine bird under the throne of the queen mother of the West. The biography of Sima Xiangru in the records of the historian once said: “the [queen mother of the West] Dai Sheng is in the cave, and I am lucky to have three feet black as her envoy.” The three legged bird refers to the three legged golden crow.

It is recorded in the map of Hetu Kuo that “Kunlun is in the water, and you can’t go there unless you ride a dragon. There are three legged divine birds that feed for the queen mother of the West.” It can be seen that the three legged divine bird feeds for the queen mother of the West. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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