How about Kong Xuan, the general soldier of Sanshan pass? What is Kong Xuan’s role in the romance of the gods?

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Today, the editor of China story network brings you an article about Kong Xuan in the romance of Fengshen. Welcome to read it~

The Kong Xuan to be mentioned here is naturally Kong Xuan, the general soldier of Sanshan pass of the Shang Zhou camp in the romance of Fengshen. Although he is not a heavyweight role in the book, there are many legends about him. Moreover, the Kong Xuan in the book is also very powerful. He can be called the first master of the Yin Shang Dynasty. Even the land oppressors will be defeated by Kong Xuan. How powerful is Kong Xuan? How many places can he rank in the book? What is the real origin of Kong Xuan?


In the romance of gods, Kong Xuan is set as the first peacock in the world. His five color divine light claims to be everything. No matter who the other party is, even Yang Jian, Nezha, the Taoist priest of burning lanterns, and the Taoist priest of land pressure, these people dare not shoot at will in front of Kong Xuan’s five color divine light, and even can only run away and dare not carry it. It can be called the first output of the Shang Dynasty. Jiang Ziya faced with such strong fighting power, They also had to hang a no fight card to avoid fighting with Kong Xuan.

In this way, Kong Xuan is indeed a very powerful figure. If it were not for the action of the quasi Taoist priest, who subdued Kong Xuan and became his mount and disciple, the war situation might not have been reversed. However, Kong Xuan, who later belonged to the zhunti Taoist sect, was granted the title of king of peacock Daming. He was also ordered to help the Western Zhou Dynasty to attack the sect, which was a great help. After all, he was very strong. No matter which camp he was in, he was more confident of winning.

Speaking of these, one of them, “peacock Daming king” must have attracted attention. The peacock Daming king has a title, known as the mother of Buddha, which is explained in journey to the West. Because at the beginning, Buddha had just completed his six foot golden body, but he was eaten by a peacock. At this time, the peacock’s status is also very high. The longest bird in the world is the Phoenix, and the Phoenix gave birth to the peacock and the ROC. The peacock is good at eating people, and the Buddha was eaten at once.

The Buddha originally wanted to come out with the peacock’s stool, but it would stain his real body. He had no choice but to cut open the peacock’s back and went to Lingshan. After he came out, he wanted to kill the peacock, which was also considered to eliminate harm for the people, so that it would not continue to eat people. However, other Buddhas dissuaded him, saying that if you come out of the peacock like this, the peacock is also your mother. Isn’t killing it equivalent to killing your mother? The Buddha then gave up and left it in Lingshan and granted it the title of peacock Daming king.

Although the original intention of this episode of journey to the west is to clarify the relationship between the Tathagata and the golden winged Dapeng carving, it also involves the peacock, which also shows that the status of the peacock Daming king is very high. So, Kong Xuan, who is called the peacock Daming king, is naturally so. He has strong ability and high status. Of course, he will not pay special attention to other opponents. Kong Xuan had a fight with all the people. If it wasn’t for the zhunti Taoist who cracked his five color magic light, I’m afraid the final situation was really uncertain. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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