How beautiful the concubine Zhen is: let Cao Cao and his son turn against the woman

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Zhen Fei, let Cao Cao and his son turn against each other

If you want to find a woman who is the most vague in the beauty community, people are likely to choose Princess Zhen. Cao Cao and his two sons, Cao Pi and Cao Zhi, are known as the “three CAOS” in the history of literature, and they are all thunderous figures. Father and son chased Zhen Fei together, which showed that Zhen Fei was a great woman at that time.

“Shi Shuo Xin Yu” contains: Taizu (Cao Cao) went down to ye, and Emperor Wen (Cao Pi) first entered yuan Shang’s house. A woman was dirty, and her face drooped with tears, and she made Shao’s wife Liu Hou. Emperor Wen asked, and Liu replied, “it’s Xi’s wife.” Make people sweep their hair and wipe their faces with a towel. Their appearance is unparalleled. After that, Liu Weizhen said, “no more death!” Then I saw her.

From Cao Pi’s series of actions in Yuan Shang’s house, it can be seen that he probably went straight to find Princess Zhen and killed her. Once the purpose was achieved, he would no longer kill indiscriminately. It is said that after Zhen Fei was taken away by Cao Pi, Cao Cao, who then rushed to Yuan Shang’s mansion, sighed, “it is for this woman that I fought this war!” His words made future generations wonder whether Cao Cao, a man of literary and martial arts, wanted a daughter-in-law or a concubine for himself. That’s why he made a big fight? Zhen Fei’s little Cao Cao is 29 years old, which is 3 years older than Cao Pi. As a father, he loves this concubine, and as a son, he doesn’t think it’s too long. It can be seen that this woman is very charming. Fortunately, Cao Cao is a non ordinary generation. He is full of clouds and water. He did not turn his face against each other and throw halberds to fight for a woman like Dong Zhuo and his adopted son Lv Bu. Moreover, Lu Bu is just a temporary political cadre, and Cao Pi is a real Mishi’s other son.

Zhen Fei is so beautiful that even Cao Pi’s 5-year-old brother Cao Zhi is eager to get involved. Cao Pi was not as generous as his father when it came to the beauties he had. He was also very clear that between the brothers, who could finally get his father’s throne, and whose was the princess Zhen (Cao Cao once wanted to make Cao Zhi the crown prince). The two brothers fought for wisdom, and finally Cao Pi won the position of heir. When the throne is in the hands of the elder brother, does the younger brother dare to covet this “sister-in-law”? “Beautiful things are eternal joy” (English Keats). The power of love (including unrequited love) can make people put life and death aside, especially Cao Zhi himself.

Emperors are masters of monsters. In the royal family, they can play the female waist thin, called the willow waist, and their feet small, called the golden lotus; There has never been a saying of “divorce” in the palace, but there is also a common word “abolishment”. If you are unhappy, you will discard it. Confinement and death are just different ways of discarding it. After Cao Pi used Zhen Fei for several years, we don’t know the reason why he “sent envoys to die” (Annals of the Three Kingdoms). We only know that beauty is dazzling and short-lived. The more beautiful a woman is, the more likely she is to suffer a cruel and tragic end. After the woman’s death, Cao Pi gave Cao Zhi his used pillow and toilet box. The woman Cao Pi owned in her life, Cao Pi actually used the residual temperature left on her pillow after her death and the fragrance between the toilet boxes to “comfort” Cao Zhi’s broken and lonely soul. This is not a gift, but cruelly sprinkle salt on a still bleeding wound. It can be inferred that Cao Pi knew Cao Zhi’s hopes and admiration for concubine Zhen day and night (the death of concubine Zhen may also be buried here). When the soul of the fragrance is gone, giving away the pillow and toilet box is equivalent to giving away a cup of poisonous wine mixed with Zhen Fei’s blood and tears from the spiritual territory. This is far from being limited to a kind of ruthless and violent spiritual insult

Zhen Fei, the only object of Cao Zhi’s aesthetic meditation. Cao Zhi, who desperately yearns for and misses Princess Zhen, is too painful. Beauty shines in the heart of the person who yearns for her, which is more moving than in the eyes of the person who owns her. Cao Zhi probably wrote a “Ode to the Lord of Luo” in the face of Si Zhen Si Lian, which has been handed down for more than 1700 years, and is a famous article that has been handed down for a long time in the Chinese literary world. Is Luo God in Fu God or man? If it were a person, would it be Zhen Fei? Later generations have different opinions.

Beauty is something unthinkable created by the chaotic world in the heavy trauma of the artist’s soul, which determines that the text intertwined with hate and love is the most penetrating. If there were no extreme stimulation of pillow and toilet box, could “Ode to the Lord of Luo” be published? Excellent poems and essays can introduce future generations to subtle, mysterious and beautiful artistic conception, and the formation of these poems and essays is clearly not accidental. The emergence of Luoshen Fu further reveals this artistic mystery. Sima Qian’s “historical records” completed in pain, and Cao Xueqin’s “dream of Red Mansions” written when “tears end”, or before or after, are similar to the formation of “Luoshen Fu”. Since it comes to the Fu of Cao Zhi, there is no harm in mentioning Li Yu’s words here. Li Yuzhi was blamed for the subjugation of his country, and this subjugated king was particularly eye-catching because he wrote wonderful and extraordinary poems. And the success of Li Yu’s words almost flickered with the light of the harem love life. What is the relationship between the origin of art and women, love, and the ups and downs of life?

God endows women with beauty and tenderness, while war and power provide men with opportunities and excuses to seize beauty, desecrate beauty and destroy beauty. Almost no one who pursues power is lecherous. Chasing power and hunting for sex is the proper meaning of the title. Beauty is called beauty in the world. Beauty can trigger human war, and war completely deprives “beauty” of their right to love. The reason is very simple, “beauty” is ultimately a thing, and is divorced from the category of “people”. In any case, Zhen Fei’s life or death can burn the souls of several extraordinary men at the same time, and the sparks that finally burst out can be transformed from a heterosexual into good words, which is really a surprising charm.

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