How did the local government lose its credibility!

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Author: yelihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

Local governments must do what they say and do not do what they say and do not do.

I can’t say I did it for two days. After doing it for two days, I added two more days, and I kept adding two more days. In the end, I was embarrassed and had to start Chinese language innovation.

In fact, it is not difficult to hold power and fight with one faction. It’s not difficult to please both sides. The hard thing is to offend everyone.

If a local government wants to lose its credibility, there are four essential conditions. These four conditions are not enough to offend everyone. At least someone will stand up and defend firmly.

The first is to be “politically correct”, emphasizing proportion but not ability, face but not brain, gender but not ability, nationality but not position, and so on. In order to be “politically correct”, whoever ignores the objective needs of work can be released and entrusted with important tasks.

For example, let a woman with short hair come out and confidently say a few unintelligible words. The woman’s resume seems to be in proportion. She is nothing but a vase. If she doesn’t do well, she still has to brush the sense of existence. Such behavior is typical of “political correctness” playing too much.

It’s easy to offend people who have ability, brains, talents and good positions.

But if these people offend, they will also offend, because if a person has a brain, ability, talent and a good position, he must have a way to avoid all kinds of problems.

Most people are unable to solve all kinds of problems in their lives independently and have a strong dependence on our people’s government. Most people need the government’s information source to judge the problem, and most people need the government’s instructions to study the situation.

Therefore, the second condition that offends people is to lie about information.

What is the face of things? Our residents tend to focus on government bulletins. The information sent by our government is the reference for others’ actions. For example, whether it is sealed or not, whether express delivery is available or not, and whether it can move freely should be consistent from top to bottom.

People want to send an express. The news says that the express can be sent and received. As a result, people can’t go out to have a look. At this time, the government information loses its reference significance.

As soon as people read the news, they said that the closure had been lifted. As soon as they went downstairs, the neighborhood committee said that they could not go out. The government’s news lost its authority. It seemed that they did not say anything. The residents were so happy that when they saw the government’s information, they were deemed to have released a stream of methane.

At this point, most people have not been offended. Most people think that the government information is a stream of methane, so the residents will not believe the communique, but will go to consult the public officials who handle specific affairs. What our cadres say is not at the higher level, but at the cadres who deal directly with the residents. What they say is what they say.

Although the credibility of our government has collapsed, the credibility of grass-roots cadres is still there. If residents have problems, they will still go to them to solve them.

This cannot cause the credibility of local governments to collapse, it is called the credibility of local governments to sink. It has not been completely lost here. It is the abstract government that has lost credibility, and the concrete cadres that have gained credibility.

Therefore, specific cadres should also lose their credibility, so that they can lose their credibility completely. The third condition is to be divorced from the masses.

A cadre who has worked in the community for more than ten years for the first time is not a matter. It must be publicized and moved by himself.

The hype of “political correctness” offends capable people. The abstract government puts methane in the air, and the concrete cadres are divorced from the masses. Here are three conditions.

But our people are still very good. Generally speaking, they don’t think this is a big deal, because over the past 5000 years, local governments have come and gone to build more, and local officials have seen more. What kind of local officials have not seen?

There are all those who scrape the ground three feet away. These people do not cause trouble to the masses, and they are already tolerable in historical reviews. At most, it is senseless. Therefore, there is another thing that must be done in order to thoroughly smash the credibility of local governments from the root.

The fourth condition is to cause trouble to the masses.

The ways to cause trouble include but are not limited to making life difficult for the local people, spreading infectious diseases to other places and so on. Only in this way can we get all the conditions together like the local officials with the worst rating in history.

When all four conditions are met, we will know the ability and level of local officials. We will go straight to the worst level of historical wind review. What is this style? It is selfless and must set off the style of peers.

Can such local officials continue to work?

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