How did the Peony Fairy come from? Explain the legend of Peony Fairy in detail

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How did the Peony Fairy come from? As the “king of flowers”, peony is rich in culture and poetry. The origin of peony culture, if peony entered poetry from the bookofsongs, is about 3000 years ago. The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!


Empress Wu ascended the throne and called herself the holy emperor. One winter, she was suddenly in high spirits. She took her concubines and maids to Shangyuan to drink and enjoy the snow. Just after the heavy snow stopped, I saw that the rockeries, pavilions, bridges and corridors were all dressed in pure white; Although the branches and leaves of all kinds of flowers and trees wither, once dressed by snow, they look like silver branches and jade flowers, which are extraordinarily beautiful; Fly in occasionally

The two birds gently dusted the branches and scattered white catkins, like flying butterflies. Wu Zetian was fascinated. She didn’t expect the snow scenery to be so magnificent. Suddenly, she found that in the snowdrift, there was a little fire burning and jumping. On closer inspection, it turned out to be red plum blossoms in full bloom. Wu Zetian was so happy! She could not help singing a poem to express her joy. When Ji’s concubines, who were accompanying the empress dowager, saw that she was so happy, they all rushed to propose a toast to her. At this time, a concubine said, “Empress Wu, the plum blossom is good, but it is a single flower that blooms. If you can make a decree to let all the flowers bloom in the garden, wouldn’t it be more desirable? Another concubine shook her head and said,” the plum blossom is in season in the bitter winter and the cold moon. If you let all the flowers bloom, you need to wait for the next spring. “

After hearing this, Wu Zetian burst into laughter and said, “it’s not surprising that flowers bloom in spring. It suits my heart to see a hundred flowers competing against snow.”

Seeing that she was drunk, the concubines persuaded her, “Empress Wu, it’s not early. Go back to the palace and have a rest. If you still want to see her, come back tomorrow morning.”

Empress Wu was escorted back to the palace. But she was still drunk and still wanted to let the flowers fight against the snow. So the palace maid was ordered to bring the four treasures of the study, immediately hold the cream hair in her hand, dip it in thick ink, and write a five character poem on the white silk:

In the Ming Dynasty, you can go to the upper court and report the spring as soon as possible

Don’t wait for the wind to blow.

After writing, she asked the palace maid to take it to Shangyuan and burn it, so as to report to the God of flowers.

After the palace maid took Wu Zetian’s imperial edict to Shangyuan and burned it, she terrified the hundred flower fairy. Everyone quickly gathered together to discuss countermeasures.

The Peach Blossom Fairy was the least daring. She said timidly, “Wu Zetian is malicious and ruthless. She can do anything. We dare not disobey her!”

A few little flower fairies also timidly echoed, “yes! Let’s make preparations early and open it in advance!”

The Peony Fairy disagreed with them, and said angrily, “Wu Zetian is too overbearing. You are in charge of human affairs, but now you are in charge of us again. The flowers are blooming, each has its own seasons, creating a new world, and the four seasons follow. How can you go against the sky? Sisters, we can’t follow!”

All the flower immortals thought every sentence was reasonable when they heard the Peony Fairy say so. But at the thought of Wu Zetian’s cruelty, they hesitated again.

The Peach Blossom Fairy begged the Peony Fairy and said, “good sister, listen to me. Let’s obey.”. Wu Zetian kills people like stepping on an ant, not to mention our delicate flowers?

Many fairies went on to say, “sister, this is the same time. Otherwise, great disaster will come.”

The Peony Fairy said stubbornly, “you can’t do anything against your heart once. As long as we are tough and determined, what can she do for me?”

At this time, the drums were beating for the fourth watch, and the sky was about to dawn. The flower immortals had made up their minds to see the Peony Fairy, so they had to leave in a hurry and blossom separately.

A hundred birds chirp and the morning light begins to dawn. When Wu Zetian woke up, her drunkenness was gone. She dressed and got up, sat in front of the mirror and asked the maid to dress her up. Just then, the palace maid pushed the door in and reported happily, “long live, all the flowers in the garden are open!”

Wu Zetian was overjoyed. She thought that the poem she wrote last night was just a “joke after drinking”. Unexpectedly, the flowers really opened up at the request of the emperor. She hurried out of the palace and came to Shangyuan. When you look up, the peach blossom, plum blossom, Magnolia, Begonia, hibiscus, clove, etc. in the garden are all in full bloom, cluster by cluster, cluster by cluster, colorful, competing for beauty. The bright morning glow reflects the flowers, the white snow sets off the green leaves, swaying with the wind, bending and bending, graceful and charming. At this time, all the civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty came to see the rarity. Wu Zetian was so elated that she strode towards the bare peonies. When she saw that there were only peonies in the flowers, her anger rose. I thought to myself, this is great! If you don’t obey me, how can I govern? What’s more, I have lost face to these civil and military officials? The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. She shouted: “bold peony! How dare you be so presumptuous that you can’t resist the imperial decree. If you set fire to it, you won’t leave any!” After saying that, he left angrily.

After receiving the order, the warriors immediately lit firewood to ignite the fire and threw it into the peony bushes. All of a sudden, the smoke was rolling and the flames were blazing, and the peonies were only crackling. The Peony Fairy looked at a piece of peony that would be destroyed. She couldn’t help crying and was very sad and indignant.

At noon, the fire burned out and the peony garden turned to ashes. The internal servant reported to Wu Zetian: long live, the peony has been burned to ashes.

Wu Zetian, still angry, said bitterly, “uproot it, demote it from Chang’an, throw it to Mang Mountain in Luoyang, and make it cut off its species and unique generations!”


Why did Wu Zetian demote peony to Mangshan Mountain in Luoyang? It turned out that she often came to Luoyang and had been to Mang Mountain. She knew that the ravines were crisscrossed, remote and desolate, so that she could have sex and suffer in order to relieve her hatred.

The samurai immediately waved the iron box again, dug up the peony roots, loaded it overnight to Luoyang, and threw it on the Mang Mountain.

Who knows, as soon as the peony entered the new soil, it took root again. The next spring, the mountains are green. Mangshan people liked peonies very early. They transplanted and cultivated peonies from family to family. Later, city people heard about it and came to transplant it. Peony Fairy was very happy to see that Luoyang people loved peonies so much. When it comes to Guyu, every plant will be in full bloom. People who watch peonies help the old and bring the young. They are constantly in the morning and evening. There are a sea of people and flowers, and the grand occasion is extraordinary.

Peonies are in full bloom in Luoyang. Because this kind of peony was so anxious and determined in the fire of Wu Zetian, people praised it as “burnt bone peony”. Later, after the careful cultivation of Luoyang people, the flowers became more red and colorful, so later generations named them “Luoyang red”. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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