How about the cultivation of nine days Xuannv? Who’s the most powerful, the Ninth Heaven Xuannv and the monkey king?

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How about the cultivation of nine days Xuannv? Who’s the most powerful, the Ninth Heaven Xuannv and the monkey king? The editor of China story network provides you with detailed relevant content.

In fact, it is difficult to judge the question in the title. After all, it is difficult to judge the cultivation of the nine day Xuannv. The judgment of the strength of the monkey king is actually very simple. After all, this is the original work in the journey to the West. It has been explained in detail that the Monkey King became an immortal in ten days and once caused havoc in the heavenly palace. After that, he learned the multi Heart Sutra. There are few rivals in the antenna.

Those who are more powerful than him are masters above Tianzun (SAGE). Those saints have great origins in the fairyland. They are masters of one side and have practiced for thousands of years. Therefore, it is more powerful than the monkey king, which is acceptable.

However, the origin, experience, cultivation and supernatural power of the nine day Xuannv are rather vague. There are mainly two legends about her:

First, he was a teacher of the Yellow Emperor.

The Yellow Emperor was very famous among the ancient emperors in China. Many immortals were named the teacher of the Yellow Emperor. For example, the famous guangchengzi. It is said that guangchengzi is the incarnation of the Supreme Lord, who came to the world to turn the Yellow Emperor into an immortal.

Jiutian Xuannv was also honored with this honor. However, it is impossible to judge the status of the Yellow Emperor in the celestial world after he became an immortal. The teacher of the Yellow Emperor may not be very strong.


Second, it is said to be the ancestor of the Shang Dynasty, Xuanniao.

In ancient times, there was an allusion that Xuanniao was born in business, so someone said that Jiutian Xuannv was the bird. In the stories written by people in the Sui Dynasty, the nine day Xuannv was depicted as a person with a bird’s head.

However, this myth is still difficult to confirm the cultivation of the nine day Xuannv. It can only be said that the qualification of Jiutian Xuannv is very old.

Of course, generally speaking, the seniority will be very high. Like the old mother of Lishan, she was worshipped as a mother by Guanyin Bodhisattva.

In the water margin, there was also a nine day Xuannv, who took Song Jiang as an apprentice and handed down the book of war. However, the introduction of the background of the nine day Xuannv in Water Margin is also very vague.


Of course, in the process of spreading in later generations, the nine day Xuannv has gained a high reputation. For example, the nine day Xuanmu Saint mu, the nine day Zifu xuanzu great heaven, and the nine day Xuannv benevolent Savior and great mercy forgiver

In a word, they are all Tianzun, even the great Tianzun.

According to the standards of the westward journey, Tianzun is very awesome, at least at the level of the leader, like the Buddha of the Tathagata and the emperor Zhenwu; The great emperor is even more cow, like the Supreme Lord and the Jade Emperor; However, in the deification, Tianzun is not worth any money. Several of the disciples of the original Tianzun are called Tianzun, such as Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun and Daoxing Tianzun.

Sun Wukong’s strength, in the journey to the west, can almost be said to be the first person under the sage. When placed in the deity, it is equivalent to the Taoist priest and kongxuan, which are much higher than Manjusri and the Taoist deity.

According to various legends, no matter what the name of the nine day Xuannv is, she has not reached the level of the leader and has not yet become a real saint. Besides, Sun Wukong is a typical fighting immortal. In terms of combat effectiveness alone, it should still be inferior to Sun Wukong. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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