How did the mythical monster come from? Can animal cultivation succeed?

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How did the mythical monster come from? Can animal cultivation succeed? The editor of China story network provides you with detailed relevant content.

In all kinds of myths and legends, cultivation must be essential. No matter whether it is a monster or an immortal, all of them come from the day after tomorrow. However, some of these immortals and monsters are all animals and plants in the nature at the beginning. Because of their aura, their cultivation takes shape. However, some of them have become immortals, while some have become monsters. Why is there such a big difference? Since they are all cultivated, why is there such a big difference in their final identities?


Difference 1: different sources

Most of the immortals come from human cultivation, and most of the monsters are refined by animals;

After an animal becomes a spirit, it will become a human. Under the impact of external forces, it will return to its original shape, such as being killed and covered by a mirror. Most of the monsters in the journey to the West were animals before becoming a spirit, but there are also special cases. For example, in the 64th chapter of the journey to the west, pine trees, apricot trees and other plants become sperms, and a pile of white bones in the 27th chapter can also become sperms;

Most of the immortals were human before they came to the Tao, but there are also special cases. For example, the twenty-eight constellations in the sky are animals. The pilanpo Bodhisattva in the Bodhisattva is the mother of the Maori chicken in the twenty-eight constellations. Therefore, this pilanpo Bodhisattva is an old hen and an animal. Some animals are used as mounts for the top immortals after being captured by the immortals.

Therefore, most of the immortals absorb people, and a small number of animals are immortals.

Difference 2: different preparation

The biggest difference is whether it has been included in the establishment. Those who have the establishment are immortals. Those who do not have the establishment are monsters no matter how powerful they are.

In essence, Sun Wukong is a monkey. He belongs to a demon monkey. He was employed by the heavenly court and granted the immortal record. He is the immortal in the sky. The black bear spirit was brought to putuoluojia mountain by Guanyin to become the king of mountain watching. He is also an immortal on the earth.

Before Sun Wukong ascended to heaven, the Jade Emperor said, “how many years did this demon monkey grow up? What generation did it come from, but it was so virtuous?” At this time, Monkey King was still a demon.

Later, he became Bi Ma Wen, and was awarded the immortal record. He was a immortal.

When King Li came to subdue Sun Wukong, he said, “demon pours monkey!” At this time, Monkey King was a demon again.

Sun Wukong went back to heaven to be the great sage of heaven and became an immortal.

Difference 3: different treatment

If you become an immortal, you can enjoy the treatment of an immortal. The middle and upper immortals can eat peaches, elixirs and other treasures that prolong life. You can build temples and Taoist temples on earth, enjoy fireworks on earth, live the same life as heaven and earth, and the lower immortals. Although you don’t have so much treatment, you can at least live in the fairyland and meet the Jade Emperor. You can live freely, carefree, and prolong life, When you are lucky, you can get a promotion.

If monsters can not become immortals, that is, they can not achieve “positive results”, then their fate will either be destroyed or incorporated. For example, white bone spirits and small demons without background are mostly killed. Some lucky ones, such as black bear spirits, are brought to putuoluojia mountain by Guanyin to become the great God of mountain protection. As for flat peaches and fairy elixirs, monsters can not enjoy them at all.

Four Taiwei Kang, Zhang, Yao and Li, among the six Meishan brothers of Erlang God, subdued Sun Wukong together with Erlang God. They thought that they had made great contributions and wanted to escort Sun Wukong to receive the merit and reward. However, they could not go to heaven to ask the Jade Emperor for merit because they did not receive the immortal record.

Sun Wukong has experienced many repetitions from demon to fairy and from fairy to demon. From Sun Wukong’s experience, it can be seen that if leaders recognize you and include you in the establishment, you will be an immortal, and you will achieve positive results. As for whether you have the ability and have done good deeds, whether you have both virtue and talent, and whether you can be competent for this position, that is the second thing! Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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