How did the legend of the Cowherd and the weaver girl come from?

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Cowherd and Vega are originally two stars in the sky. People call them Cowherd and Vega. The two stars were not far apart before. In this way, after they had been together for a long time, the Cowherd and the weaver girl took care of each other and cared for each other. Gradually, they fell in love with each other and became lovers, and had a private life. But in heaven, this is against the rules of heaven. Men and women in heaven can’t love each other. Everyone loves each other. They will be punished after all for doing so. The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

It is said that the weaver girl was the youngest granddaughter of the queen mother and the most beloved granddaughter of the queen mother. After the queen mother knew that the weaver girl had moved her heart and fell in love with the cowherd, she locked her up tightly and never allowed her to run around again. And let the weaver girl keep weaving all kinds of colorful brocade, weaving ten pieces a day, as a punishment for her.

The machine used by the weaver girl to make brocade is very magical. It can dye the plain brocade made by the weaver girl into colorful colors, and constantly mix these colors according to the changes of seasons, making these colorful brocades more gorgeous and eye-catching. Every day, the queen mother took the very beautiful colorful brocade woven by the weaver girl and presented it to the Jade Emperor, so she was loved by the Jade Emperor. Later, the queen mother took out these colorful brocades every morning or evening to show them to the horizon, as the appearance of human women weaving. So whenever the sun rises or sets, we can see many dazzling clouds in the sky. This is actually the colorful brocade woven by the weaver girl.


The weaver girl sits in the computer room all day, weaving from morning till night. As long as she has a little rest, she will not be able to complete the task assigned to her by the queen mother, and she will also be severely punished by the queen mother. For this reason, she misses the cowherd even more. The weaver girl often washes her face with tears and frowns. Because she missed her cowherd very much, she did not know what kind of punishment the cowherd had received. But she could never go outside. In fact, how she wanted to go outside to have a look! Keeping her alone in the house all day really made her very flustered. Seeing no cowherd made her very miserable. She really couldn’t stand it.

One day, the weaver girl begged the queen mother to let her go for a walk. Her sisters also wanted to go out, so they went to the Queen Mother’s place to beg for mercy. The queen mother was coming back from the jade emperor that day. It happened that the weaver girl had knitted a good brocade and was rewarded by the Jade Emperor. So she was in a very good mood and agreed to their request. As a matter of fact, the queen mother also felt heartache for her little granddaughter. Seeing that she was depressed all day and didn’t have a smile, she asked her to go out and relax, and agreed. With the permission of the queen mother, the seven sisters came to the green lotus pool.

Besides, the cowherd was also demoted and punished by the Jade Emperor. He was beaten to earth and was born in the home of a poor farmer. Moreover, his parents died very early and lived with his fierce brother and sister-in-law since childhood. Therefore, his brother and sister-in-law have asked him to herd cattle and live with them since he was three years old, so people call him a cowherd. His brother and sister-in-law were very mean to him. They didn’t cook for him or dress him. Moreover, when the cowherd was just getting older, they separated from him. The elder brother occupied all the family property and only gave the cowherd an old cow, so he drove the cowherd out of the house.

Since then, the weaver girl and the cowherd have depended on each other. He led the old cow to a vacant lot where he used to herd cattle when he was a child, built a hut and lived there. During the day, the cowherd led the old ox to the back of the house to open up wasteland and farm. At night, he still slept with the old ox. The cowherd was reluctant to leave his old cow, who was his family. Thanks to the hard work of the Cowherd and the old ox, and the rain this year, the cowherd will soon be able to eat and wear warm clothes. Sometimes, the cowherd is a little lonely, because although he knows him well, he can’t speak after all. In this way, no one talks to the cowherd, so he sometimes feels unhappy. In fact, old Niu also knows the heart of the cowherd.

Originally, this old cow was the golden bull star in the sky, and was demoted to the earth by the Jade Emperor. One day, old Niu finally spoke, It said to the cowherd: “Cowboy, tomorrow afternoon, when the sun is going down, you must go to the peach blossom forest by the Bilian pool. On the peach tree branch that still bears peaches, there will be seven colorful skirts hung. These skirts were left by the granddaughter of the queen mother when she took a bath in the pool. Among these clothes, you should take back the pink skirt. The fairy wearing this dress is your wife. You must remember.” The cowherd was surprised and delighted to see the old cow speak. The cowherd believed Lao Niu’s words. The next day, he went to the peach tree forest by the Bilian pool according to what the old cow said. Sure enough, he saw another peach tree bearing peaches. There were really seven pieces of clothes on it. He took the pink skirt according to the old bull’s words, and went to the grass nearby to wait quietly.


After a while, I really saw a group of fairies coming ashore. They went to the peach tree to look for their clothes. All the fairies in the dress flew to the sky one by one. At last, there was only one fairy who had no clothes and was looking everywhere in a hurry. At this time, the cowherd hurried forward and said to her, “if you can promise to be my wife, I will give you my clothes.” The weaver girl was shy and anxious. Later, when she saw that the cowherd was so honest and reliable, she shamefully agreed to him.

So the cowherd married the weaver girl. They worked as farmers and weavers, loved each other, and lived a sweet life. A year later, the weaver girl gave birth to a pair of twins, a son and a daughter.

Because the Weaver Girl stayed on the earth, the queen mother had no new colorful brocade, and the clouds in the sky lacked change. The queen mother was very unhappy about this. Later, when she learned that the weaver girl was getting married in the mortal world, she flew into a rage and immediately led the heavenly soldiers and generals to the earth to catch the weaver girl.

Just that day, the cowherd went down to the ground, leaving the weaver girl alone at home. The queen mother saw the weaver girl and took her to the sky. When the cowherd hurried back from the field, it seemed that his wife was gone, so he asked him. The old cow told the cowherd what had happened, and asked the cowherd to take the children with him and ride to catch up with him.

The cowherd hurriedly took two baskets, carried two children, and rode an old ox out of the door. As soon as he went out, the old cow flew higher and higher, and soon caught up with the queen mother and the weaver girl. So the cowherd hurried to speed up. Seeing that they were about to catch up, the two children shouted to the weaver girl, “Mom! Mom!” When the queen mother heard the cry, she found the cowherd behind her. She quickly turned and pulled off the hairpin on her head, and made a long row between her and the cowherd. Suddenly, a Tianhe River crossed between the weaver girl and the cowherd. The water in the river was rough and bottomless, and the cowherd could not fly over.

In this way, the Cowherd and the weaver girl were mercilessly separated by the Milky way. The weaver girl looked at the Cowherd and her children on the other side of the Milky way and cried to death. The children were also shouting “Mom” over there. It was so distressing and tearful. The cry moved all the immortals in the sky, so they all came to plead with the queen mother. The queen mother could not bear to see such a situation, and was completely moved by the faithful love of the Cowherd and the weaver girl, so she agreed to let the Cowherd and his children come to meet the weaver girl on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month every year (that is, the Tanabata Festival, as we often say).

It is said that on the day when niulangzhi meets the girl, countless pairs of magpies will fly to build a bridge for them. Cowherd and weaver girl are reunited on this magpie bridge! That night, the weaver girl was affectionate, holding their children in her arms, whispering love words to the Cowherd and pouring out endless love. If you go to the grape trellis to listen, you can also hear the sound of xianle melodious and the Cowherd and weaver girl talking softly. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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