How did the Yellow Emperor kill Kui and make drums out of his skin?

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With the continuous flow of time and the continuous development of history, let the Xiaobian of China story network take you through the fog of history and go back to the era of sword light and shadow to see the story of the Yellow Emperor killing Kui and making drums with his skin.

Drum is an ancient percussion instrument. According to the literature records, the emergence of drum is the first time that the Yellow Emperor took the “Kui skin” to play the drum. Kui (the same sound as “Kui”) is a dragon shaped beast in ancient legends. Shanhaijing ยท Dahuang Dongjing describes Kui as a mythical beast in ancient times, born in Liubo mountain in the East China Sea. “Kui looks like an ox, and its body has no horns. There must be wind and rain in and out of the water. Its light is like the sun and moon, and its sound is like thunder. Its name is Kui”. Later generations believe that the so-called alligator is actually a giant alligator. It taps its tail on its stomach and sends out pleasant music. It is really cute to say, which shows the harmony between man and nature in ancient times. The drum made of crocodile skin must be very loud even if it can’t be heard for 500 miles.

Ancient drum making was inseparable from animal skins and clay. The drum came into being precisely because the primitive ancestors had the skills of skinning and pottery making in their fishing and hunting life. According to the book of Rites: the position of the Ming Dynasty Hall: “the earth drum, the reed, and the music of the Yi Qi family.” Indicates that in the very early " At the time of the Yiqi clan, there were “Earth Drums”, that is, pottery drums. It is an original percussion instrument with clay as the frame and two sides of the skin. It is also evolved from the transformation of daily tools. It is said that the Yi Qi family used a straw made drumstick to beat the earth drum. Because the drum has a good resonance, the more powerful the sound machine is and the sound is far away, so it was used as a cheer in the army for a long time. According to the Lu’s spring and autumn ancient music, the life pledge uses the elk skin to cover the mouth of the wa fou for percussion, which is similar to the earth drum.


It is said that there was a minister named Chang Xian around the Yellow Emperor who invented many hunting tools. Once upon a time, he killed a buffalo first and put the stripped cow hide on a wooden pier. The wooden pier is empty. As time goes on, I often forget about it first. After a long time of exposure, the wild piece skin shrank and wrapped the empty wooden pier tightly. However, a young man named Jia Qi accidentally took a pat. Unexpectedly, it made a thump. Chang first thought it was useful, then he chose a hollow tree with good wood, made it into a circle, put deer skin and wild sheep skin on both ends, and could carry it with one hand, and asked Cangjie to give it a name, called “drum”. However, deer skin and wild sheep skin were not strong. They were broken by hard knocks, so they had to use wild cow leather instead.

However, it is a piece of cake to catch the bison, because the bison is a very fierce animal. How can I get buffalo hide? Often lie down under a big tree and think about it again and again. He fell asleep before he knew it. At this time, the Jade Emperor sent the nine heavenly Xuannv to send the book of war to the Yellow Emperor. When she passed the tree, she found that Chang Xian was worried about the lack of suitable leather for the Menggu drum. She asked Chang Xian in a dream: there is a Liubo mountain in the East China sea. There is a monster in the shape of an ox, but it has no long horns and only one foot; The body is surprisingly large. – it appears that the sea is either windy or rainy. There is also a kind of thunder beast. It is carefree in the sea all day. It likes to lie on its back. It is fun to claw at its belly. Every time it pats its belly, a huge thunder will sound.

Jiutiannv said: “The drum was made of Kui cowhide, and the bones of thunder beasts were used as drumsticks. The earth shook and the mountains shook with infinite power. Chang woke up first and hurriedly told the Yellow Emperor what had happened in his dream. After hearing this, the Yellow Emperor ordered dragon and Dahong to send several water meeting masters to capture Kui cattle and thunder beasts in the sea. Then, according to Chang Xian’s design, 800 Kui cattle drums were made in 50 days, making 160 thunder beasts drumsticks. The Zhuolu war began, and the drums — Qi beat. Before the Chiyou army fought, the drums shook the people and overturned the cart, and failed Cheng Jun. The Yellow Emperor’s army took advantage of the drums to attack and killed Chiyou in the field of Zhuolu. Especially originally, copper is the first taste of stone, and can " “Flying in the air and taking risks”, but in the sound of kuinu drum vibration, " 9. To stop the attack, especially if you can’t go away, then kill it. “. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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