How bad will it be to be an American lackey? It has taught all anti China countries a lesson!

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Author: Rong ping source: official account: Rong Ping (ID: rongping898) has been authorized to reprint

Since Margaret Thatcher, the British seem to have a special liking for the title of the iron lady. Whenever the parliament elects a female prime minister, no matter whether others like it or not, they first send the iron lady’s high hat. Of course, truss enjoys this title very much. After all, long ago, she made her debut under the name of little Thatcher by imitating Mrs Thatcher’s style of dress and behavior.

But the ugly Dongshi is not Xishi after all. She can only imitate the skin and can’t learn anything deeper.

Truss thought that the iron lady was tough enough to speak, so he opened his mouth and fired indiscriminately. He would not hesitate to fight a nuclear war. He would list China as a threat to Britain’s national security, and destroy Moscow with a nuclear bomb. That would be crazy than Thatcher.

But the key is that the British people just eat her. At least she was the former world hegemon. If she didn’t shout twice from time to time, she really took the sick cat as a Hello Kitty?

In the final analysis, the Iron Lady feeling of the British people originates from Margaret Thatcher’s strong hand in reviving the final glory of the Empire at the time when the sun was about to set in the Atlantic Ocean. When Thatcher first came to power in 1979, the crisis faced by Britain could be described as being beset with difficulties at home and abroad. Internally, influenced by the global inflation caused by the oil crisis, the inflation rate in the UK was as high as 18% for a time, and the GDP shrank below negative 2% for many years.

Externally, in order to transfer internal contradictions, Argentine strongman gutieri, who came to power through a military coup, is increasingly determined to recover the Falklands from Britain. If these two problems are not handled properly, Thatcher will become a turning point in Britain’s complete decline.

Fortunately, she did!

In 1982, the Royal Navy of the British Empire marched westward across the ocean, fighting for more than 60 days, and finally saved the last afterglow of the MI Zi flag in the Atlantic Ocean. In the following six years, the British economy recovered strongly, with GDP growth rising from – 2.2% to 5.9%, and inflation falling from 18% to 3.4%.

Margaret Thatcher’s success made the British mistakenly regard the return of light as the rejuvenation of the Empire. They believed that Britain was still an Empire where the sun never set. As long as there were wise and outstanding leaders, it was just around the corner that the meter flag would fly again.

After the end of the cold war, Britain’s international status was further marginalized, and those old antiques who still live in the Victorian era look forward to the emergence of the new iron lady!

However, the fact that is even more ironclad than the iron lady is that since the end of World War II, Britain has not been a big country at all. Their international status sounds good to be a thug of the United States, and hard to be said to be a dog with a slightly looser iron chain than Japan!

Most importantly, Thatcher’s success is not Thatcher’s success, nor Britain’s success, but America’s success.

Britain became the watchdog of the United States in Europe from the atomic bomb program.

Nuclear weapons are the ticket for countries to the club of great powers after the war. Only with nuclear weapons can they be called a great power. Without nuclear weapons, you can’t even fart. Britain naturally understands the truth, so the nuclear program has been carried out for a long time.

However, at that time, it was during the great bombing by the German army. For security reasons, Britain took the initiative to move its R & D team to North America to cooperate with the United States in development. In 1943, the United States and Britain signed an agreement codenamed alloy pipe in Quebec, Canada. According to the treaty, the British nuclear weapons team was incorporated into the Manhattan Project, and the funds were all provided by the United States. After the event, the United States was required to transfer all research results to the British side.

How can people’s calculation be worse than heaven’s calculation!

Less than two months after the world’s first atomic bomb came out, Japan announced its unconditional surrender, and the relationship between Britain and the United States instantly changed from an ally to an enemy fighting for world hegemony in the process of alternation between the new and old empires. In view of this, Truman chose to tear up the treaty and suspend all nuclear technology exchanges between the United States and Britain.

Now the British people are dumbfounded. They have seen shameless people, but they have never seen anything more shameless than themselves. They are worthy of being exiled from their families. They are superior to the blue in turning around and denying others!

There’s no way. The gentlemen of the British Isles have to bite the bullet themselves. In 1952, Britain’s first atomic bomb exploded successfully near the Montebello islands in the Indian Ocean, but this does not mean that they have a world-class nuclear strike level, because times have changed!

With the development of rocket technology and nuclear miniaturization, nuclear missiles have become the absolute mainstream of nuclear attack. Traditional free fall bombs have no deterrent power in front of modern air defense technology. However, Britain’s aerospace strengths are mostly concentrated in the field of engines and aerodynamics, and its technical reserves in the miniaturization of nuclear bombs are completely blank.

In great power competition, time is the most precious. In order to catch up with the world’s advanced level, in 1958, Britain formally recognized Egypt’s control over the Suez Canal in exchange for American assistance in W28 thermonuclear warhead technology and long-range ballistic missile technology.

In the mid-1950s, the birth of nuclear submarines made the dual structure of nuclear strike, which was composed of traditional land-based and air-based, evolve into a three-dimensional system of land, sea and air. As a sea based launch platform, nuclear submarines belong to the world’s top knowledge, whether in the manufacturing process of submarines themselves or in the research and development technology of submarine launched missiles.

It is obvious that this bone, which is harder than the miniaturization of the nuclear bomb, cannot be chewed down by the British.

I don’t care if I ask for help the second time. On December 8, 1962, the heads of state of the United States and Britain met in the Bahamas. The United States agreed to export Polaris submarine launched ballistic missiles, which were the most advanced at that time, to Britain to complement the British Sea based nuclear strike platform. However, the price was that Britain’s right to use nuclear weapons must be incorporated into the NATO defense system, which was under the unified command and control of the NATO command.

Who is the actual controller of NATO? U.S.A! Therefore, the control and use of British nuclear weapons are actually in the hands of the United States.

In 1979, Britain and the United States renewed the nuclear technology cooperation agreement. This time, Carter, who was then president of the United States, added a humiliating provision at the end: any use of nuclear weapons containing American technology by the United Kingdom requires the consent of the United States.

Modern nuclear strike technology is based on the delivery of missiles, and the premise for the delivery of nuclear weapons by missiles is the miniaturization of nuclear weapons. Considering that the miniaturization technology of Britain’s nuclear weapons is all provided by the United States, it means that all British nuclear weapons are controlled by the United States! So far, Britain completely lost its sovereignty over nuclear weapons and became a part of the US nuclear strategic system.

As a matter of fact, at this stage, Britain is no different from Japan, the American colony in East Asia, except for possessing nuclear weapons in legal principle.

Next is the familiar story of Thatcher, the iron lady, who was ordered to turn the tide and help the building fall when the army was defeated. First, it won the Falklands war, which concerns the final dignity of the Empire, and then revived the British economy through a package of reforms.

But what is little known is that it is the United States that really plays a leading role in these two matters!

The inside story of the Falklands war is far from being as simple as it seems. At that time, the Argentine helmsman gutieri had very close relations with the United States. He was once the head of operation vulture in Argentina. Just one year before the Falklands war broke out, he flew to Washington to ask Reagan’s opinion in person. Reagan neither agreed nor objected, but repeatedly praised him as an anti Soviet pioneer and a good brother of the American people.

Moreover, during his visit to galtieri, Reagan also completely cancelled the military embargo on Afghanistan. Isn’t that what he meant by letting them go?

Galtieri thought that the United States and Britain were allies after all, and would certainly not support Argentina’s recovery of the Falklands with a clear-cut attitude. Therefore, Reagan’s lack of explicit opposition was tantamount to support, which was the decisive factor that led him to launch the Falklands war the following year.

At the beginning of the war, the Arab army made extraordinary progress. Even in the naval battle with the British special task force, it achieved excellent results with flying fish missiles. However, the subsequent development surprised both galtieri and Thatcher: on the one hand, Reagan actively provided logistical support and satellite reconnaissance and missile guidance to the British army, and on the other hand, he persuaded the entire European Community and NATO to impose the most severe military embargo and economic sanctions on Argentina, As a result, the Arab army was defeated because it lacked sufficient anti-ship force to prevent the British army from landing.


Before the war broke out, the Falklands war might not have been fought if it had not been for the ambiguity of the United States in the early stage, which led to the misjudgment of calcutti; After the outbreak of the war, if the United States had not acted behind the scenes, Britain might not have been able to win Argentina. To put it bluntly, the Falklands war was orchestrated by the United States behind the scenes. Thatcher and galtieri are just pawns. The purpose of fighting this war is to use the war to worsen the regional situation and investment environment in South America and force international capital countries to avoid risks.

The result is remarkable: with the influx of US dollars, the three major US stock markets swept away the previous decline, and the domestic economy ushered in the first era of big explosion and growth since the collapse of the US dollar gold hegemony!


As for Mrs. Thatcher’s economic reform, the results have something to do with the United States. In the Reagan era, the success of American economic takeoff was attributed to the industrialization of the third scientific and technological revolution, and Britain was the largest spillover country of the third scientific and technological revolution.

Have you heard of arm?

As the world’s largest supplier of semiconductor intellectual property rights, more than 95% of smartphones and tablets in the world adopt arm’s architecture. The company’s early technology source was the simplified instruction set provided by the University of California, Berkeley, and later received investment from apple. There are many similar examples, and I will not repeat them one by one.

In a word, Britain’s own reform only plays a driving role in economic growth, and the spillover of the American scientific and technological revolution plays a leading role.

I have never denied Margaret Thatcher’s charisma or her excellent governance, but what is more undeniable is that her peaches were plucked from the shoulders of giants. Britain’s success in the 1980s has nothing to do with her, nor with Britain itself, but with the gift of the United States.

There is an argument on the Internet that China, Russia and the United States are the top three permanent members, and Britain and France are the bottom two permanent members. Let me say that Britain is the only lower permanent member.

Although France’s history of World War II is not very glorious, what it did after the war is obvious to all. NATO said it would withdraw and Libya said it would fight. There is no need to worry. The most important thing is that people would rather risk being expelled from the western group and hold the gun barrel of nuclear weapons in their own hands. This alone is much better than those countries that are prone to kneel down and beg.

In Britain, on the other hand, if you leave good people alone, you must be a kind of four legged creature who watches the door for others.

The most speechless thing is that it is afraid that it will not do well, and it must take the initiative to tighten the chain around its neck: in March 1998, the Royal Air force officially gave up its nuclear war readiness duty mission, and then placed its space-based strategic nuclear counterattack capability under the protection of the United States; In 2011, during the Syrian war, the British army launched 12 missiles to air attack the government army, which was stopped by the parliament overnight. The reason was that there were only a hundred or so missiles in stock, and if it was continued, it would shake the country’s foundation; In 2020, the cabinet purchased the latest Trident warheads in full accordance with the requirements of the United States without notifying lawmakers for approval. Ed David, the leader of the opposition, denounced it as the lapdog of the United States!

See? People in their own families say that Britain is the lapdog of the United States.

Therefore, Britain should recognize its own identity. Today’s Britain is not the sun never sets empire that crisscrossed all over the world and seven continents in those days, but the guardian animal that the United States chained to Europe. This fact can not be changed even if it is stronger than Margaret Thatcher, let alone a big and brainless madwoman.

Dogs are dogs. Don’t imagine that you can eat at the table when another leader comes up. Don’t try to bark at the guests who eat at the same table with your master. The last dog who dares to do this has been brought to the table by Russia next door.

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