How can Jiutian Xuannv, who knows the art of war best in ancient myths, fight?

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How can Jiutian Xuannv, who knows the art of war best in ancient myths, fight? She also often appears in some classical novels in China, and has become the immortal who helps justice eliminate violence in the book. The following is a detailed article introduction for you.

For example, she has helped the Yellow Emperor fight Chiyou, helped the state of Yue destroy the state of Wu, appeared in xuerengui’s expedition to the East, and awarded Songjiang, liubowen, Tang Sai’er military books, etc.

Jiutian Xuannv, also known as Jiutian Niangniang, Jiutian Xuannv Niangniang, Jiutian Xuanmu Tianzun, or Xuannv for short.

According to the records in the seven classics of Cloud Collection:


“The goddess of the Ninth Heaven is also a disciple of the virgin of the Yellow Emperor. The Ninth Heaven is an image of dry gold and has a strong and active nature. The nine heaven square can raise troops and arrange arrays.”

According to the notes to the ancient dragon and tiger Sutra Volume I:

“Xuannv plays the preface note. Xuannv is the spirit of heaven and earth, and the aura of yin and Yang. God is omniscient and has all kinds of forms. She knows the feelings of all things, knows the changes of all people, and is the Lord of Tao and AO. Xuannv is also an ancient deity, and is the true strength of all people.”.

According to folklore, there was a goddess with powerful magic power. Because of her meritorious deeds of eliminating violence and calming down conscience, the Jade Emperor granted her the title of nine heavenly Xuannv. Therefore, he was a just female immortal who was ordered to eliminate violence and tranquilize good people. She had a high position in Taoism. Later, she was included in the Taoist immortal system and became a famous goddess in Taoism.

In folk belief, Jiutian Xuannv is the ancestor of Xianxiang industry. It is also said that as long as there is incense, Jiutian Xuannv will come to listen to human suffering, so the incense industry respects Jiutian Xuannv as its founder.

The holy names of Jiutian Xuannv are:


Jiutian Xuanmu Saint mu, Jiutian Zifu xuanzu grand master, Jiutian xuanzu Yuanjun grand master, Nangong Zifu nothingness and profound silence xuanzu supreme supreme master, Xuannv Niang Xing Ru Du Shi Da Ci, Jiutian Xuannv benevolent salvation blessing forgiveness, Jiutian Xuannv Yuanjun grand master, and Jiutian Xuannv virgin Yuanjun grand master.

According to historical books, myths and legends, she was a disciple of the virgin of Xiling and a teacher of the Yellow Emperor. She has a surprising “book of heaven” art of war. It can be said that she was an outstanding female military strategist in ancient China.

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