How could Germany become a joke when Russia “cut off” it indefinitely?

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In the midst of the energy crisis and the power crisis, Europe was hit hard again. Gazprom said on the 2nd that the natural gas supply originally planned to be resumed on Saturday could not be resumed as planned due to the failure of equipment.

The Beixi 1 natural gas pipeline will be closed indefinitely, and the arrogant von der Leyen angrily accused Russia of retaliation.

Let’s briefly talk about the problem of “gas cutoff”:

After the Siemens “turbine incident” in July (Beixi 1 was briefly interrupted due to the delay in delivery time of the maintenance provider Canada), on August 22, “Gazprom” issued a message to inform Germany:

Due to the planned technical maintenance of the gas compressor, “Beixi 1” will be suspended for 3 days, from August 31 to September 2. If there is no problem after maintenance, gas transmission will be resumed (33 million cubic meters per day).

This is a subtle warning from Russia to Germany. If Germany is sober, it will have enough time to release goodwill to Russia, which can at least ease the confrontation.

However, the German government, especially foreign minister Burke, still maintained a hostile attitude.

On August 30, Putin’s press secretary Peskov said, “apart from technical problems, there are no other problems in Beixi 1’s natural gas transmission to Europe.”

Germany thinks that Russia is showing weakness and can only choose to restore gas supply after three days.

On August 31, German Chancellor Scholz said in an interview with the German media magdeburger volksstimme that Putin was surprised by the action of European unity. This shows that the Western sanctions are effective and correct.

He also said, “Putin did not expect such a situation.”.

Scholz has a kind of enigmatic confidence. He burns his ass and thinks Putin is afraid of him.

Some Weibo accounts are more confident, and even ridicule Russia for not daring to stop.

On September 2, it was decided that Russia dared not lift the table.

We can often see such people on the Internet. They are afraid of the West and their legs are weak. They think that the world is like this.

However, Russia not only “cut off” its gas to Europe, but also cut it off with justification. “There is oil leakage”, and the representative of Siemens signed the test report.

The German side said that there was oil leakage before, but it did not affect gas supply.

Germany’s Refutation is somewhat funny. If it can be solved technically, who will attack the turbine first? Turn technical problems into political problems.

This is typical rogue logic: I can do this to you, but you can’t do this to me.

The United States has the capital to play rogue, and its energy is guaranteed.

What does Germany have? Beixi 1 is its life-saving straw.

On September 2, the German Ministry of economy also issued a statement saying that Germany’s natural gas supply is guaranteed, and the reserve of storage facilities has reached 84.3%, and will soon reach more than 85%.

European media are also encouraging themselves to show contempt for Russian energy.

However, natural gas, oil and coal, which are closely related to production and life, cannot be solved by the media and politicians with their mouths.

It’s like a person who has no food, drinks a belly of cold water and goes out to complain with the grain seller, “if I have a round stomach, I won’t buy it, and I’m poor.”. I almost chewed the bed board when I got home. This is the virtue in Europe.

On September 2, the G7 finance ministers’ meeting claimed that they unanimously agreed to set a ceiling on Russian oil prices and called on “all countries” to join the initiative.

German finance minister Lindner demanded that all EU Member States join the “price fixing alliance”. The larger the alliance, the faster the results will be achieved.

The EU and Russia are energy buyers and energy sellers.

It is the European Union that rejects Russian energy, so the European Union will cut off the transaction channel.

What is the “oil price limit” and is it self defeating? That doesn’t mean you still want to buy it.

Since you want to buy it, it means that you can’t do without Russian energy. Why should you impose sanctions in the first place?

If sanctions were not imposed, energy prices would be very low at that time. No matter how limited the “price limit” is, it will be more expensive than it was at the beginning.

Therefore, there is a paradox in the behavior of the EU: the “price limit” result you desperately want today is what you once owned that you abandoned.

What is even funnier is that Germany wants all EU Member States to join the “price fixing alliance” and the whole world to join it.

Is the world as sick as it is? For a big country in the East, the Russian energy price it gets is far lower than the market price, and Russia is willing to sell it.

Other European and Asian countries are also doing normal business with Russia.

Russia has also issued a warning against the EU’s gang building behavior. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Novak said that Russia will not supply oil to countries that have joined the price fixing alliance.

Do those wobbly countries dare to follow the EU? Following the EU, what is lost is preferential oil prices. What can I get? It is nothing more than a “Medal of values”.

When will Germany end its troubles?

On September 1, Burke said at a forum in Prague, Czech Republic: “if I make a commitment to the Ukrainian people, I will say that as long as you need Germany, we will stand with you. No matter what my German voters think, this is what I want to convey to you.”

German netizens commented on Twitter: “people can’t help asking, who is she working for? XXX.” “The best joke of the year.”

Germany’s jokes are far more than that, because even Ukraine dares to ride on Germany’s head and shout loudly.

In March, Zelensky publicly refused the German president’s visit to Kiev, which was such a rude diplomatic act that Germany dared not say anything more.

Then, Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany Melnick openly humiliated Scholz as a “pig’s liver and intestines”. Some right-wing German parliamentarians demanded the expulsion of the ambassador, but the German government dared not.

On August 25, Melnick tweeted again accusing Kretschmer, governor of Saxony of Germany, of supporting Russia’s “aggression” and withdrawing his invitation to visit. The reason is only because Kretschmer called on both sides to negotiate.

The humiliation of Germany is not over. On the 3rd, Ukrainian Prime Minister Vladimir shmigar visited Germany. Before departure, he “instructed” Germany to complete:

1? Immediately provide Ukraine with main battle tanks;

2? Change the concept of providing weapons and stop procrastinating;

3? Russia’s military actions are listed as genocide.

It sounds like the Ukrainian Prime Minister is visiting his own German state. In this way, Scholz will meet with him on Sunday.

At least Germany is the leader of Europe’s economy and the leader of the European Union. How can Ukraine point its nose at Germany?

But on the other hand, if Germany expelled the Ukrainian Ambassador when the president was humiliated and stopped supporting Ukraine against Russia, what would the German government do?

It will collapse directly, because as long as one party of the three party coalition government withdraws from the cabinet, it will have to hold an early general election. Italy often does, but Germany does not. Otherwise, Merkel will not be in power for 16 years.

The green party is determined to confront Russia. Scholz dare not be tough on Ukraine for his position as prime minister. Otherwise, the green party will withdraw from the ruling coalition.

The Liberal Party is almost the same. Taking a bath and washing four parts, tightening the curtains and warming up are their “works”.

The deeper factor is that the United States has controlled these German politicians. As for the means used, the outside world is not clear, but what is certain is that the means of the United States can kill their political lives.

But the main problem still lies in Germany, in terms of power security. Merkel’s policy is:

Cancel coal-fired power generation and abandon nuclear power generation. This can win White left votes. When the video of blowing up these power plants was broadcast on TV, the Germans applauded it.

But Merkel dares to do so on the premise that France’s nuclear power supply and Russia’s natural gas guarantee have led to Beixi 1 and the larger Beixi 2.

The vision of Merkel’s plan is that German enterprises will reduce production costs and gain competitive advantages in the Chinese market through good cooperation with China.

When the European valves of Beixi 1 and Beixi 2 are in the hands of Germany, Germany’s voice in the EU will be further enhanced.

With energy security, the Chinese market and the voice of the European Union, the German led euro system will be more stable.

However, the new government immediately stopped the start of Beixi 2 indefinitely, and there was no conflict between Russia and Ukraine at that time.

All three parties advocated “values” diplomacy, overturning Merkel’s long-term policy.

On the contrary, when the energy crisis created by them appeared, they also accused Merkel of making political mistakes, saying that she was too dependent on Russian energy, which was completely parroting the United States.

Similarly, when the United States accused Europe of relying too much on China in the market, Germany also jumped out and shouted.

However, when the price of electricity in Europe rose sixfold and tenfold, Germany was unable to solve its power shortage problem. Natural gas has cut itself off, but coal-fired power generation has no capacity to recover, there are no workers and equipment, and nuclear energy can not recover.

What can I do with the rest? I went up the mountain to chop firewood.

How long can we fight Russia? In more than a month, Russia’s most powerful ally will come, which is winter.

If Germany’s energy security collapses, what will enterprises do? What about the common people? Von der Leyen said to turn down the heating. There are no problems in her family, but to what extent should people’s families be lowered? One degree can solve it. That’s a trick to deceive children.

At that time, there will be a bigger joke in Germany: Scholz resigned together with the Green Party and the Liberal Party.

The German government has money, but how many years can it stand this?

In the end, the German people will still ask a question? Is it worth it for Zelensky and Ukraine? Not to mention the Neo Nazis.

It is only more than a month since the Russian allies killed them, leaving little time for the Germans.

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