How did Uncle Cao become an immortal? Why did Uncle Cao become one of the eight immortals?

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Who is uncle Cao? Why did Uncle Cao become one of the eight immortals?

The story of “Eight Immortals crossing the sea and each showing his magic power” has been circulating for hundreds of years. Who are the eight immortals? What are the folklores? Today, let’s talk about Uncle Cao, one of the eight immortals.

Who is uncle Cao? Uncle Cao appeared last among the eight immortals. In the Song Dynasty, he was incorporated into LV Dongbin’s disciple by Neidan Dao, but his story did not appear in the relevant records until the yuan and Ming Dynasties. About the situation of Cao guouncle, ye Ci, Pu Jiangqing, Zhao Jingshen, Zhou Xiaowei, Bai Huawen, Li dingxia and others have outlined it one after another. When inspecting the origin of Huangmei Opera flower selling, ban Youshu combed the story of Cao guouncle’s case from a unique perspective. It is said that during the gathering of immortals in the Northern Song Dynasty, he was invited by tie Guai Li to be listed as one of the Eight Immortals in stalagmite mountain.

Uncle Cao Guo, named Yi, also known as Jingxiu, is one of the eight immortals. In the history of the Song Dynasty, because he was the eldest brother of the Empress Dowager (from Ningjin, Xingtai), he was called the national uncle.

Uncle Cao is the grandson of Cao Bin, the king of Kaikai in the Northern Song Dynasty, and the son of Cao Xiang, the king of Wu. Cao’s ancestors have lived in Ningjin since Cao Yun, the father of Cao Bin, died. Cao Yun’s father and all Cao’s people above him were buried in his ancestral tomb in Yanbai village, Ningjin County. Later generations moved to Lingshou, so Lingshou became a native. However, Cao Bin let his fifth son Cao Xiang live in Ningjin and guard the Cao’s ancestral tomb in Ningjin County to show that he did not forget the fundamental meaning. Cao Xiang was later granted the title of king of Wu by Renzong. Cao Xiang’s daughter was invited to enter the palace and was granted the title of Queen by Renzong of Song Dynasty. Later, Cao Yi, the eldest brother of empress Cao, became Cao’s uncle. According to this historical record, uncle Cao was from Ningjin, Xingtai and the younger brother of empress Cao. Later generations, it was honored as one of the eight immortals of Taoism.

Uncle Cao is the most noble figure among the eight immortals of Taoism. Although he has a high status, is awarded the title of national uncle, and is intelligent, he doesn’t like to enjoy a rich life and doesn’t like to take advantage of privileges. Instead, he likes Taoist practice.

Uncle Cao had a younger brother who believed that he was a relative of the emperor’s family. He acted strong and evil, robbed the people’s land and took it for himself, and most of the illegal villains came from his family. My uncle tried his best to persuade him all the time, but he could not reform him. In the end, he was regarded as his enemy. My uncle said, “it is the rule of the world that those who accumulate good will prosper and those who accumulate evil will perish. This cannot be changed. Only by doing good deeds and accumulating Yin Gong can I become rich today. Now my brother has accumulated evil to the extreme. Although he can escape the punishment of the criminal code in the open, he can not escape the law in the dark. If there is a disaster and his family is ruined, it will be impossible to lead a yellow dog out of the east gate at that time. I feel ashamed and afraid that this will really happen.”

So he scattered his wealth and gave alms to the poor. Finally, he said goodbye to his family and friends, dressed in Taoist robes, and hid in the mountains and rocks to practice his mind. A few years later, he has reached a state where the mind and the Tao are united and the form follow the deification. Suddenly one day, Han Zhongli and LV Dongbin swam to his place of cultivation and asked him, “what did you cultivate when you were idle?” Uncle Guo replied: “others do nothing but practice Taoism.” Two immortals asked, “where is Tao?” My uncle pointed to heaven. The two immortals asked, “where is heaven?” My uncle pointed to my heart. Zhong Li said with a smile: “the heart is the sky, and the sky is the way. You have understood the true meaning of the way.” So I gave him the “true secret decree” and made him practice Taoism carefully. Before long, he was introduced to the Xianban by Han Zhongli and LV Dongbin. Uncle Cao’s deeds can be found in records such as the wonderful passage of the deification of emperor Chunyang, the history of the Song Dynasty, the examination of Xinyu Cong, the history of immortals in previous dynasties, and the comprehensive guide to immortals.

After uncle Cao proved the immortal fruit, a collection of immortal writings was also passed down to the world. The poem said:

Things show talent, simple and pure nature, and natural weather is wonderful spirit.

Your eyes are empty and your heart is empty.

The Emperor gave the gold charm a smile, and the teacher passed on the jade rhyme to Changchun.

It originated from the father’s expedition to Tang De, and accumulated one queen and two fairies.

In the folk image of the eight immortals, Cao guouncle is not dressed as a Taoist, but still wears his official clothes, wears a jade belt around his waist, and holds a jade plate. He often holds a sandalwood cloud board to celebrate weddings and funerals in the world. It makes people happy and the clouds disperse and the sun rises.

It is said that he was the great uncle of Renzong Dynasty in the Song Dynasty. His name was Yi and he was also called Jingxiu. Uncle Cao’s brother was greedy for the beauty of the wife of the scholar who went to Beijing to take the exam, hanged the scholar and forcibly seized his wife. The scholar’s wronged soul appealed to Bao Zheng, and Bao Gong approved the investigation. Uncle Cao told his brother that he must kill the scholar’s wife to prevent future troubles. So two uncles threw Xiucai’s wife into the well, and she escaped. On the way, they met uncle Cao, mistaking it for Bao Zheng, and appealed to Uncle Cao. Uncle Cao was so shocked that his subordinates beat Xiucai’s wife to death with iron whips. His subordinates thought she was dead, and dumped her body in a remote alley. After the scholar’s wife woke up, she called for justice from Bao Gong. After Bao Gong inquired about the truth, she pretended to be ill and uncle Cao came to visit Bao Zheng. Bao Zheng ordered Xiucai’s wife to sue and imprisoned Cao guouncle. He also made a false letter to deceive my uncle of the two countries to Kaifeng mansion, and ordered this daughter to complain about her grievances in person. And put the two countries’ uncles in prison. Empress Cao and song Renzong came personally to persuade Bao Zheng to release her two younger brothers. Bao Zheng refused and ordered that their uncle be executed. Song Renzong granted amnesty to the world. Only then did Bao Gong let uncle Cao go.

After uncle Cao was released, he went to the mountains to practice and became a hermit. He was determined to cultivate Taoism and study immortality. One day, Zhong Liquan and LV Dongbin asked him, “what do you raise?” Uncle Cao said, “I have raised the Tao.” The fairy smiled and asked, “where is Tao?” Uncle Cao pointed to the sky and said, “the Tao is in the sky.” The fairy asked again, “where is the sky?” Uncle Cao pointed to my heart. Zhong Liquan and LV Dongbin said with satisfaction: “the heart is the heaven, and the heaven is the Tao. You have understood the true meaning of the Tao.” He was awarded the “true secret decree” one by one, which made him practice carefully. Soon, uncle Cao became an immortal. The magic of this matter will be spread later. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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