How did Hongjun come from in Taoism? What is his identity?

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The stories in Taoism are like the Bible in Christianity, which can not be understood by the knowledge system of modern people, but can reflect the religious doctrines. Through a small story, the essence of religion is contained and spread to future generations.

It is said that at the beginning of the world, there were four gods born in chaos. They were the disciples of the founding yuan spirit. At the beginning of the birth of the universe, there was the initial development of the innate yuan Lingzhi, who mastered the independent consciousness. Once he got the most precious artifact in Kunlun Mountain by accident. After a long time of cultivation, he has reached the perfect state of perfect virtue. In the lonely chaos, he lost his goal to strive for, and he is the only life with wisdom in the vast universe. There is only boundless loneliness and loneliness waiting for him. Later, with the powerful spiritual power of the most precious artifact, he taught his four cultivation methods to his four disciples.

These four people are: the elder martial brother Hongjun, who masters the mysterious and pure Qi. He also has three disciples under his command, namely, the three great Taoist gods we are familiar with, Laojun, Yuanshi and Tongtian. Here Yuanshi would like to introduce them to you in detail. Among them, he is regarded as Pangu who pioneered the world. He himself was sitting down at Hongjun to practice Taoism. One day, he suddenly waved an axe and split the chaotic world in two, Then he used magic to create thousands of rivers, lakes and seas. Later, he also created a sect. He was the leader of the sect, and his name was “elucidation”. The famous twelve golden immortals came from this sect.


The name of the second disciple who founded Yuanling was Hun Kun. He practiced metaphysics and aura. He sat down with numerous disciples. His followers’ views were quite similar to those of the Tongtian cult. They stressed that there were no classes. No matter what kind of strange things they were, they would not mind accepting them as long as they cultivated the Tao by their own skills. His two most famous disciples are the two saints in the West. They are zhunti and Jieyin Taoists. They are the founders of Buddhism. They are the main and deputy leaders of Buddhism. Among them, the eldest disciple and Lao Jun have quite similar techniques. He likes to incarnate in the world. After suffering in the mortal world, he continued to practice hard. Later, he was born on a prince, and finally realized an epiphany under a tree. Then he became a Buddha. This is Sakyamuni, which is well known to later generations. The second disciple zhunti, you may be unfamiliar with this, but if you mention Bodhi, you should be familiar with it. At first, he also spread his faith in the West like his elder martial brother. Later, for some reason, there was no news at all. It was not until many years later that a stone monkey from Butian petrochemical in the East China Sea came to learn from him that there was another legend about him in the Jianghu.

The third disciple is empress Nuwa. She practices the mysterious air. As the ancestor of human beings, she was born with a snake body, and her nature is more solitary and indifferent. But her heart is very broad, and her compassion for the world. After the founding of the world, she used yellow mud to create human beings according to her younger martial brother. It can be said that if this story is true, then she is the mother of our human beings. Later, because the two gods of fire and water fought, they broke the pillar that was used to support the sky, leading to the collapse of the sky, and human beings were immediately in deep trouble. At this time, Nu Wa used colorful spirit stones to burn out sky mending stones to repair the gaps in the sky. Then she cut off the limbs of a ten thousand year old tortoise and beast as the four pillars supporting the heaven and earth. Since then, she almost saved the disaster of the destruction of human beings. The rest of the sky mending stones, after being refined by the sun and the moon, have been transformed into the monkey of later generations.


Lu Ya, the last one in the rank of Laomo, cultivates xuanming Qi. The integration of these four dharmas is clear, clear and clear. There is a saying that Hongjun is the first of the immortals. Disciple Pangu once pioneered heaven and earth, so it is said that Hongjun existed and heaven and earth came into being later. However, there is another saying that “Lu Yadao is still in front of you”. What does this mean? As mentioned earlier, Nuwa used land pressure as a template to create human beings, so this sentence means that the appearance of human beings came from him. There are four martial brothers in total. The first three of them are both capable and prestigious. They are all big names in the three realms. However, this little martial brother has no virtue. He knows how to muddle along every day and has never been through it. Therefore, there are not many deeds left. Even there are only a few people who know him in the divine world. In addition, this brother belongs to the essence of Lihuo, not to the three realms, but also to the five elements. He is free and unrestrained. He is also happy. He is the peak figure in Sanxian.

In later generations, although they are all supreme gods, through careful comparison, it is obvious that Hongjun is still better than others. Not only is he the eldest martial brother of others, but he is also far ahead in terms of the number and quality of his disciples. What can be compared with him is his second martial brother. Although hunkun has a large number of disciples, it only depends on the words of Saint level disciples, but the former has more than one, and has created more sects, From this point of view, Hongjun naturally wins steadily. Therefore, among the ancient gods after the founding of the Yuan Dynasty, the first one is Hongjun Daozu, who is qualified in any way. It is reasonable for later generations to regard him as the embodiment of the heavenly way. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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