How about the strength of the seven strange men in Meishan? Meishan seven monsters strength ranking!

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Today, the small editor of China story network will bring you the strength ranking of the seven monsters of Meishan in the list of gods. I hope it can help you.

When it comes to the strength ranking of the seven monsters of Meishan, it’s really easy to say. As we all know, there is one of the seven monsters of Meishan named Yuan Hong, whose strength can be said to be equal to that of Sun Wukong, so it is very popular. Recently, some people want to see how the strength ranking of the seven monsters of Meishan is? Let’s analyze and uncover the secrets together!


Looking at the story of Fengshen, Zhang Kui killed the five mountains in Mianchi County and was eager to get the Chaoge reinforcements. Because of the lack of generals, Chaoge recruited warriors from the people. It happened that Yuan Hong and other seven saints of Meishan were recruited to the army in order to make contributions.

Later, in the book, Jin Dasheng beheaded Zheng Lun, Yuan Hong beheaded Yang Ren, and Chang Hao beheaded Peng zushou. They are all high-quality military generals. How about the strength of the Seven Saints of Meishan? The author makes an inventory for you. Generally speaking, they can be divided into four levels:

Fourth gear: Chang Hao, wu long, Yang Xian, Zhu Zizhen

1. Yang Xian – anti Yin star

Yang Xian, one of the Seven Saints of Meishan, was transformed by the sheep essence, and his performance was the worst.

After it hit Yang Jian with white light, it disguised itself as a white sheep to hurt Yang Jian. On the contrary, Yang Jian turned into a tiger and restrained Yang Xian. After startling him away, Yang Jian cut him to death.

After his death, he was awarded the title of “Dou Bu anti Yin Xing”.

2. Wu Long – broken star

Wu Long is one of the Seven Saints of Meishan, and was transformed by the centipede essence.

Wu long had a record of killing Peng zushou by turning into a centipede, and avoided Nezha’s “dragon fire shield”. It can be seen that his agility is not bad.

Later, he was seen through by Yang Jian with a “magic mirror”, and was transformed into a big cock by Yang Jian to kill him.

After death, he was sealed the broken star of the bucket.

3. Chang Hao – Dao anvil star

Chang Hao is one of the Seven Saints of Meishan and was transformed by the white snake spirit.

Chang Hao turns into a white snake and kills Yao Shuliang. Like Wu Long, he can escape the attack of Nezha’s “dragon fire shield”. Later, he was seen through by Yang Jian’s “demon mirror”. Yang Jian turned him into a centipede and killed the snake spirit.

After the death of Chang Hao, he was awarded the title of Dou Bu Dao anvil star.

4. Zhu Zizhen – duanfuxing

Zhu Zizhen is one of the Seven Saints of Meishan, and was transformed by wild boar essence.

However, Zhu Zizhen was different from the other six saints. The other six saints fought as generals, but Zhu Zizhen fought as Taoists and turned into a wild boar to eat Yu Zhong, the Deputy General of Nanbo Hou Eshun. Then he ate Yang Jian in this way.

However, Yang Jian forced him out of his original shape with Yuan Gong. Before he reached zhouying, he was killed by Nangong Shi and released Yang Jian.

After Zhu Zizhen died, he was granted the title of doubu Duanfu star.

Third stage: Dai Li – desolate star

Dai Li is one of the Seven Saints of Meishan, and is transformed by wild dog essence.

However, Dai Li’s means are on the high side among the Seven Saints in Meishan. All the people below Zhu Zizhen hurt people by changing their original forms. Dai Li has at least developed into a “bright red bead” and used this bead to defeat Nezha.

However, later, Yang Jian took on Dai Li, and Dai Li fought with “Yan Hongzhu” against the “Xiaotian dog” offered by Yang Jian. The “Xiaotian dog” avoided the red bead, bit Dai Li, and helped Yang Jian kill him.

After his death, he was granted the title of barren star of doubu.

Second stage: Jin Dasheng – Tianwen star

Jin Dasheng was one of the Seven Saints of Meishan and was transformed by Buffalo essence. Its mount is a unicorn, and it also has a three pointed sword. The strength is second only to Yuan Hong among the Seven Saints of Meishan.

After more than 30 years of fighting with Zheng Lun, Jin Dasheng blew out “cattle yellow fire” to kill Zheng Lun; Jin Dasheng fought with Yang Jian, and again drove Yang Jian back with “cattle yellow fire”.

Later, Jin Dasheng was captured alive by the Qingyun girl who sat down by Nuwa’s mother, and was brought back to zhouying by Yang Jian. After Jin Dasheng, he was executed by Nangong Shi, and after his death, he was awarded the title of Tianwen star in the Dou department.

Although Jin Dasheng’s strength may not necessarily win over Gao Lanying, Yin Hong, Yu Hua and others, and Jin Dasheng and others are not immortal like Yang Jian and Yuan Hong as goblins, since they are goblins, they can have a certain immune effect on the magic weapons used by humans.

Therefore, in terms of overall combat effectiveness. Jin Dasheng’s performance can still be above these people.

First stage: Yuan Hong – four abandoned stars

Yuan Hong is the head of the Seven Saints of Meishan. He was transformed by the White Ape. He also has eight or nine Xuangong, which belongs to the immortal body like Yang Jian.

Yuan Hong was appointed the commander-in-chief of the Shang army by King Zhou. After the six hundred princes returned to Mengjin, he attacked the Zhou camp with Wu culture at night. Kill 200000 Zhou troops and achieve the effect of winning the first World War.

Later, the six saints of Meishan, Gaoming gaojue and Wu Wenhua were all killed in battle, and Yuan Hong became the commander of the light pole. Even so, Yuan Hong could still fight against Yang Jian among the thousands of troops.

In the end, she was captured by the “picture of mountains and rivers and the country” and the “rope to bind demons” given by Nuwa to Yang Jian. Because Yuan Hong knew the changes of the eight and nine Xuangong, Yang Jian cut off the monkey head, and still another monkey head would grow. However, under the operation of Jiang Shang’s “chopping immortal flying knife”, Yuan Hong was killed.

Later, Yuan Hong was awarded the four abandoned stars of the Dou department. It is under the jurisdiction of Doumu Yuanjun Jinling Virgin (Moli Zhitian). Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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