How did Guanyin subdue red boy? Can the water in Guanyin jade bottle extinguish the true fire of samadhi?

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How did Guanyin subdue red boy? Can the water in Guanyin jade bottle extinguish the true fire of samadhi? The editor of China story network brings detailed articles for your reference.

We mentioned red boy’s life experience earlier. Judging from the clue that he has never been young, he must not be a normal born child. He actually comes from the daughter country. We will continue to discuss this issue when we talk about the daughter country later.

It is needless to say the strength of red boy. Otherwise, Guanyin Bodhisattva would not accept him as a good money boy. It’s just that there are too many secrets in this person. In the last article, many people said that red boy is actually the illegitimate son of the Supreme Lord. The biggest evidence is samadhi true fire, which is not true.

The true fire of samadhi was not passed on to red child by the Supreme Lord. Let’s not talk about whether the Supreme Lord himself can spit fire. The book alone says that there is no evidence. Then how did his samadhi true fire come from? Why did Guanyin Bodhisattva flood mount hao?


As we all know, red boy’s unique skill is to spit fire. This fire is very powerful. It is called samadhi real fire. It once burned and smoked the monkey king, and almost burped his farts here.

As for the origin of the fire, the book also mentions that in the 40th chapter of the original journey to the west, Hong Er captured the Tang monk. Sun Wukong once asked the land, and the land replied:

“He was the son of the ox demon king and raised by the lady of Luocha. He had practiced in the Flaming Mountain for three hundred years, and became the true fire of samadhi, but he was also very powerful.”

According to this sentence, many people have put on a green hat to other people’s cows for hundreds of years, and wronged the great ancestor who created the world for so many years. Of course, as we have said before, red boy’s mother is not a Luocha girl. Without this foundation, there would be no talk of a green Hatter or an illegitimate son of the Supreme Lord.

According to the land, red child is a self-taught person. It is the true fire of samadhi that she has cultivated in Flaming Mountain for three hundred years.

Is the fire of Flaming Mountain the real fire of samadhi?

Of course, otherwise, why did Sun Wukong borrow a banana fan? Just borrow the two Dragon Kings to rain. How did the Flaming Mountain come into being? The land of Flaming Mountain says:

“… you knocked down the furnace, and several bricks fell. There was a residual fire in it. This place turned into a Flaming Mountain. I was originally the Taoist priest who guarded the furnace in the palace.”

This statement is actually false. In the western travel world, the position of the Supreme Lord is the 33rd heaven, and the LingXiao Temple of the Jade Emperor is the Ninth Heaven. To enter Tianting, there are only four Tianmen to pass through, not to mention a brick, which is an ant and a fly. If you can really bypass the gate of heaven and fall into the earth, then Sun Wukong can go to heaven without going through the gate of heaven. Isn’t the gate of heaven a decoration?



What is more important is that the Eight Diagrams stove of the Supreme Lord Laojun is coal-fired. In the Wuji Kingdom, Sun Wukong asked the Supreme Lord Laojun for a magic pill. Laojun said:

“You monkey, five hundred years ago, caused havoc in the heavenly palace and stole countless of my elixirs. He captured the upper world with little Saint Erlang and sent it to my alchemy furnace for 49 days. I don’t know how much it cost…”

Here’s the problem. Lao Jun’s stove burns charcoal, and it costs a lot of money. This proves that a piece of charcoal can not be burned for 49 days. Charcoal can’t burn for 49 days. How many days can a brick burn red?

Obviously, the bricks of Laojun’s Bagua furnace did not fall off the underground Flame Mountain, otherwise it would not burn for more than 500 years

Therefore, this Flaming Mountain was not caused by the accident that Sun Wukong kicked over the stove, but someone deliberately did it. Since a mountain can be ignited and the real fire of samadhi can be ignited, what honger has learned is the probable event:

“This fire is not a flint man drilling wood, nor is it Laozi’s cannon pill. It is not a natural fire, not a wild fire, but a samadhi fire that comes true through the cultivation of demons. Five chariots are combined with five elements, and the five elements are fried by biochemical fire… The demons have realized samadhi for a long time and become the first in the west of Yongzhen.”

This sentence of the land tells the reason for the fire. The fire of “Suiren drilling wood” is ordinary fire, which is obviously wrong; The fire of “Laozi paodan” is the fire of Bagua furnace, and obviously it is not; And Tianhuo refers to the fire among the three major natural disasters, thunderstorm, fire and windstorm. Of course, it is not.

From this, we can see that red boy’s samadhi fire can basically eliminate the suspicion that the Supreme Lord taught him by hand. In fact, his fire comes from the five elements, which is the fire exhaled after the “demons and demons have realized for a long time”. The word “Wu” means everything!

Since it is enlightenment, there must be a reference. This reference is easy to guess. That is the banana fan!


As for the principle that plantain fans can spray fire, in fact, when Sun Wukong and King Jinjiao dueled, he described:

“The devil was in a panic… He took out the banana fan and looked at the Southeast bingding fire. He was facing the palace. He saw a fan coming down. He saw the fire on the spot. It was not a fire in the sky, a fire in the stove, a fire in the mountain, or a fire at the bottom of the stove. It was a light of light naturally taken out from the five elements.”

Have you seen it? This description is almost the same as the description of the fire emitted by the red child. It is not a heavenly fire, not a furnace fire, not a mountain fire, nor an ordinary fire, but a spiritual fire in the five elements.

In addition, when King Jinjiao uses the plantain fan, there are certain conditions. Only by “looking southeast” and “facing the palace” can he fan out the fire.

When we look at red boy’s spitting fire, we also need a ceremony, which is realized by special tools. For example, before Sun Wukong and red boy fight, there is a description:

“I saw the little demon set the car down with gold, wood, water, fire and earth…”

When red boy really starts to spit fire, other conditions are required:

“I saw the goblin standing on a small car in the middle with a flaming spear in one hand. With his fist in the other hand, he hammered two fists on his nose… Fire came out of his mouth, and thick smoke burst out from his nose… On the five cars, the flames burst out.”

That is to say, if honger wants to breathe fire, he must first arrange the car according to the five elements, and he must stand in the middle of the car. In this case, not only red boy can breathe fire, but also the five cars in the five element array can breathe fire.

What has come to mind?

Is this car equal to the role of the banana fan? The principle is the same. Obviously, the red child is studying the banana fan in the Flaming Mountain. As a result, I got a thorough understanding of it carelessly. After running to mount Hao, I built five cars called “gold, wood, water, fire and earth” to play the game of spitting fire.



Can the true fire of samadhi of red child really be extinguished by Guanyin Bodhisattva?

Of course, it can’t be extinguished. Sun Wukong didn’t try it. At the beginning, he also looked for the Dragon King, but the fire didn’t extinguish. He almost hiccupped.

When Sun Wukong went to find Guanyin Bodhisattva, the Bodhisattva also complained about him. Why didn’t you come to me earlier? Only I can put out the fire:

“The nectar syrup in my bottle is different from the private rain of the Dragon King. It can extinguish the samadhi fire of the demon“

But is this really the case?

No, because the jade bottle of Bodhisattva is empty:

“It used to be an empty bottle, but now it’s a clean bottle thrown into the sea. At this time, it has turned around three rivers and five lakes, eight seas and four blasphemies, and borrowed a sea water in between Xiyuan, tan and Dong.”

Sea water, sea water, sea water, important things have been said three times. The jade bottle of Guanyin Bodhisattva contains sea water, which can’t extinguish the samadhi fire of red child. In fact, she didn’t use this water to extinguish the fire.

“The Bodhisattva said:” since it’s clean, everyone will go back to the temple. ” So he pulled down the clean bottle and poured out water like thunder. It’s true: over the mountain, rushing through the stone wall. “

Before Guanyin Bodhisattva released water, he first asked the earth and the mountain god to clean up the living creatures around Mount Hao, and then poured the sea water all over the place. What is the key? The key is that red boy did not spit out fire at all.



During the whole battle, red boy did not spit out fire at all, and the process of being subdued was not because of the water, but the other two treasures:

“That goblin was pierced by Tiangang sword, and the blood flowed out of his legs. The Bodhisattva hung down the willow branch and chanted the mantra of” Yi “. That day, the gang sword became a barbed hook, like a wolf’s tooth, and could not retreat. The goblin panicked and surrendered! “

That is to say, it was the demon subduing pestle, Tiangang knife, Yang Liuzhi, the “Yi” spell and the Golden hoop that really defeated red boy.

Where is the strangest place? When Sun Wukong asked Guanyin Bodhisattva for help, the Bodhisattva was nothing like the Bodhisattva before him. First, she complained that Sun Wukong didn’t come to see him early. In this case, let’s go quickly. No, she lingered. After a while, I asked Sun Wukong to take a bottle and try it. I deliberately watched Sun Wukong’s jokes; After a while, he let the Dragon Girl follow him, fearing that Sun Wukong would spoil others; Later I asked Sun Wukong to mortgage something, otherwise I would not help

In fact, she did this for a purpose:

First, he anxiously waited for Sun Wukong to find her. When he really came, he honed his haw. In fact, he wanted to show his attitude and tell the people that I didn’t take the initiative to find red boy. It was Sun Wukong who asked me. Later, he asked Sun Wukong to take the Dragon girl to collect the red boy. Before he left, he said that he was afraid of Sun Wukong’s bad deeds and would not let him go. Knowing that Sun Wukong is not going to spare a penny, he still wants him to mortgage things. I didn’t mean to embarrass him.

All this is to show that he is famous for his master, and there is a reason to subdue red boy.

Then she went straight to subdue Hong Er, and it was over. Hong Er didn’t spit out any fire. Why do you want to drown mount hao?

The key lies in the name she gave me after she conquered red boy – the boy of good fortune!

Where did you get the money?

Mount Hao!

You should know that red boy has worked hard for many years in Haoshan mountain, and the pants of the land and the mountain god are almost scraped off. There are countless manors, forest farms, gold and silver treasures.

The flood of Haoshan has eliminated all traces and made up for the loss caused by the burning of Guanyin temple. This is also the reason why red boy clearly got good results, and Princess Iron Fan and ox demon are not satisfied.

In this process, Guanyin Bodhisattva showed his magic power for the first time, frightening the monkey king, and he fell down on his knees. What’s the matter? Why did the Bodhisattva attack the monkey king? Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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