How did Sunwukong get driven down the mountain by Bodhi? Why should pine trees be driven down the mountain?

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Today, China story network Xiaobian brings you why the monkey king was driven down the mountain? Interested readers can follow Xiaobian to have a look.

As a member of many monkeys, sun monkey has no difference in birth, no magic, and no weapon to protect himself. He has only courage, but he has a mind to live forever. Seeing that the little friends around him succumb to the established life span, he doesn’t want to end his life like this, so under the advice of the old monkey, In the continuous floating, he finally reached his first step against the sky and learned martial arts.

His starting point is different from that of his martial brothers. He has no patience for self-cultivation, and some just want to live forever. Therefore, he slipped away to learn art at midnight under the signal of Bodhi patriarch. When it came to choosing, he made a difficult choice, with 36 changes and 72 changes. Finally, he chose a large number of people, thinking that this would meet his longevity, but this can only be used as a skill for leaning on the body, and it can’t work.

In just three years, he finally taught a naughty and savvy monkey to be a talent. According to others’ ideas, such a person with a sense of achievement should stay as a facade and ask more disciples to come to the door. Unfortunately, the founder was not an ordinary person. When he turned into a pine tree in front of everyone again, the teacher got angry and directly drove him out of the school, warning him not to say his name.

Not just a pine tree, why did Bodhi drive Sunwukong down the mountain? As long as you read the book of life and death, you will understand the meaning.

Who is the Bodhi ancestor? Detached from the existence of immortals, holding the road in his hand, he can be regarded as an expert hiding in the mountains. If Lao Jun only crosses two religions, then he crosses three religions and is proficient in hundreds of families. Therefore, he can easily know what situation Wukong is facing next. He can’t make him live forever, but can have a martial art.


After returning to Huaguo Mountain, monkey king killed the demon king who had forcibly occupied his family.

This matter made him realize a problem. When he had martial arts, he lacked a weapon. An old monkey gave him advice. Since he had the ability to go out and wander, the East China Sea should not be a problem, so there was a monkey who made trouble in the East China Sea, and the Dragon king didn’t dare to provoke magic, so he gave him the sea god needle.

At this time, Monkey King was actually at the end of his life. He was 342 years old. While he was asleep, two hook dead people took him directly to the hell hall, and there was a lot of trouble.

When Monkey King crossed out the book of life and death, it clearly stated that his life was 342 years old, so it was not a mistake to hook the dead. Monkey King crossed out his life and death book, so this constraint was temporarily invalid for him.

See here, I wonder if you understand? Bodhi master was eager to drive him down the mountain because he knew that his life was coming. Only when he goes down the mountain and crosses out the book of life and death can he realize real freedom, otherwise he will eventually be controlled by the underground government.


Bodhi patriarch drove the monkey down the mountain, seemingly disappointed in him, but actually for his sake. It’s only for the first time to become a pine tree, otherwise it’s not good to drive people back.

This is just like when we read books, we always feel that the teacher makes it difficult for us, and we don’t know the true intention of the teacher until we grow up. They are actually protecting us in another way. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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