How did the Tangshan case affect the overall situation?

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Author: yelihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

Why was the Tangshan case a major event and how did it affect the overall situation.

Before I tell about the Tangshan case, I want to tell a story.

In China about hundreds of years ago, there was a Ming Dynasty. There was an emperor called Wanli emperor. When he was in power, there was a cabinet leader called ZhangJuzheng.

ZhangJuzheng found that the problems of the Zhu Ming Dynasty were particularly serious. In foreign affairs, there is the problem of Japanese pirates, as well as the problem that Mongolia and Nvzhen often invade the frontier fortress.

In the control of natural disasters, the Yellow River has repeatedly burst and frequently drifted to dozens of counties.

Economically, the annexation of land is quite serious. The outstanding performance is that the royal family, princes, relatives and eunuchs used their political privileges to occupy and seize a large amount of land by means of offering, begging and buying.

About half of the land that is taxed throughout the country is privately occupied by big landlords, who refuse to pay taxes, seriously affecting national income.

The aristocratic landlords plundered the land crazily, the feudal exploitation was further aggravated, and the peasants who rented the official land lived a very hard life.

Diplomatic issues turn into internal issues, while economic issues turn into social issues. Internal and social issues are intertwined, and further development will lead to political issues.

In order to continue the rule of the Zhu Ming Dynasty, Zhang Juzheng decided to start the reform.

Zhang Juzheng took some measures to reform the administration of officials first. Zhang Juzheng first carried out the reform of the administration of officials in a bold manner, so that he could travel thousands of miles away.

Then he changed the tax system, introduced a whip law, reshaped the tax revenue of the Wanli Dynasty, and made the empty Treasury have enough money for ten years.

Finally, he carried out rectification from the military and economic aspects, and tried to completely reverse the situation of political corruption, lax border defense and the exhaustion of people’s wealth since Jiajing and Longqing.

ZhangJuzheng’s reform has just achieved certain results. The official administration has been cleared, the finance has been enriched, the relations between Mongolia have been eased, and the Japanese have been repulsed. ZhangJuzheng himself died without a break.

The person who succeeded Zhang Juzheng as the chief assistant of the cabinet was zhangsiwei. After just a few days, his father died and resigned to go home for the funeral. Shenshixing succeeded ZhangJuzheng as the next chief assistant.

Shenshixing was promoted to the cabinet by Zhang Juzheng. He has the same ruling ideology as Zhang Juzheng and wants to carry out Zhang Juzheng’s reform to the end.

But Zhang Juzheng’s reform itself touched too many interests. The landlord class and feudal aristocrats hated Zhang Juzheng’s reform and gnashed their teeth. Zhang Juzheng himself is a first-class strategist. He can’t help but sit in the first place. After his death, the reactionary landlord class began a frenzied counter offensive.

The goal is to bring down Shen Shixing, or let him give up the idea of carrying out the reform to the end. Returning to the days when the landlord class was domineering, the landlord class did not care about the survival of the country or the suffering of the people.

Shin Shih hang can see that he wants to be a peacemaker, which means that both sides will not offend, but how can they offend both sides when it comes to moving money?

From the summer of 1583, the young capital officials began to impeach Shen Shixing.

The impeachment was gradually launched. They first questioned: Zhang Juzheng’s four sons, three of them won the middle school and the Imperial Academy, two of them were admitted to the Imperial Academy, and Shen Shixing was one of the chief examiners of the conference examination that day. Does it have anything to do with him?

They then suggested that in the future, the sons of senior scholars should not be allowed to participate in the joint examination. This is obviously aimed at Shen Yongmao, Shen Shixing’s eldest son.

Then they impeached Yang Wei, the Minister of the Ministry of officials, and said that he always catered to the will of the cabinet in his employment and affairs. The implication was that the head and Deputy were autocratic and domineering.

They then impeached xuxuemo, the Minister of the Ministry of rites, and Xu was forced to leave his post. The apparent reason for impeachment was that he did not widely listen to the opinions of feng shui masters when choosing the address of the emperor’s mausoleum. The real reason was that xuxuemo had been regarded as Zhang Juzheng’s man, and he had recently become a child and daughter in law with Shenshi.

Political attacks are never all-out attacks. Political attacks must be carried out after careful consideration and in accordance with the predetermined steps.

Huangrenyu invented a word called “skin to bone”. Used specifically to describe these means of struggle. He concluded that attackers often start with small things, which can be used to attract public attention. Over time, small things can be accumulated into big things, and minor local problems can be transformed into a global legitimacy problem.

In terms of procedure, the pace of development must be linked up. The second step must not be taken lightly until the first step has achieved results. Moreover, the characters who came out to fight were always nobody at first, and no senior general came out until the time was ripe.

This way, most people who have been in the political circle for a long time have seen through. They can predict the coming storm from the end of Qingping.

Facing this well-designed attack, Shen Shixing nearly collapsed. Finally, he gave up Zhang Juzheng’s reform, and the Ming Dynasty lost all its strength.

The story is over.

Those who have not been in the eye of the power storm do not realize it, so they do not understand it.

Why does this make me so angry?

Let’s recall first. Let’s see where the public opinion is going?

As soon as the anti underworld and evil forces, which have protective umbrellas at the grass-roots level, come out, they become gender opposites. This is a deliberate misdirection.

What you can do for women’s rights every day, what English slogans, and who is secretly carrying them, are obvious. But this is a nobody throwing a stone to ask the way.

The aim is to set Chinese women against Chinese men. First of all, it will attract comprehensive attention and accumulate the first layer.

Then they began to set our government against all women. They began to say that if the police did not come, they could not protect women. The purpose was to make all women lose trust in the government.

This step is to create a second separation in our whole society. Start small and break up our consensus. Accumulated the second layer.

The third step they did was to guide internet violence. The owner’s wife did a good business. As a result, she was given a wreath every day, and her business could not continue.

In this step, they want to guide the whole people to trample on the rule of law. This has further divided the masses, so that those who can sympathize with the landlady no longer believe in the rule of law and feel that we are a mob society. Accumulated the third layer.

The fourth step they did was to turn the public opinion in the opposite direction and tell us where Guangdong is. A 17-year-old girl killed a 4-year-old boy. The two things were different in popularity. Think our government favors women and integrates tower boxing.

The aim is to set our government against all men. Let our men no longer trust the government. Accumulated the fourth layer.

The fifth step is to use our domestic news to divert the contradictions in western society. At this time, those who are not long sighted deliberately give us a knife. This is the first thing that BBC hot search does. People in the United States see that inflation in the United States does not seem to be a thing. It also diverted the attention of the American people.

Now this thing has come to this place according to their rhythm. Chinese men and women are in opposition. Chinese women should feel that the government is unreliable. Chinese men feel that the Chinese government and Chinese feminism are one.

Their goal has been achieved. They have torn apart the social consensus we have forged since the epidemic prevention and control. The consensus of a safe society has been challenged. Since the poverty alleviation work, the consensus of the party and the masses as one has been challenged.

The last time there was such a big confrontation, it was before the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Those who have not been in the eye of the power storm do not realize it, so they do not understand it.

I instinctively thought of their means, the purpose of each attack and the consequences of each attack.

What is the relationship between corruption at the grass-roots level and gender? I just want to ask what is the relationship between sex and sex? What do some people do with those English sentences?

Construction is easy to destroy, but difficult to destroy. It is difficult to build a social consensus. Only with so much sacrifice and effort have we achieved such a good situation. Women’s boxing and men’s boxing have been brought and gone.

I believe that most of our people have a steelyard in mind. I believe that most of our people are rational and able to look at problems in an all-round way.

But we can’t stop our work because we remember that people who are well-off in all respects can’t talk on the Internet. Those who talk on the Internet are all rhythmic, trampling on the rule of law, abusing others and spreading rumors. There are many and many.

Therefore, we must immediately correct errors, put out unhealthy tendencies, stop the guidance of Gender Opposition, put out the trampling on the rule of law, and let things return to their original colors.

We must keep our eyes open and act. Let things go back to where they were. We will resolutely fight against all rumourmongers and those who are biased. And all cyber violence

Boundaries. Let law belong to law, and let governance belong to governance.

First correct the audio-visual situation, make up the cracks, govern the country according to law, and then build consensus.

We must not allow the levee of a thousand miles to collapse in the ant nest. We must not allow it to fall short of the mountain.

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