How did the great deception in the Three Kingdoms period trap Dong Zhuo?

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The death of Dong Zhuo is the general trend, and everyone adds up. Before, there was Wang Yun’s serial plan to provoke Dong Zhuo and Lv Bu’s relationship, and then Lv Bu stabbed Dong Zhuo with a fatal halberd in his throat. Li Su lured Dong Zhuo, who was careful and always on guard, out of the heavily guarded stronghold and personally cut off Dong Zhuo’s head.

Li Su has a terrible mouth. It was he who persuaded Lv Bu to kill Ding Yuan and take refuge in Dong Zhuo. It’s a pity that Dong Zhuo used Lv Bu, but he forgot the original digger. Li Su was still standing still, when he was a general of Huben Zhonglang. Li Su, who is not a gentleman, volunteered at the beginning, hoping to win Dong Zhuo’s trust, and then high-ranking officials, rich salaries, and enjoy glory. Dong Zhuo’s case made Li Su quite resentful. So when Lu Bu invited Li Su and hoped that Li Su would cooperate to kill Dong Zhuo, Li Su immediately said that he had wanted to kill Dong Zhuo for a long time, but he didn’t meet people with similar interests.

To be a lobbyist, the most important quality is to understand the hearts of the people, understand the most secret needs in the hearts of the other party, and then use their strength to achieve their own goals. Li Su persuaded Lv Bu at the beginning, that is, to seize Lv Bu’s attention to fame and wealth and cherish BMW, so he moved his heart with fame and strengthened his ambition with fame. Lv Bu took the initiative to kill Ding Yuan that night.

Dong Zhuo and Lv Bu are different. At this time, Dong Zhuo repulsed the Kanto allied forces, and his prestige was even stronger than in the past. No one in the court could compete with Dong Zhuo. Following Jiang Ziya’s example, Dong Zhuo forced Xiandi to call him “Shangfu” and went in and out of the court to use the honor guard of the son of heaven to wantonly seal his intimate confidants to hold various important positions. Dong Zhuo was a marquis, regardless of age, and the forbidden army in the capital was firmly in his hands. Sikong Zhang Wen was suspected of colluding with Yuan Shu. Dong Zhuo immediately killed Zhang Wen. All officials were terrified, but there was nothing they could do. Then, two hundred and fifty miles away from Chang’an City, a dock was built, and the city walls were as strong as Chang’an. There are 20 years’ grain reserves in the dock, 800 young beauties for their own enjoyment, and countless gold and silver treasures.

Dong Zhuo has all the fame, power, wealth, beauty, etc. that the world pursues. It seems that Dong Zhuo has nothing missing. However, to kill Dong Zhuo, he must be lured out of the heavily guarded stronghold and dragged into the sphere of influence of Wang Yun and Lv Bu.

Li Su knew Dong Zhuo, and it was true that Dong Zhuo was powerful, but his heart had always been eager to go one step further. It was Dong Zhuo’s long-term wish to change from a powerful minister to an emperor. Dong Zhuo can be seduced by taking advantage of his desire to be emperor, but it is still a lot of trouble to trust him completely, follow him to leave the dock and enter the ambush.

Li Su came to the dock and told the doorman that the emperor had an imperial edict. Dong Zhuo was still sitting high, waiting for Li Su to enter. Dong Zhuo asked, “what imperial edict does the emperor have?” Li Su said, “the Emperor just got better from his illness. He wanted to convene ministers of civil and military affairs in the Weiyang hall to discuss the throne of Zen to the grand master, so he specially ordered this imperial edict.” Although Dong Zhuo was not afraid of Emperor Xian of Han Dynasty, he was always on guard against Emperor Xian. Hearing that he wanted to give himself the throne of Zen, he was very happy, and his guard relaxed. At this time, Dong Zhuo was already dead.

However, Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty was easy to fool, and there were other important officials in the court, so Dong Zhuo asked, “what’s Wang Yun’s opinion?” Li Su said, “Wang situ has ordered people to prepare to build the Zen reception platform, just waiting for the Lord to come.” Dong Zhuo was overjoyed. Wang Yun is a man of high moral standing and high popularity among the courtiers. As long as Wang Yun also supports it, Dong Zhuo’s Zen will never leave. Wang Yun rarely opposed Dong Zhuo publicly. Not long ago, he personally presented Diao Chan, the singer in his house, and won Dong Zhuo a certain degree of trust. Dong Zhuo estimated that Wang Yun also hoped to get greater wealth. When I became the emperor, he was promoted and promoted. At this time, 20% of Dong Zhuo was dead.

Dong Zhuo ordered his confidant generals Li Xi, Guo Si, Zhang Ji and fan Chou to lead 3000 flying bears to guard the dock. Dong Zhuo rushed forward and backward, with many cars and horses, and went to Chang’an to accept the concession. At this time, Dong Zhuo can turn back at any time. When walking thirty miles, a wheel suddenly broke, and Dong Zhuo had to dismount. Less than ten miles, the horse suddenly roared and broke its bridle. Dong Zhuo was shocked, and Li Su said, “it’s a sign that the grand master is about to accept the surrender of the Han Emperor and will ride on the jade chariot and golden saddle.” DongZhuo is very happy. I walked 40 miles on this day, and the journey was slow. On the road again the next day, suddenly there was a strong wind and fog. Dong Zhuo asked Li Su why. Li Su said, “this is the Lord who is about to ascend the throne of the dragon. Of course, there is red light and purple fog to strengthen the reputation of the Lord.” Dong Zhuo was overjoyed. So he walked 210 miles in one breath and came to the outside of Chang’an city. At this time, 30% or 40% of Dong Zhuo had died.

All officials went out of the city to meet Li Ru, but Li Ru was ill at home. Not long ago, Li Ru persuaded Dong Zhuo to give Diao Chan to Lv Bu, which angered Dong Zhuo, and the relationship between Weng and her husband was frozen. Without Li Ru as a guiding light, Dong Zhuo’s death probability increased by 10%.

Dong Zhuo enters the prime minister’s mansion and Lv Bu comes to congratulate him. Dong Zhuo said happily, “when I ascend the position of the ninth five year plan, I will definitely make you governor of the world.” Dong Zhuo was still a little worried about Lv Bu, so he made a big wish to let Lv Bu work for himself. How did he know that at this time, Lu Bu and Dong Zhuo were irreconcilable for the sake of women and his future. That night, Lu Bu rested outside the tent. With Lv Bu guarding, Dong Zhuo’s heart widened a lot. At this time, 60% of Dong Zhuo was dead.

In the evening, a dozen children were singing outside: “Senecio, he Qingqing! Ten days, no birth!” Hearing this song, I knew that Dong Zhuo would die. Of course, Dong Zhuo is not an idiot, so he asked, “what’s the bad luck of the nursery rhyme owner?” This lie is too difficult to get round. Even Li Su felt embarrassed, so he had to perfunctory and said, “but it also means that Liu should die and Dong will rise.” At this time, Dong Zhuo was almost intoxicated and almost lost his discrimination ability. Hearing Li Su’s explanation, he readily accepted it. At this time, 70% of Dong Zhuo was dead. When I went out in the morning, I was ready to go up, and I saw a Taoist with a long bamboo pole tied with a cloth strip of more than three meters, with the word “mouth” written on both ends. This obviously means “Lu Bu”. Dong Zhuo couldn’t understand it and asked Li Su what he meant. Li Su said, “there is something wrong with this person, so don’t worry.” Li Su asked the soldiers to drive the Taoist away. At this time, 80% of Dong Zhuo was dead.

When he came to the court hall, all the Ministers greeted him on both sides. Li Su followed Dong Zhuo’s car with a sword in his hand. Dong Zhuo thought Li Su was escorting him. When he came to beiyemen, Li Su asked all the sergeants to stay, and only brought about 20 people to enter. Dong Zhuo had absolute trust in Li Su and didn’t think much about it at all. At this time, 90% of Dong Zhuo was dead.

When he came to the hall, Dong Zhuo saw Wang Yun and others waiting for him with swords. He was stunned and asked Li Su, “what do they mean by holding swords?” Li Su was too lazy to explain at this time. Dong Zhuo is dead. Why waste that tongue? Wang Yun waved his sword and let more than 100 warriors rush up. Dong Zhuo wore armor, and the halberd couldn’t pierce it. Dong Zhuo injured his arm and fell off the carriage. Dong Zhuo shouted, “where is my son first?” Lu Bu snapped from behind the car, “there is an imperial edict for thieves!” Dong Zhuo was already dead by this time.

Dong Zhuo’s death was naturally attributed to Li Su. But Li Su’s fate is not good either.

After Dong Zhuo was killed, Li Xi and Guo Si hurriedly fled back to Shaanxi and asked the court for pardon, but the court did not allow them, so they launched troops to attack Chang’an. Lv Bu and Li Su were ordered to fight. Li Su and Niu Fu won the first battle. But in the evening, Niu Fu unexpectedly attacked, and Li Su was defeated. Lu Bu was furious and said that Li Su had frustrated the spirit of his army. He couldn’t help killing Li Su and hanging his head in front of the army door.

Victory or defeat is just a routine matter for soldiers, but now Lu Bu will think of how Li Su persuaded him every night when he faced Diao Chan. Not because of Li Su, how could he be scolded by Zhang Fei as a “family slave with three surnames”, and how could Diao Chan be spoiled by the old immortal? Such a person should fight side by side with himself. It’s impossible to say that he will cheat everywhere with that sharp mouth in the future. If you don’t kill Li Su today, you may be surrounded one day. You don’t know how to die. How can Li Su say that when he meets a Lu Bu who plugs his ears, only talks about his fists, and is bent on killing himself, he can only stretch his neck and wait for his head to be cut off.

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