How did fanlihua break the golden light array? Explain in detail the array breaking method

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The rise and fall of historical dynasties and the changes of historical dynasties have left a deep impression on the history. Next, the Xiaobian of China story network will take you into fanlihua to crack the story of the golden light array.

Fanlihua and xuedingshan were married. They were both wise and brave and took command of the altar. “Breaking the golden light array” describes a magnificent picture of hot-blooded sons and daughters fighting on the battlefield. Among them, xuedingshan and fanlihua are the most popular. They are widely sung and spread by opera, folk art and other art forms.

Fanlihua is an important figure in Shuo Tang San Zhuan and a pillar of the Xue family general. During xuedingshan’s expedition to the west, fanlihua broke through the golden light array. But at the beginning, fanlihua had no idea. He knew that he could not break the golden light array, so he asked xuedingshan to ask her master for help. Xuedingshan said that his master also knew the golden light array, so he asked his master Wang Ao for advice on how to break the array. Wang Ao said: your wife’s things in her arms can be broken. Xuedingshan was confused: what is the thing in his wife’s arms?


Xuedingshan knows that the golden light array is not for fun. Fan Lihua has observed it. According to her observation, there are eight gates of the golden light array. Each gate has golden light, and the inside is changeable. Even fan Lihua can’t break it. How can she break the thing in her arms? And what was the object in her arms? Xuexishan returned to the camp and told fanlihua what Wang Ao had said. But fanlihua didn’t understand.

Xuedingshan also said that Wang Ao said that the golden light array is arranged according to the five directions, three talents and eight gates. In case of the green dragon and the zodiac day, you can break through the two gates in the southeast. Fanlihua remembered this sentence and led the troops to break the battle on the second day of Qinglong Jishan. In the array, fan Lihua was surrounded by the enemy generals. Nine enemy generals fought with fan Lihua alone. At this time, fan Lihua had been pregnant for nine months. A fierce fight moved her fetal Qi, and she immediately felt abdominal pain. Douxiantong, chenjinding and xuexishan came to help fanlihua, but their faces could not break out of the siege.

Fan Lihua falls off her horse because of abdominal pain. Su Baotong throws a throwing knife to cut fan Lihua. Fan Lihua saw a red light on her stomach, turning the throwing knife into dust. Su Baotong threw out all the 24 throwing knives, which were all washed into powder by the red light. The iron plate Taoist priest and the flying cymbal monk threw out iron plates and flying cymbals to find fan Lihua. Another red light rushed up in fan Lihua’s arms, turning the iron plates and flying cymbals into dust.


Douxiantong and others took the opportunity to catch Taoist Tieban, monk Fei cymbal and Su Baotong. Fan Lihua broke the golden light array and gave birth to a son, Xuegang. Xuedingshan realized that the thing in fanlihua’s arms was Xuegang. Fanlihua knew that it was not the thing in her arms that broke through the battle, but the secret help of her master Li Shan’s mother.

Among the operas, storytelling and drum books of the Qing Dynasty, there is fanlihua breaking the golden light array, which is adapted from the plot of xuedingshan’s expedition to the west, the romance of the Qing Dynasty. It describes that Su Bao received the help of the flying monk and iron plate Taoist sent by master Zu jinbifeng (some versions are jinbifeng) to set up the golden light array. Xueyinglong was killed when he broke the array. His soul was later favored by the Dragon Girl, married and became a narcissus. The couple came to earth to help fanlihua break the array, Finally, when fan Lihua gave birth to Xuegang, the blood and light of the child were impulsive and Su Bao broke through the array with the same immortal weapon. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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